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Restream Affiliate Program

Restream Affiliate Program

Restream has an affiliate program. When you are approved for the program, you are assigned a special affiliate link. Use this link in your blogs, on social media, and in your videos. When you refer a qualifying customer, you can earn a commission.

You’ll earn 25% to 30% depending on the total sign-ups. The best part of this affiliate program with Restream is that it’s a recurring commission. This means that each time the customer you referred renews their subscription (generally monthly), you’ll earn 25% to 30% for the lifetime of that referral. You’ll be paid monthly once your account has a $25.00 payout due.

The customer has 90 days to make a purchase after clicking on your link for you to earn a referral commission.

You’ll also be given access to a partner handbook to help you get started promoting the affiliate program. There are marketing assets, videos, graphics, and more.

Streaming videos online has been getting easier over the years but there’s always some platform most apps don’t support. Now, none of those troubles matter because Restream allows you to reach more viewers than ever before by streaming simultaneously across 30+ different sites.

It’s a great time to get on board as a tech influencer. Video and Live Stream are popular and trending, so it’s a winning opportunity to promote live stream affiliate programs.

Join now at Partnerstack.

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