How To Reduce Clutter in Your WordPress Admin

Hello everyone, this is Kevin with Ballen Brands and today I’ve got a quick tip on how to keep your WordPress admin clean and organized.
Personally, I hate clutter. And the post and page edit screens in WordPress can sometimes become overcrowded. You can see on the post edit screen that we’ve got sections for the title, the content, some options related to our theme, the excerpt, trackbacks, discussion options, comments, the slug, the post author, the Yoast SEO options, and more items over on the right-hand side.
I’m going to hide the options that I don’t use on a regular basis. At the top of the screen is a button called Screen Options. If you click that, you’re presented with several options to help you clean up your workspace. I’m going to uncheck all of the items that I don’t use. You can always come back later to unhide something when it’s needed.
Another thing you can do to make the interface less distracting is to minimize the boxes that are displayed. When you click on the title of the box, it closes.
And lastly, all of the boxes can be dragged to new locations. I’m going to drag the Featured Image box up to the top because I want to make sure that I always remember to add a Featured Image to my blog post.
WordPress saves all these changes so the next time you come back to the edit screen, everything will be just where you left it.
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