Sold! – 5 Must-Have iOS Apps for Real Estate Agents

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Are you a real estate agent on the hunt for mobile apps? Are you intrigued by real estate apps that help you grow your business while streamlining your workload?

Check out the following must-have iOS apps for real estate agents, but use caution. Your assistant just might throw their arms around you for making their job so much easier.


Offered by Sawbuck, the HomeSnap app lets you obtain data on a home by taking a picture of a home that piques your interest. Real estate agents can use HomeSnap to offer their clients additional information on homes in their target area.

HomeSnap is also suitable for finding details on homes not yet listed for sale. HomeSnap offers data on MLS listings in the United States only.


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360 Panorama

The 360 Panorama app from Occipital lets you take wide angle pictures of any home you are showing.  You can capture images of an entire room so that potential buyers can see for themselves exactly what the room that looks like. The 360 Panorama app is also useful for capturing images of landscape details like gardens and fences.

The 360 Panorama app works on both iPhones and iPads.


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Magic Plan

The Magic Plan app is available via Sensopia.

This handy real estate app lets you measure rooms by taking pictures of each corner within a room. You might be able to put your measuring tape away with this helpful app installed on your iOS device.

There are different prices for the Magic Plan app depending upon how many measurements you need to take.


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RulerPhone Free

The RulerPhone Free app lets you measure the width and height of objects with your iPhone. Real estate agents can use this app to measure furniture placements, cabinet size, or even doorway sizes.

The RulerPhone Free app does have a steep learning curve, so you might want to practice using this app before using it professionally.

RulerPhone Free is available via Ben Kamens.


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Made available thanks to Sherwin-Williams, the ColorSnap app lets users identify colors used in homes they are viewing. From feature wall colors to exterior paint colors, ColorSnap offers suggestions of matching paint colors available from Sherwin-Williams. Highly useful as an app for realtors, ColorSnap is a great option for home buyers too.


Which of these apps for realtors will you be utilizing in your real estate business? Are there other real estate apps that you have found to be particularly useful in your daily efforts to sell more homes? 

Let us know in the comments below so we can add it!

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