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Restream Review: Live stream to 30+ Streaming Platforms at Once

If you want to create content aimed at a broad audience, it may be wise for you to consider live streaming with a platform like Restream. In addition to original content, live streaming acts as a great way of repurposing your old recorded videos as well.

Many people may not have had the chance to view an older video of yours. However, there are certain situations in which they might need this particular video to present important information or entertain them.

Live streams allow you to refresh your audience’s memory on what kind of person you are and what kind of videos you produce. 

It also allows your followers or subscribers to get acquainted with significant new developments, such as when you hold a new giveaway, have special announcements, or introduce some new concepts that may help them improve their lives.

However, if you were wondering what the best choice is out of all your options, then we suggest that you check out Restream.

What makes Restream stand out from other live streaming software? Here are some things you need to know about Restream before making any purchasing decisions.

30+ Streaming Channels 

Restream allows users to utilize as many channels as needed. 

In addition, each stream can reach up to 30 audiences simultaneously without having any in-stream advertisements or delays in data transfers between locations being recorded on their server.

More and more YouTubers have chosen to make Restream their streaming solution of choice.

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The Channels that you can live stream to with include :

Game Streaming Platforms. YouTube Live, Facebook Live

Video Sharing Sites: Dailymotion, Flickr, Instagram, and Periscope.

Other Video Streaming Services: Vimeo and Ustream.

Many others.

For the live stream to Instagram, you would need to use RTMP and a 3rd party platform like Yellow Duck. [Video Tutorial:].

Another great thing about Restream is that it offers various broadcasting formats such as high-definition (HD) or standard definition and allows you to live stream to social media platforms simultaneously with a single click of the mouse via their streaming interface.

Live Stream Reliability

You can customize your audio levels based on wherever you may be. This way, there will be no disruption in terms of background noise for them when they hear what you have to say during a live stream.

Despite being so easy to use, Restream is very efficient and reliable for managing your live streams, whether it’s a one-time event or something you plan on doing consistently (such as regularly streaming content).

The fact that this software allows you to build a growing audience base of followers through its attractive features makes it worth checking out and also helps in generating further revenue if done correctly.

For example, You can increase the number of your audience members simultaneously while delivering quality content they can enjoy watching. 

It will benefit both you and the viewers alike because it means more ad revenue and new additions to your subscriber list.

Livestream Speed

If I were to use one word to describe Restream, it would be “Speed .” 

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Live streams are a very delicate thing. The slightest delay in transmission will make your audience lose interest in what you have to say. 

It’s essential to set up your software accordingly to achieve optimum quality results when broadcasting live video from various sources over numerous channels.

You can be sure that Restream won’t let you down. Their streaming server provides users with the fastest connection possible at any given time during a live stream. These factors combined also contribute towards making Restream one of the best options for professional and casual content creators across the globe. 

Restream quotes a 2-second delay.

Restream Chat

Another great thing about Restream is that their chat feature allows you to choose where it will be displayed; this means that if you prefer for the chat window to appear directly underneath your live stream, then you can have it placed there. 

There are other beneficial features of this interface, but those who want to learn more should check out their website for a complete list of all its benefits and features.

Who Should Use Restream?

Restream has various applications and doesn’t only cater to gamers or YouTubers. However, anyone with any live streaming requirements (ranging from business promotion to creative project/materials development) can benefit from using this software due to its efficiency and reliability when used correctly.    

Many people have found using Restream very useful for live musical performances, lectures, or tutorials.  

Donation Button

Restream also offers many other beneficial features, such as the possibility to add a donation button to raise money during your streams.

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Raising money can be done by simply adding a link and selecting which currency you wish for people to pay with (while essentially eliminating any headaches or extra worries) and connects directly to PayPal, Stripe (credit card processor), and more.

Restream Pricing

Restream plans range in price from $16 per month to $299 per month. The professional plan at $49 per month is the most popular and includes HD Livestreams, custom graphic overlays, 10 hour stream times, and 10 hours of storage, and more.

To get started with Restream, all you have to do is sign up for an account, and you can live stream to one of the free channels to test it out.

Restream Alternatives

The closest and most popular alternative to Restream is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). OBS offers many great features but isn’t as easy to use as Restream when it comes to simultaneously streaming from many different sources.  

Another alternative if you’re interested in using OBS is Streamlabs OBS, a modified version that makes the software much more user-friendly for beginners/professionals alike.

Streamyard is another good alternative to Restream. Streamyard is also a live streaming software that allows you to broadcast to multiple channels at once. You can connect your Twitch, YouTube, Hitbox, and other accounts with it as well. They offer five different packages for users ranging from $15/month up to $200/month depending on the needs of each customer.

Streamlabs is also another viable option if you’re looking for an alternative to restream. They have many features such as donation alerts (for streamers while simultaneously keeping their viewers updated; donations are also sent directly to streamers without any delay), a tipping system, delayed chat messages, and more. 

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Switchboard has many features and benefits such as donations, delayed messages to chat, the ability to broadcast on your phone or tablet without encoding delays or lag, custom branded interfaces with different themes/colors/themes, and more.  

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