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Best Restaurant Website Builders

Best Restaurant Website Builders

As someone who owns or operates a restaurant, your online reputation is nearly as important as the dishes you serve. Your customers are always looking for new restaurants to try out in their area, and if you have an engaging website with plenty of information about your different offerings, they can make better decisions about where they would like to eat.

The Best Restaurant Builders Offer


The design of your website is incredibly important because it’s what first attracts potential diners. It’s also what makes them feel comfortable browsing through menus, reading reviews, and using any other functions on your site.

If people don’t enjoy the look of your site, they probably won’t stick around for very long – so leave yourself room to play with a variety of designs and customizations to see what feels best.

Value for Money

One of the best ways to get people in the door is to make sure that your restaurant represents a good value proposition from the very beginning.

Your menu should be affordable without sacrificing quality, and at the end of the day, you want everyone who walks through your doors to leave feeling like they got more than their money’s worth.

The restaurants with high prices and low ratings may look nice, but they won’t have much success getting diners in their doors.

Expert Reviews

Since there are so many options when it comes to food in any given city or town, knowing where you can count on for a great meal is if you plan to visit out of the blue.

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The best way to establish this is by going onto review sites and seeing what others have had to say about your business, as well as those of your competitors. This will help you figure out where people are getting their most reliable information and can help you work with what’s already been established in the marketplace.


A minor inconvenience for most potential diners is making sure that they don’t have a problem with a reservation before they visit a restaurant.

If you’re an upscale establishment with a small number of tables, then it may be worth it to offer online reservations alongside or instead of just accepting walk-ins or phone calls – otherwise many customers might skip over your site because there simply isn’t room for them.

In Brief…

Having a strong web presence is important for any restaurant business, so those who excel here will have the best chances of success.

Design, value for money, expert reviews, and reservations are all things that people look for in choosing a restaurant – so if you’re able to provide them on your website, diners will be far more likely to choose you over one of your competitors.

Best Restaurant Website Builders

The best platforms are the ones you own, manage, and grow. When you use a “boxed” solution, it comes with limitations. That being said, for those that want an easy button, the “boxed” solutions are fast, inexpensive, and easy.

Restaurant Website Builder

What We Like: A simple design with extra features like image galleries and Google Maps integration What We Don’t Like: Not as many templates as some other options Pricing: From $3 per month Rating: 9/10 Visit Restaurant Website Builder Now!

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Restaurant Website Builder is a great choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-use platform with lots of features that help you set up the best online presence.

You’re able to pick from one of thirty different designs and skins, and then add some customization before getting started.

Once your website is ready to go live, it’ll look good on any device – which is important when nearly half of all restaurant searches are happening on mobile phones.

The content editor has everything you need to upload menus, create coupons, publish menus, take reservations via OpenTable or by phone, view reports based on web activity, promote daily deals through Groupon-style sites like LivingSocial, edit your hours of operation, including high-resolution images through galleries, and even include Google Maps to help make your restaurant more visible online.

Choosing this option is the best way to get started with an easy-to-use, affordable website that still has enough features for you to create a professional look.

Restaurant Website Builder offers unlimited pages, photos, coupons, menus, reservations, groups deals (via Living Social), tracking reports & uptime monitoring; the only thing you can’t do is sell food or services directly through your site.

At $3 per month for their smallest package and $9 per month for the biggest package, it’s one of the most affordable options on our list – especially when compared against sites that will charge you hundreds of dollars every year without offering nearly as many features.

Flavor Plate

What We Like: They offer a 14-day trial plus a 60-day refund. What We Don’t Like: Only 10 templates, not as much customization available.

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Flavor Plate is a website creation and management tool for restaurants. It removes the hassle of developing and maintaining a stunning, mobile-optimized, user-friendly restaurant website—regardless of your level of expertise.


Accessible Templates: The navigation is designed for those with disabilities. Add alt attributes to images in the event someone is browsing with images turned off, or can’t see them. The ADA-compliant templates will make your site more accessible to those with disabilities. Each website includes an accessibility statement.

Online Ordering: Want to offer the convenience of online restaurant ordering? With just a few mouse clicks, you can add online ordering for delivery and takeout.

Menu Manager: Showcase your menu with photos, descriptions of each dish, and prices.

Social Media Management: Flavorplate’s social media management tools allow you to manage your social profiles from one place.

Gift Card Shopping: Easily sell gift cards on your mobile-friendly website — no coding required.

Mobile-Friendly: Flavorplate sites are responsive, so they look great on desktop, tablets, and mobile phones.

In-Depth Analytics: You’ll know how well you’re doing online with in-depth analytics about your website visitors and online orders.

Built for SEO: While you’ll need to create content, the platform is SEO-friendly.

Photo Gallery: Flavorplate’s website builder platform includes a photo gallery that allows you to display beautiful photos of your dishes and restaurant.

Events Calendar: Keep customers updated on the latest events, like live music and happy hours.


WordPress is a free content management system with massive growth capabilities. You can add restaurant themes like Astra with the Fresco starter template, the Genesis framework + the Studiopress theme Cafe Pro, or Umami by organized themes.

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If you’re not a programmer, don’t let the coding aspect scare you away from this powerful website builder. In fact, WordPress is considered by many as the best CMS for SEO purposes, which sets it apart from most other options out there.

Features: Completely free and open source Advanced SEO options Unlimited layouts/designs with thousands of free themes; choose from premium, or use the Marketplace to find more designs Customizable with widgets and plugins Excellent security built-in (in most cases)

What We Like: Widely recognized as one of the best and most user-friendly CMS platforms What We Don’t Like: Learning curve for those new to WordPress.


For restaurant websites, Wix is also a popular choice. As a drag and drop website builder, it is easy enough for anyone to use.

Wix has templates based on the types of restaurants, such as burger restaurants and sushi places, so you know your site will look great. You can also insert professional-looking photos with just a few clicks.

Features: Unmatched variety of templates – more than 100,000 free and premium website templates are available Free stock photos to use on your site Mobile-friendly responsive designs Drag-and-drop editing; no coding required, easy enough for beginners SEO tools that will get you ranking quickly

What We Like: Unmatched variety of templates What We Don’t Like: Not the best choice if you’re looking for advanced SEO tools; somewhat limited in free storage; no WordPress integration.

Square Space

No stranger to the website builder market is Square Space. With its powerful drag and drop editor, Square Space is one of the best website builders for anyone looking to create a restaurant website.

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Features: Powerful drag-and-drop editor Custom templates Mobile-friendly responsive design Easy to use SEO tools Built with HTML5 technology Unlimited bandwidth, storage, and domains 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee

What We Like: Beautiful and intuitive designs; good for anyone who wants to create a restaurant website with ease What

We Don’t Like: You can’t link up your menu items; you’ll need to pay extra for e-commerce functionality.

There are many options when choosing a restaurant website builder. From WordPress to Wix to Squarespace, and independent builders in between, you have plenty of choices.

While there are many options available, each offering pros and cons depending on your needs, the best website builders for restaurants are Flavorplate for WordPress capability, Wix for ease of use, and Squarespace for aesthetics.

When choosing a restaurant website builder, keep in mind the features you want to be included in your website. Make sure any builder you choose offers SEO tools, event calendars to promote upcoming events, and menus for displaying your dishes.

Adding Flavorplate’s free restaurant website photos galleries will allow diners to see the food they are about to order before placing their orders, which is invaluable when it comes to increasing sales.

For ease of use, Wix is among the best website builders for restaurants. With its templates based on specific types of food (burger, sushi, etc.), you can rest easy knowing your site will look great.

Square Space offers beautiful designs and is perfect for those who want to create a restaurant website with ease.

So when choosing the best website builders for restaurants, think about what features you want to be included, what you are willing to pay for, and how much ease of use means to you. Then choose your restaurant website builder wisely.

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If you would like to have your website built and designed for you, call my brothers Jeff and Paul Helvin at Ballen Brands. Call 702-917-0755.

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