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Table of Contents

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Sabrina, Marketing Director for Ballen Brands, shows you how to set up a text message using TurboDial inside Infusionsoft.

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Step 1: Go to the Send HTTP Post Option

The first thing that you need to do is drag and drop the Send HTTP Post option, and then double click on it to go ahead and edit it. 

TurboDial has a Post URL, and this should be the same with every TurboDial app. Now the app does have a few things that you’re required to add in there.

A lot of these are going to be the same for you as they are for me, but there are a couple elements that are going to be different, which I’ll point out in just a moment.

Step 2: Add the Product Key

After going to the Send HTTP post option and leaving the contact ID as is, add a plus sign and paste the product key that is given to you from TurboDial directly.  The product key has a bunch of different lowercase, capital letters, and some symbols.

It’s a very weird looking piece of text, but that is provided specifically by TurboDial and is unique to each TurboDial account.

Step 3: Add the User ID

The User ID is different from the contact ID. This is actually the owner ID in the system.

To access the owner ID, you can go into your merge fields, go into the owner ID (most common), and then just copy and paste it.

Step 4: Add the Contact’s phone number

This is the contact’s phone number where you’re sending the text messages to. To do this, go to contact fields, Phone 1, then go to Country to add the contact’s billing address country.

Step 5: Add the “From” phone number

This needs to be typed out with a plus sign, the number one, the area code, and then the rest of the phone number from there.

Step 6: Add email address

After typing in the phone number, you’re going to have the Reply. which is whatever email address you want responses to the text message to come to. You provide this email address so the system knows where to notify you when your contacts respond. 

Step 7: Add message

In this field, key in whatever you want to actually have displayed in your text message. You can say “Hi,” then the first name of the person you are sending your message to. 

Step 8: Fill in the optional fields

So all the fields that we just went through are required, but this part is not. The next couple of fields you may want to fill in the app are optional, including the following:

  • The link option, where you can paste the URL for a link that you want displayed in the text message
  • The “call name” option, where it goes in, applies a tag or does a certain action after the link is clicked

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