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The Best Paid, Free, and WordPress Search and Replace Tools

To get the most out of a search and replace tool, you have to choose the right one. We have compiled a list of our top recommended tools for WordPress and free and paid options.

Search and replace tools are an excellent modern-day convenience that can make your life a lot simpler.

Suppose you’ve ever made the same mistake multiple times on a multi-page document or the HTML code for a webpage and spent way too much time going through and finding and fixing each one individually. 

In that case, you’ll have an appreciation for these powerful tools.

Depending on your needs, there are two different types of search and replace tools that make either real-time and database changes. 

Keep in mind that database changes are permanent, while real-time changes can be made when necessary, based on your set rules.

There are many different options available depending on the type of tool you are interested in and your budget. 

WordPress Plugins

WordPress websites can be massive, and searching through the HTML code of multiple-page websites can be highly time-consuming. 

Cut your editing and updating time down significantly by using plugins that are added directly to your WordPress website.

CM Search and Replace

CM Search and Replace is a plugin that can be added to your WordPress website. It allows you to set up rules for any of your pages or posts. CM Search and Replace has both a free and a paid version.

The free version allows you to make real-time changes so that they will see the changes based on the rules you set up when someone visits your site. 

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The free version does not allow you to make database or permanent changes.

The paid version offers real-time and database changes that can be modified based on the rules you set up after installing the plugin on your WordPress site.

You can add the free and paid version to your WordPress by going to WordPress Admin Plug under the Plugin tab.

The paid version costs $29 for one site.

Search Regex

If you prefer to go the open-source route, Search Regex is an option for making site-wide changes. With the possibility of making real-time and database changes, you can easily find and replace things on your site.

Search Regex also offers an option for context editing. 

You can search and replace certain words, then edit any context surrounding the replaced words using their inline editor.

As is valid with any find and replace online plugin, Search Regex reminds uses that they are responsible for making sure only desired changes are made.

The best part of about Search Regex is that it is completely FREE!

Free Tools

If you’re looking to play around with some search and replace tools or you aren’t interested in spending money on one, check out these free options:

Find and Replace

Find and Replace, also known as FAR, is a Java-based search and find tool that can be downloaded to your desktop and used to search through files for a specified string and to make changes across multiple documents.

For the user’s convenience, FAR allows uses to search for multi-line strings without adding extra characters and symbols to searches, which are often required by other search and replace tools.

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Due to the Java-based program design, FAR is available for Windows, iOS, and Linux machines.

FAR has a simple design, and it is entirely free for individual and corporate users.

Better Find and Replace

Find; Replace It! is available on both Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and provides users with a dynamic preview of matches and replacements when you perform searches and apply changes. 

Users can more easily monitor the changes made in massive batch replacements to limit the possibility of incorrect replacements.

One of Find; Search It! selling points is that it allows for customized on the fly replacement through the use of script processing with JavaScript. 

It also allows users to apply more than one replacement operation at a time with multi-line search options.

This search and replace program allows processing large files more than 10MB in size, which can come in handy for editing code and database style spreadsheets and documents. 

Before it makes any changes, a backup of all documents is created if you decide to revert back to the original.

To make things better, Find; Replace It! is an entirely free program that you can quickly and safely download on all of your devices, allowing you to use one program for all your search and replace needs.

Paid Tools

If you’re looking to upgrade from a free tool or interested in getting more out of your search and replace tools, check out one of these paid options:


Users shouldn’t be confused by the simplistic view of the TextSpresso 3 text editor; under neither its simple user interface, you will find powerful search and replace technology. Featuring 12 different types of filters and 290 individual filters, you are sure to find what you need.

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If you still can’t find what you need with the preset filters, you have the option to edit the filter settings to meet your specific search and find needs. 

TextSpresso has been around since the late 1990s, though only minor changes were made in recent years to maintain the stability and usability of the program; the TextSpresso website hints at an up-and-coming release of TextSpresso 4. 

No further details are currently available, but even as is, this program has proven to withstand the tests of time and continues to be helpful.

TextSpresso offers a free trial before you buy a 30-day trial for Windows and Mac users. After your trial has ended, you can choose from three available options ranging from $20 for individual users to $600 for global businesses, granting access to all company employees.


TextSoap is a search and replace program for text editors and mail applications. 

Though TextSoap appears to be primarily directed at Apple users because it is available on all Apple devices, there is a Windows version available as well.

TextSoap offers over 100 built-in cleaners, plus many customizable options as well. 

You also can import cleaners created or customized by other people, and you can share the cleaners you make.

With expanded export options, you can use multiple cleaners in a single file for more specified cleaning searches.

TextSoap offers a free 7-day trial. After the trial expires, individual users can purchase a single user license for around $45, and teams can buy a family license which is suitable for up to 5 computers for about $66.

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Search and replace tools can save time and help avoid unwanted frustrations when migrating a website, correcting mistakes, or updating a database. 

Using one of these tools can help you find and replace online and offline mistakes, changes, updates on your websites and databases, or even in the files on your computer.

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