Square Affiliate Program

This post contains affiliate links. As a partner with Amazon and various brands, I am compensated when qualifying purchases are made through my referral links.

What are you waiting for? Square is an easy way to start making money with your blog. All you need is a smartphone and some creativity! No matter what type of content you post on your blog, there’s always a chance that someone will find it interesting enough to click through and make a purchase. It may seem difficult at first, but as long as you’re consistent in posting quality content, the income potential from affiliate links can be substantial over time.

Square provides these links, banners, and marketing assets to use on your blog or website.

Earn Commissions on:

  • Square Payments
  • Square Payroll
  • Square Reader
  • Square for Retail
  • Square Appointments
  • Square for Restaurants
  • Square Invoices
  • Square Point of Sale

Apply Here.

How to Make $1000 as a Square Affiliate

To earn $1000 in a month as a Square Affiliate, you could earn like the following examples.

  • Refer 42 new sign-ups with activation to Square payments.
  • Refer 29 new sign-ups with pay-run in 60-days to Square Contractors Payroll.
  • Refer 5 new sign-ups to Square Payroll for employers who make their first pay run within 60 days

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