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How To Sell Pokemon Cards

How To Sell Pokemon Cards

If you want to know how to sell Pokemon cards, there are a few tips, tricks, and techniques to keep in mind.

Buying, trading, and selling collectibles is nothing new in the hobby world. Collectibles range from model cars and coins to gaming cards, such as Pokemon cards.

The Importance of PSA Grades

If you have a Pokemon card collection you intend to sell or if you are in the market for collectible Pokemon cards, it is important to understand PSA grades and how to go about having your cards graded prior to selling them. 

A PSA grade is a scaling system that helps to evaluate the overall quality as well as the authenticity of individual Pokemon cards. The PSA grading scale is as follows:

  1. Poor to Fair
  2. Good 3
  3. Very Good 3
  4. Very Good to Excellent 4
  5. Excellent 5
  6. Excellent to Mint 6
  7. Near Mint 7
  8. Near Mint 8
  9. Mint 9
  10. Gem Mint 10

Educate yourself on PSA grades to better understand the qualifications necessary for each individual card to earn the highest grade possible before attempting to sell your collection. 

When you understand PSA grades, you are less likely to sell your card at a lowballed price, which may lead you to miss out on the sale.

Investing Time in Understanding the Culture

If you truly want to make the most out of selling your Pokemon cards, it is best to do so by immersing yourself in the culture surrounding Pokemon cards as well as the collectors who keep the culture alive. 

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The more familiar you become with the culture surrounding Pokemon, the easier it is to understand why certain cards are more valuable and in-demand than others.

Take time to research base sets, rare cards, and even cards in mint condition that are difficult to stumble upon today. 

Read on and research the lore of Pokemon characters, shows, and the history of Pokemon itself. When you feel as though you are a part of the community and culture, selling your own Pokemon card collection will begin to come naturally.

Finding the Value of Your Pokemon Cards

Before you begin listing, promoting, and selling your Pokemon cards, take the time to find the value of the individual cards you have on your own. 

While it is not always definitively accurate, there are a few steps to take that can help you determine the estimated value of cards on an individual basis. To start, complete the following steps:

  • Locate the year that is printed towards the bottom of your Pokemon card. In some instances, there may be more than one year listed on a singular card.
  • Locate the set that the card belongs to by identifying the logo to the image that is on the right side of the front of your card. If there is not a printed logo or image to identify a different set, your card likely belongs in the base set of Pokemon cards.
  • Use the Pokemon card name as well as any numbers that are showcased on the card to research the card within the Pokemon card index online.
  • Use multiple websites and/or online communities to research various prices and PSA grades of the Pokemon cards you have in your collection and are looking to sell.
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Card Selling Platforms

While some may not believe that a simple trading card game has so much value, those who have been avid Pokemon card collectors for years, or even decades, surely understand the market. 

Choosing the right platform to sell your Pokemon cards on will greatly depend on the collection you own as well as your overall goals and who you intend to reach with your listing.

If you simply want to unload your Pokemon card collection, you can visit local pawn shops or check with local buyers. However, if you have a serious collection of cards, you may want to expand the card selling platforms you use to promote and sell your items.

Sites to Sell

Before you begin listing your Pokemon cards for sale, it is highly advisable to take the time to research and compare your platform options. 

Whether you intend to sell just one Pokemon card or if you have an entire collection you would like to list at once, there are many options available to buy and sell valuable cards of all types.

Troll and Toad

One of the most well-known sites to sell Pokemon cards along with other collectible cards is Troll and Toad. Troll and Toad specialize not only in providing a marketplace to buy and sell Pokemon cards, but it is also a marketplace for those interested in Yu-Gi-Oh and other gaming cards and collectibles.

With Troll and Toad, it is possible to sell cards on an individual basis as well as in groups and in bulk. When using Troll and Toad, simply send in your cards to receive your payment within 5 days after receiving a sale. Troll and Toad make it easy to connect with avid collectors of Pokemon and other gaming cards.

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Facebook Marketplace

One of the largest online selling platforms today is Facebook Marketplace. With Facebook Marketplace, you can list and sell just about any item, both locally or even internationally, from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere with the use of a smartphone or tablet device. 

Facebook Marketplace provides an opportunity to connect with millions of potential buyers, whether you are selling homemade craft items or collectibles such as Pokemon cards.

Using Facebook Marketplace to sell a mint-condition Pokemon card or an entire Pokemon card collection is not always advisable if you are serious about the return you receive. 

Most buyers on Facebook Marketplace are casual shoppers and may not be interested in paying top dollar for Pokemon cards, regardless of their PSA grades and value on the collectors’ market.

Facebook Marketplace is an ideal selling platform for anyone who is simply interested in unloading and selling their Pokemon cards without digging deep into PSA grades and high-priced tags. 

For those who simply wish to make more room in their home, selling Pokemon cards on Facebook Marketplace is extremely fast and efficient once connected with the right buyer(s).

Pawn Shops

If you are not having any luck with online platforms or if you know of collectors who are interested in your cards locally, consider visiting a pawn shop near you. 

Pawnshops that specialize in collecting cards such as Pokemon cards are more likely to understand the value of your cards as well as the grades and conditions they are in.

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While some pawn shops will not have an interest in Pokemon cards and other card collectibles, it is worth it to check around if you believe you may have a closer option to unload your collection while making a profit.


An old-school method of listing and selling collectibles includes eBay. eBay is still one of the largest online selling platforms that are available worldwide. 

Whether you are thinking of selling an encased mint-condition Pokemon card individually or if you have an entire book of collectible Pokemon cards, eBay is an ideal online platform to sell anything that has value to you.

With eBay, you can list your Pokemon cards on an individual basis or with a bulk listing. Choose whether to accept bids (with a maximum buy it now option) or to sell your cards at a flat rate. 

Although there are platforms that specialize in promoting and selling collectible cards, eBay is still suitable and a viable option for those seeking more international exposure and potential sales.

Card Cavern

Another online selling platform designed with trading card games in mind, but in virtual form, is Card Cavern. Card Cavern is an online marketplace for those interested in buying and selling digital online codes and virtual Pokemon cards. While Card Cavern specializes in a digital card economy, it does still purchase and accept Pokemon cards in the physical form, but only if they are in near-mint or mint condition.


How do I maximize my profits when selling Pokemon cards?

Research and compare market prices of individual cards you own and intend to sell. Compare sets as well as the condition of each card you intend to sell to find an average selling cost. Use different platforms ranging from Troll and Toad to eBay and Facebook Marketplace to compare the selling costs of your card(s).

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How can I verify the cards I own?

The best way to do this is to work with a Pokemon card collector directly or by immersing yourself in Pokemon collectors’ groups. Joining groups, as well as both virtual and local collector communities, is a way to better understand the grading and identifying process. Making trustworthy connections goes a long way when entering the realm of collectibles.

How can I spread the word about my listings and collection?

Use social media, email, and even your own website or blog to share your listing(s). Join online groups and forums that promote collectibles and listings to spread the word among those who have a genuine interest in what you have for sale.

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