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Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is an eCommerce website platform. It reports an average of $58 commission paid per customer although you can earn $2000 for each “plus” referral. Here are more details on the Shopify Affiliate Program.

Program Details

  • $58 per customer average commission
  • $2000 for plus referrals
  • Free Trials
  • Shopify nurtures leads
  • Priority Shopify Support
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  • Training
  • Discounts
  • Marketing Assets
  • Tracking and Reporting

Shopify Income Video

In this video, you’ll see a great step-by-step tutorial from someone who built free online courses on how to build Shopify. He gives the course away for free in order to gain Shopify Affiliate income.

Check out Teachable or Thinkific for online course platforms.

Banned from Shopify Affiliate?

10 Alternative Niches to Target with a Shopify Store

Building a Shopify store has become one of the most popular online business opportunities in recent years. Shopify provides a simple way for an entrepreneur to get started, but the potential is virtually limitless.

Even with such a great deal of competition, though, there is no shortage of products and niches you could target.

One of the most common issues for store owners is choosing what to sell. Trying to be the next Amazon is unrealistic, but you can build a successful enterprise by creating a brand in a less obvious niche.

While some people have passions that fit perfectly with a store, many others struggle for ideas. The following examples can all be used to build Shopify stores, targeting hungry buyers without a huge amount of competition.

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Personalized Items

Personalized items require more work than many other products, but they can be very popular. Simple items like T-shirts, greeting cards, and mugs can be personalized with a name or message, allowing you to raise the price from a standard item.

Pet Toys

Pet owners will usually buy most supplies from a local store, but toys and gadgets are impulse buys that can catch the eye. Most owners are also passionate about looking after their pet, so they will return to buy multiple items if they have a positive experience.


Candy can be purchased from numerous stores, so it might not initially seem like a good product for a store. However, there are many alternative sweet products from around the world proving popular with candy lovers looking for something different.


Jewelry is a popular and lucrative niche, but it will be difficult to compete with the big brands. Instead, you can take an alternative approach, making homemade items or building around a theme. Advancements in 3D printing has also made it easier for new jewelry designers to get started.

Hair Accessories

The beauty industry contains many smaller niches that are perfect for a Shopify store.

One example of a smaller niche is the hair accessory industry. There are various clips, ties, bows, and hair care products that you could sell, with a focus on a particular age demographic offering the chance to differentiate yourself.

Vegan Goods

Veganism is growing in popularity around the world, with diet, animal welfare, and climate change being a few of the prominent reasons behind the growth.

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There are many different types of vegan food you could sell, but there are also possibilities for offering quality alternatives to leather goods like wallets and belts.


Costumes will be most popular during holidays like Halloween. However, there is enough interest throughout the year to justify building a store. Various parties and events require costumes, with design and quality playing key roles in your success.


There are many Shopify stores dedicated to clothing, with numerous successful brands being developed on the platform. Ties are an example of an alternative niche that most stores would ignore.

However, there is an audience that likes to look smart and is willing to invest in quality accessories.


Candles can be a fairly standard item or a designer purchase. Most people wouldn’t browse an online store for a fairly simple item, so it makes sense to focus on producing quality items. The candle itself must be of high quality, but you can also enhance the item with attractive packaging.

Phone Cases

Phone cases are relatively inexpensive to develop, but they can be marked up quite high when you have built a brand. The items themselves are commonplace, so your store will need a theme or high-quality design to stand out. However, phones are a part of everyday life, making cases an impulse buy for many owners.

Attempting to enter the most popular niches can be fraught with difficulty. Successful stores will typically have an optimized store and be able to invest heavily in advertising.

If you can find an entry point into a popular market, you can potentially build a big brand. For most entrepreneurs, though, it will make more sense to target a smaller niche, ensuring there is enough interest to sustain a store.

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Targeting a smaller niche might offer less potential revenue, but you can always build a number of these stores when you have created a winning formula.

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