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Skimlinks Review: Why Do Bloggers Use It?

Skimlinks Review: Why Do Bloggers Use It?

Do you want to save the time you spend generating and configuring affiliate links? Find out how Skimlinks does that for you and why bloggers prefer using this affiliate network!

Do you want to do affiliate marketing with your blog but do not want to invest so much time in finding and generating affiliate links for every blog post? If you’re just starting off, you won’t even have the luxury of paying your VAs (Virtual Assistants) to do it for you.

Many affiliate programs will not even enroll you unless you have some previous experience. And you can’t have the experience to show if you’re just starting off! That’s why you want to join an affiliate network in the first place.

Is there a good affiliate network that can still help you?

There is! And it’s called Skimlinks – an affiliate program that helps you immediately access over 60 affiliate networks and work with 27,000 merchants across the globe. Their clients include more than 50% of the top 100 publishers in the UK and US like Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, MailOnline, etc.!

Skimlinks is the top content-to-commerce monetization platform for publishers, and one which helps you automate the affiliate marketing process, giving you complete peace of mind.

Affiliate marketing in a nutshell

Affiliate marketing is one of the major sources of revenue for publishers online, in many cases being the leading source. Online publishers (site owners and bloggers) become marketing partners or an affiliate for online merchants by referring their products to readers on their site.

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Through every impression, click, and/or sale, the company earns customers and sales, and then shares a portion of that revenue with you. In other words, you get a commission for helping to sell their products and services through the traffic on your website.

The great deal with Skimlinks is that you can join without any prior experience and completely for free. Skimlinks does all the hard work for you, eliminating every hassle you’d face with other affiliate programs in terms of gathering data on vendors, reaching out and negotiating, and setting up and configuring affiliate links (that takes a lot of time).

With Skimlinks, you leverage their well-established affiliate network without having to deal with vendors individually.

To get started with Skimlinks you must apply first. There is an approval process you have to go through but it is fairly easy getting accepted. Even if you do not get accepted the first time, you can keep trying as your website improves or contact their customer support to help you out (and they do!).

Once approved, you can install the Skimlinks plug-in on your WordPress site. You only have to add a small piece of code to your website and that’s it! Your work ends here and Skimlinks takes charge.

Any regular links you add to your content will automatically become affiliate links (as long as they are among those 27,000 merchants registered with Skimlinks, of course). Imagine if you had to manually configure links to so many merchants – what a headache this saves you in comparison!

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Skimlinks also has an application that lets you monetize mobile content published on AMP (Accelerated mobile pages). Statistics say that 59% of all page views on Skimlinks websites come from mobile traffic and earn up 33% of the total revenue share.

Another amazing feature Skimlinks offers in its package is data insights. It will generate reports through which you can analyze which products you are selling, which links and which merchants are generating most of your revenue, filter revenue by country, link, and device, and see your website RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) for your affiliate links.

You don’t have to individually track the tens and hundreds of merchants you might be working with. Everything is summarized in Skimlinks’ valuable report data (for free!).

This is where some bloggers are a bit doubtful about signing up for Skimlinks because Skimlinks keeps 25% of your affiliate revenue as its own commission.

But nothing comes for free! Is there any other site that would provide you with all this automated convenience for a small price? The 25% is what you pay for the complete package and valuable data that Skimlinks provides. It’s a great deal, and this is why so many publishers (including big ones) use it.

You earn more money than you previously did without Skimlinks because:

  • You would never apply to hundreds of merchants’ affiliate programs individually when linking to them in your content – something that Skimlinks does automatically. So you have tons more affiliate links earning you money.
  • You do not have to pay VAs to generate affiliate links for you.
  • For the top merchants in Skimlinks, affiliate rates are higher than they are with other networks.
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The pay cycle is 30 days, and you get your earnings on the last day of every month. There is an option to receive your money via PayPal too.


Can you view affiliate commissions in real-time with Skimlinks?

No, you get to see the commissions you earned after a day or two, but this is a useful feature we wish Skimlinks would add.

How is Skimlinks better than Viglinks?

With Viglinks you will still have to apply to merchants on your own, but Skimlinks does all that for you.

Can you use other affiliate links alongside Skimlinks?

Yes, you can still insert other affiliate links if you want to.

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