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8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Shopify store name.

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Shopify store name.

You can’t launch a Shopify store without choosing a name for it. All Shopify stores feature a name. You’ll have to enter a name when setting up your account, which you can later change in the “Store details” section of the “Settings” menu.

The name of your Shopify store will represent your e-commerce business. When shoppers visit and browse your Shopify store, they’ll take note of its name. Choosing the right Shopify store name will set your store on the path to e-commerce success.

1) Inventory

What type of products do you intend to sell on your Shopify store? You may want to choose a name that reflects your Shopify store’s product inventory. Marketing, of course, will allow you to reach shoppers who are unfamiliar with your Shopify store. By choosing a name that reflects your Shopify store’s product inventory, they’ll know what it sells. New shoppers can refer to your Shopify store’s name in marketing material to determine the type of products it sells.

2) Uniqueness

Choosing a unique name will make your Shopify store more brandable. You don’t want to choose a name for your Shopify store that’s already being used by another e-commerce store. If it’s not unique, shoppers may mistake your Shopify store for the other e-commerce store or vice versa.

There are approximately 24 million active e-commerce stores, according to 99firms, so you need to choose a unique name for yours. A quick Google search will reveal whether a name is already being used.

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3) Domain Availability

You should consider domain availability when choosing a name for your Shopify store. You may come across an otherwise perfect name, but if the domain for it isn’t available, you’ll probably want to continue your search. Instead, look for a name that’s also available as a domain.

Your Shopify store will use Shopify’s domain by default. Upon creating an account, it will be placed on a subdomain with the domain. Fortunately, you can use a custom domain. Whether you register a custom domain at Shopify or a third-party registrar, you can connect it to your Shopify store. The domain should match the name of your Shopify store. If it’s already taken, choose a different name.

4) Length

Don’t forget to consider the length of your Shopify store’s name. Short names are more brandable than long names. You can easily include a short name in online ads and other marketing material, resulting in better brand awareness. A long name, on the other hand, may not fit in marketing material, or it may fail to capture shoppers’ attention. Try to use no more than three words and 30 characters for your Shopify store’s name.

5) Pronunciation

Something else to consider is pronunciation. In other words, how easy is it to pronounce? Most business names are, in fact, easy to pronounce. easy-to-pronounce names share a couple of characteristics. They consist of just a few syllables — typically two to four syllables — and they are straightforward. Shoppers can speak them correctly simply by reading the names aloud.

Choosing a name that’s hard to pronounce is a mistake. It can restrict your Shopify store’s ability to attract shoppers via word of mouth. When shoppers talk about your Shopify store to a friend or family member, they’ll likely mention its name. If it’s hard to pronounce, a friend or family member may struggle to find your Shopify store by searching for it online.

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6) Memorable

Memorable names are always better than forgettable names. After all, you want shoppers to remember your Shopify store’s name so that they’ll return in the future. Most shoppers won’t bookmark your Shopify store in their browser. Even if they had a positive experience, they’ll probably just refer to the name. They’ll check the name of your Shopify store. And if they want to return in the future, shoppers will either enter the name in their browser or search for it on Google.

With a memorable name, your Shopify store’s returning traffic will increase. More shoppers will return after leaving it, which may result in greater loyalty and a higher customer lifetime value (CLV). Memorable names are unique, short, relevant and catchy. By choosing a memorable name, shoppers will be able to easily return to your Shopify store.

7) Logo Design

The name of your Shopify store may affect its logo. Names and logos are both elements. They set your Shopify store apart from other e-commerce stores. When designing a logo, though, you may want to incorporate components of your Shopify store’s name.

Assuming it’s short, you may want to use your Shopify store’s full name in the logo. Shoppers who see the logo will then be exposed to your Shopify store’s name. Alternatively, you can use the initials of your Shopify store’s name in the logo. Incorporating the first letter of each word into your Shopify store’s logo will make it relevant. The bottom line is that you should consider your Shopify store’s logo when choosing a name.

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8) Scalability

You should consider scalability when choosing a name for your Shopify store. As your Shopify store grows, its name must be able to grow with it. Scalable names are those that remain relevant and effective as they grow. If your Shopify store’s name isn’t scalable, it may become irrelevant and less effective.

To choose a scalable name, think about your Shopify store’s future plans. If you want to introduce a new category of products, for instance, you should choose a name that’s relevant to the upcoming product category. If you want to shift your Shopify store to a greener brand identity, you should choose a name that reflects its environmentally-conscious brand.

Your Shopify Store Name

Choosing a Shopify store name requires careful consideration. While you can change it any time, doing so will result in a new and different brand identity. You can preserve your Shopify store’s original brand identity by choosing the right name for it. Some of the most important things to consider when choosing a Shopify store name are product inventory, uniqueness, domain availability, length, pronunciation, whether it’s memorable, logo and scalability.

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