🙌 Refresh your Blog Content on your Real Estate Agent Website [Video]


In this How To Video, Lori Ballen will show you how she uses her favorite keyword tool: http://bit.ly/ALSemRush to know which blog posts to refresh, redirect, or remove. This video is step by step instruction on how and why you want to refresh and republish your blog posts on a regular basis.

What it is:

Refreshing or republishing blog content on our real estate agent websites.

Why we do it? 

  1. To check the quality of the content we created.
  2. To make sure the content is updated, current and still relative to the consumer.
  3. To show Google that we are publishing fresh content. We want the search engines to crawl our content frequently.

How we do it:

  1. We sort our content by oldest publish date to newest.
  2. We use a Keyword Tool if budget allows to see if that page is ranking for any keywords.
  3. If it’s not ranking, we decide to redirect it to another post that makes more sense (301) or trash it (410) or update it to get it ranking.
  4. If we are keeping the content, we add new images, graphs, internal links, update stats or written content and so forth to make it better. Ask yourself “If I were someone looking for information on this topic, is it covered here? What can I do to improve it?”
  5. Once we update the content, we change the publish date to today!

Search Engine Optimization is a gift that keeps on giving. Google wants to deliver the most relative content to the searcher and works hard to measure the user experience in an effort to do so. Your content must be relative, focused, niche oriented, timely, strategically planned, informative, in-depth, fast loading, and easy to read. By always working on refreshing and republishing your content, you can easily stay on top of this process in an constantly improving initative.

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Watch your theme if you are using WordPress. If it’s a blog site and your most recent blog posts are shown on the home page, your refreshed blog posts will be featured. Also, if you are syndicating your new blogs through Zapier or another program, your refreshed / republished blogs may feed out. You’ll have to learn how your systems function and if this is good for your website. (It probably is)

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Which is Better: WordPress or Blogger?

Ballen Real Estate Agent Websites powered by WordPress
We craft BREW using the WordPress platform, allowing real estate agents to own and control their content and their domain, regardless of the agency in which they work. Should you transfer from one company to another, you can take your BREW with you. WordPress is our platform of choice because WordPress platforms allow for the implementation of widgets, codes, and all the bells and whistles or simplicity that suits your style. WordPress is also easy to navigate, so once your BREW is served up, you can easily make changes as you grow.


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