How to use Listings to Leads to Customize Single Property Pages

Creating customized single property pages is wonderful for showcasing a listing, but more than that, it's a way to keep visitors on your website even after they rule out the featured property. And, with Listings to Leads, you also get an automated checklist to market your listings!
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Creating customized single property pages is wonderful for showcasing a listing, but more than that, it’s a way to keep visitors on your website even after they rule out the featured property. And, with Listings to Leads, you also get an automated checklist to market your listings!

What is Listings to Leads?

Listings to Leads is a digital resource for creating spectacular landing pages for your real estate website. Furthermore, Listings to Leads offers easy-to-use processes and checklists and then converts your list of completed tasks into a PDF report so you can show your clients all that you’ve done to market their listings. Moreover, by creating single property landing pages, you can also capture more leads.

Why is Listings to Leads Important for Your Business?

The reason for using landing pages such as those created through is to not only market your listings but to keep visitors on your website while generating more leads.

If a user finds your listing on a page such as, a page that is complete with your name and contact info, that’s great – if the user takes action right then and there to secure you as their agent and move forward with purchasing a property.

However, most buyers don’t behave that spontaneously. In fact, the majority of shoppers won’t buy the first house they see. They may come back to that house, but not before looking at others. Consequently, if your listing doesn’t lead back to your website where the viewer can view other properties, you’ve lost your lead.

When you have a landing page with options, your viewer can search for additional properties by:




But if all that user has is contact information on a page like or Zillow, when they need to search additional properties, it won’t likely be on your website.

If we’re out there marketing our properties and we send our buyer to a site that does not show similar properties and does not get them clicking around to something else, the odds are that the prospect is going to eliminate that property. As a result, we’re not going to get the lead, and they’re going to move on to something else.

We should never be sending people to a website that we don’t customize and optimize.

Viewing and Grabbing Listings

Listings to Leads Dashboard to Customizing Single Property Pages

In most cases, all of your listings are put into a dashboard, imported automatically.

However, if your market does not have syndication, you will have to go in manually to enter your listings.

To get started, select “Listings” from the navy blue navigation bar at the top of the page.

Screenshot of Listings to Leads option for grabbing a listing

Here, you’ll find all of your listings. You can also use the “grab listing” feature to customize and optimize that listing for a single property page.

To grab a listing, click the “Grab Active Listing” link in the navy blue navigation area on the left.

Next, enter the zip code and MLS Listing ID for the property.

Note: In my case, I grab active listings because I lead generate and market listings for other real estate agents. You never want to grab an active listing that isn’t yours without permission.

It’s More than a Landing Page

Once you select a listing, Listings to Leads provides you with a checklist of marketing options, most of which are auto-populated. Furthermore, when you complete the tasks on the list, you’re able to export that list to a PDF, which you can then show to your client.

The checklist includes:

  • Virtual tour
  • Just listed post to Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, Google +, etc.
  • Just listed post to Seller Facebook and just listed e-Flyer to Seller SOI
  • Just listed Facebook Ad – listing landing page
  • Just listed e-Flyer for your database
  • Just listed print flyer for nearby homeowners
  • Just listed print flyer for buyers (with various templates)
  • Just listed Instagram post
  • Text sign riders
  • YouTube listing video
  • Just listed ad posted on Craig’s list

The form also includes:

If you’ve got an administrative team, this is where you need to be guiding them. Admins need to be following a checklist.

When you use one of the generated links from Listings to Leads, such as a Facebook post or ad, the user clicks through to the landing page you’ve created. This landing page is the page we’re going to customize.

The biggest opportunity to generate leads as a real estate agent is through your listings.

Automated Cultivation

The checklist created by Listings to Leads is a remarkable resource. Not only can you stay on track with marketing your listings, but you can also send a report to the seller. But nurturing those leads you generate is crucial to your success.

You may have noticed in the Listings to Leads checklist that “text sign riders” is included. There’s a “text to” feature with an automated response that engages your leads in conversation – at basic levels.

How to Customize Your Single Property Pages Using Listings to Leads

Step 1: Edit Listing

  • Select status
    • Listing presentation
    • Non-MLS listing
    • Coming soon
    • Just listed
    • Active
    • In contract
    • Under contract
    • Under deposit
    • Active-contingent
    • Pending
    • Just sold
    • For lease
    • Leased
    • Lease to own
    • Farm listing: Seller leads
    • For sale by owner
    • Temp. off market
    • Auction
  • Listing Headline: When it comes to your listing headline, you should think of three things:

If people pull up to a house for sale and Google the address, I want them to find my page. For that reason, I enter my listing headline as the property address. However, if the property is behind a closed gate or isn’t in a location where people can drive up for a closer look, then I create my listing headline by the keyword.

  • Select text/IVR EXTENSION: This feature is so that potential buyers can text a short number to get more information. Text messaging is now the most common form of communication, over phone calls or emails.
  • Listing Date
  • Showing Agent (Do not select if this is your property)
  • Open house times
  • Street address – Neighborhood/Farm – This is important because of the way users search options online. People are aware of master-planned communities, particular neighborhoods, school districts, zip codes, or whether they want to live in the north or west side of town.
  • Price
  • Bedrooms
  • Full bathrooms
  • Half bathrooms
  • 3/4 bath
  • Listing MLS ID
  • Living area
  • Lot size
  • Year built
  • Property type
  • Property Subtype
  • Listing URL – Can go to custom property page we’re optimizing here, or can be directed to a page within your website.
  • QR Code URL
  • Custom Vanity URL
  • Description: This is where gold happens. This box is everything. This is your WYSIWYG editor: what you see is what you get. This box is what’s going to create content on your single property listing page. And this is what’s going to drive people back to your website. Here, I’m going to include:
    • Links back to additional properties on my website
    • Bullet point list of the top features
    • Calls to action to get that lead to register
    • More houses that may be of interest, such as other homes that face south or other homes that are 1-5 acres.
  • Photos: One of the mistakes that agents make on their listings is that they show all of the pictures. Although a carousel of gorgeous images may please the seller, it does not bring new buyers.  By displaying all of your pictures to viewers, you’ve given them everything they need. The viewer has no reason to register. Furthermore, the more pictures you show, the more likely prospects are to eliminate that property. Generally, I show one unique image, and then a link that says, “View photo gallery.” When the visitor clicks to see pictures, the link redirects them to a page that forces registration. I do this with IDX Broker. My preference is  IDX Broker as my primary listing provider on my real estate website. I copy the “view gallery” link from my IDX Broker page and paste it into the description box on Listings to Leads. IDX Broker has an option to force registration after a set number of photographs.
Note: I use IDX Broker to build custom widgets to include on my property pages. Creating the widgets is lickety-split and give me the ability to showcase what I want the viewers to see. I copy the widget code from IDX Broker and page it into the code section of Listings to Leads at the bottom of the description box. Doing this imports my property images from IDX Broker into my Listings to Leads single property page, allowing viewers to see additional options.
  • Assign Content to the Listing: The Assigned content imports other pages you’ve already created, such as a home valuation page.
  • Include in Listing Widget: Select yes
  • “Follow This Home” Display Time – This is the pop-up registration option. I don’t use this feature because I use the photo gallery for my lead capture, but if you choose to use this pop-up registration form, you can select the amount of time the visitor is on the page before the pop-up displays.

The purpose of this page is solely to capture leads with forced registration. In the realm of SEO, using a forced registration on your website may be frowned upon and reduce search engine authority. However, the page we’re creating here is not a page on our website. This page is another site we’re sending our viewers to, from where they can access more pages on the main website without penalties for forced registration.

With forced registration, you risk higher bounce rates and higher registrations with false information. You’ll see more “Fred Flinstones” clogging your database. Furthermore, the more fields you include for the viewer to fill out, the less likely that viewer will be to register. Nonetheless, I use forced registration when running an ad because registrations is my goal.

  • Click “save”

Step 2: Enhance Listing

blue toolbox icon for editing single property pages in Listings to Leads

This is where we modify the number of images showing and fine-tune the custom single property page we’ve created. Click the blue toolbox to continue editing.

Screen shot of Listings to Leads section for editing the single property website

Over on the left side of the screen in the navigation area, you’ll see editing options.

Scroll toward the bottom where you’ll see option 3, “Edit Single Property Website.”

The “Edit Tabs” feature allows you to remove links from the top navigation area of your single property page, such as the brochure. If you do not want the brochure to be visible to your visitors, deactivate that tab. Similarly, make sure any items you want included in your page’s top navigation area are activated.

Note: The navigation links in the top area of your single property page are anchor tags. What this means is that when a visitor clicks the link, rather than going to a new page, the screen automatically scrolls to that portion of the existing text.

Next, click “Edit Images.” This is where you can adjust the settings for how many images display before forced registration. Here, you can sort images in the order you want them to be viewed by the visitor, or delete images to reduce the number of pictures the viewer sees.

Step 3: More Info

When the visitor clicks the “more info” link on your single property landing page, you have two options. You can either choose to redirect the visitor to your IDX listing, or you can use the Listings to Leads property landing page.

Screenshot of Listings to Leads single property landing page


Yes, we want to provide value for the seller. It’s important that we get as many eyes on that property as possible. Of course, we’re going to use the checklist in Listings to Leads to market that property thoroughly through all the available channels. But the ultimate beauty of customization of single property landing pages through Listings to Leads is that it’s a benefit to you because it drives traffic back to you and fosters lead capture.

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