How to Set Lead Conversion Goals in Clicky Analytics

Here’s some quick math to establish a traffic goal or lead conversion goal in Clicky Analytics. You can measure overall website, or just IDX pages, or offers.

Why Do we Set Conversion Goals?

The simple answer to why we set goals is to measure and improve the process. Another reason we set goals is to gather data that allows us to budget and plan for the future. This math allows us to scale our business.

We most often improve what we measure

Tracking conversion goals allows us to add a level of probability to the quantity of leads we will earn. Then, we can move the dial (increase the number of leads) by increaseing our website traffic, or improving our conversion percentage.

In many cases, you can do both and see a quick jump in leads.

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Lead Conversion Math

Let’s say you want to set a goal for TOTAL website visits that register through your IDX offers.

If you website as a whole converts 1% of it’s visitors to an IDX registration, and you get 100 visits a day, you could expect 1 lead a day.

So if you want 10 leads, you would need 1000 visitors that day if your website converts to that goal at 1%. If you increase that registration to 2%, you’d need 500 visitors only to reach the same goal of 10 leads.

Or you can measure only your IDX pages. Let’s say you know your IDX converts at 7%. If you got 100 IDX visits, you would have 7 leads.

To measure goals, you need to be able to track when your thank you page appears after someone registers.

For IDX Broker, your Thank You Page is something like:

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Steps to Add Goals to Clicky

  1. Access your Clicky Account
  2. Find the word Goals in the menu
  3. Add your goal and name it
  4. Include the page for your goal
  5. Save
  6. Set up alerts if you’d like to be notified when a goal is achieved.
  7. Measure Conversion once leads are being collected

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