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SaaS Operations Management: What It Is and Best SaaS Operations Software

Since 2010, the average spend of SaaS (Software as a Service) tools per company has risen steadily. In 2020, 38% of companies reported running almost entirely on SaaS (1). Juggling several SaaS apps to achieve business goals is the new reality of many successful companies.

The growing software stack can be intimidating. The more apps are in the arsenal, the harder it is to take advantage of their full potential. That’s why many companies are employing SaaS operations management.

What is SaaS Operations Management? 

SaaS operations management (also called SaaSOps) is the process of handling and controlling your entire software stack. 

It involves managing, securing, tracking, licensing, dealing with spending, integration, policy adherence control, SaaS-related process automation, and much more.

In short, SaaSOps helps manage the entire SaaS stack to help your team take full advantage of all the available options. 

Implementing a high-quality SaaS operations management system helps you maximize the ROI (Return On Investment) while improving your company’s bottom line, as well as:

• Manage and contain SaaS app costs 

• Work with SaaS licenses 

• Plan SaaS updates 

• Manage SaaS vendors and contracts 

• Prevent shadow IT 

• Improve IT collaboration across the company 

SaaSOps involves using SaaS operations management software. These apps help you streamline and automate the SaaSOps process.

SaaS Operations Management Software Needs 

SaaSOps software can help your company work with one or several SaaS solutions. However, while you may believe that you have SaaS app management under control, you could be missing serious issues.

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Here are 5 Signs that you need SaaS Operations Management. 

1. Your Team Uses Several SaaS Solutions

The majority of SaaS solutions are complex. Juggling several of them usually prevents companies from taking advantage of their full functionality while struggling with security issues.

Without an apparent effort to optimize the workflows, you will likely face significant inefficiencies that tend to grow exponentially.

2. Your Team Has Accessibility Issues With Software

Managing access to the software can be complicated, especially if you have numerous employees. 

Granting access to those who shouldn’t have it while keeping others from using SaaS apps could cause security problems and downtime.

Dealing with access matters manually is time-consuming and far from being error-proof.

3. You Are Concerned About Security

Security is one of the top concerns for companies that use several SaaS solutions. Each time you enter data into one of the apps, you need to consider its Security. 

However, without complete control of SaaS app functionality, it’s possible to miss security issues.

4. Your Team Is Pressed for Time

Managing several SaaS solutions can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Everything from license management and access restrictions to Security and reporting takes up significant time and effort.

Centralizing all these tasks and automating some of them can free up your employees’ time to focus on other important work. 

5. You Are Worried About Technology Spending

When your team is working with several SaaS apps, it’s easy to lose track of spending. Low-cost SaaS apps often turn into big money wasters due to add-ons you don’t even know you are paying for.

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A SaaS operations management software can help you gain insight into how much you are spending on SaaS solutions and ways you can tweak your expenses.

Benefits of Using SaaS Operations Management Software

SaaS operations management software can centralize your SaaS management efforts and help you minimize security and efficiency issues while boosting productivity.

Regardless of the number of programs you work with, this software can become an essential part of your operations. 

Here are 7 Benefits of using SaaS Operations Management Software

1. Improve Transparency

SaaSOps management software reveals the full Transparency of SaaS tools and technologies your company uses. 

Your team can get a complete picture of which functionality these apps offer compared to how many your company uses.

Additionally, you can learn how beneficial or detrimental some SaaS tools are to business operations.

2. Build More Efficient Workflows

When you fully understand the SaaS tool functionality, you can build more efficient workflows, thus boosting the company’s productivity.

In short, SaaS operations management software helps explore all the valuable functions of your SaaS solutions and employ them in the most efficient way possible.

3. Ensure the Right People Always Have Software Access

Access issues could lead to security breaches and workflow interruptions. SaaSOps software helps you select who can and can’t access any given app.

4. Track Costs More Accurately

Many features in different SaaS solutions can overlap, causing you to overpay for SaaS. 

In addition, some SaaS solutions increase costs with time. These price increases are easy to overlook if you are dealing with several programs at once.

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Complete control of your SaaS stack allows you to understand where and when to cut costs. 

Additionally, SaaSOps software can help you deal with unplanned and untracked technology spending.

5. Enhance Team Collaboration

With better control and Transparency of SaaS use, team members can collaborate more freely. 

In addition, SaaSOps software can take some burden off your team’s shoulders, helping it focus on other tasks.

Discovering hidden functionalities of your SaaS solutions can help improve workflow efficiency and boost employee satisfaction.

6. Fight Shadow IT

Shadow IT involves employees acquiring free or paid SaaS applications directly without the IT department’s knowledge. While this can improve overall operation, such actions often cause security issues.

SaaSOps management software keeps track of all SaaS apps within the company and eliminates the possibility of shadow IT.

7. Improve Security

The average cost of a data breach in the United States is $8.64 million (2). While SaaS apps are generally secure, many breaches occur due to human error. 

Since SaaS apps contain a variety of sensitive data, their Security is essential for any company.

SaaSOps management software increases security levels by taking control of SaaS operation and adding complete visibility.

Best SaaS Operations Management Software

With the use of SaaS solutions growing, the demand for SaaSOps software is rising. As a result, you can find a variety of options on the market today. 

Below are the top choices to pay attention to.


Blissfully offers a comprehensive SaaS operation management functionality with a low learning curve. 

It has an excellent spend forecasting and optimization feature. In addition, the program generates easy-to-read reports.

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With Blissfully, you can get complete visibility of your SaaS solution operation, including spending tracking, cost management, access issues, and onboarding workflows.


Torii is an excellent SaaSOps management solution for large companies. It can work with hundreds of SaaS products, managing licensing, automating IT lifecycle activities, detecting shadow IT, tracking access, and much more.

Besides SaasOps management, Torii offers cloud and license management options.


BetterCloud contains a standard set of features necessary for solid SaaS operations management. In addition, it offers license management, user access monitoring, compliance management, automatic onboarding, and much more.

The software has excellent and straightforward reporting features, which make SaaSOps management easier for all team members. In addition, the vendor offers top-notch customer support.

SalePoint (Intello)

Intello, now known as SalePoint, gives you complete control over SaaS operation, compliance, spend, and usage. It can help you work out all license issues, monitor overlapping tools, manage the SaaS lifecycle, ensure app security, and much more.

The app is highly customizable, making it a perfect fit for companies of all sizes with various requirements. In addition, Intello does an excellent job revealing shadow IT issues and creating valuable reports on user activity.

Axios Systems 

Axios Systems Assyst has broad functionality, part of which is managing SaaS solutions within the company. 

In addition, it gives you full Transparency of access and operation while dealing with licenses, compliance, and cost tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

SaaS operations management can raise many questions. Learning as much as possible about this concept can help streamline your business operation.

What is SaaS Management?

SaaS management is the process of handling a company’s entire SaaS stacks. It involves dealing with access and security issues, monitoring licensing and compliance, controlling unnecessary spending, adding Transparency, and preventing shadow IT.

What does SaaS Operations Management Software do?

SaaS Operations Management Software simplifies, automates, and streamlines SaaS operations management.

Closing Thoughts

The efficiency, convenience, and benefits of SaaS solutions are impossible to overlook. However, with companies using an average of 34 SaaS apps (3), the lack of SaaSOps management could lead to unfortunate consequences.

Implementing SaaS operation management techniques and taking advantage of SaaSOps management software can help your company stay on top of its game while battling high costs and security issues.

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