Secrets of Purposeful Keyword Research by Lori Ballen

Secrets of Purposeful Keyword Research

At the end of the book you will have the knowledge to stay competitive in the modern real estate world. If you thought that building a website required experience with endless coding and IT lingo then think again. In this basic guide you will learn the secrets of creating a powerful platform to grow your online presence, how to utilize powerful plugins and how to make your real estate website look professional. The days of spending loads of money to hire a professional designer are over, because creating a basic website to help increase your real estate service is easier than ever. In fact, the process is actually a lot of fun.

Take nothing away from the professionals, because they can create the most magnificent, custom made websites you will ever see. But thanks to platforms such as WordPress you can also establish a site that can attract a significant amount of traffic. With just a little bit of patience and work you will be able to rest assured that potential clients are coming your way even while you are sleeping.


And As a Bonus, I’ve included a list of Great Seller Keywords according to Google Keyword tool:
cost of selling a house
cost to sell a house
getting your house ready to sell
how to stage a home for sale
process of selling a house
do open houses sell homes
sell house for cash
people who sell houses
what to do before selling your house
cost to sell a home
putting your house on the market
how to buy a house before selling yours
average cost to sell a home
home selling costs
putting your house up for sale
selling a house you just bought
how to stage home for sale
checklist for selling a house
process of selling a house
assessed value of home
increase home value
average home value
recent home sales
average sale price of homes by zip code
recently sold home prices
real estate price estimate
determining house value
Home Value Estimator

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