Real Estate Agent Website Content – Exactly What to Create to Generate Real Estate Leads

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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

I’m Lori Ballen, a real estate agent in Las Vegas, NV. I’m a trainer and coach and today will talk about the real estate agent website content for your website. Here’s exactly what to create to generate real estate leads.


Hi, I’m Lori Ballen out here in Las Vegas. I want to talk to you today about building your real estate agent website. Let’s talk about all of the things you can do in regard to creating content on your real estate agent website.

The reason I was inspired to create this video and “how-to” guide is from a conversation I had a conversation at lunch with my brothers.

I founded a digital marketing company a few years ago that I wound up giving to my brothers to run because I realized that I just wanted to spend my day in teaching, coaching and in testing all of my lead generation strategies rather than running the day to day operations of what that business needed.

It’s called Ballen Brands.

All of the website products that they build and the services they provide are based on the strategies I use in my real estate business here in Las Vegas.

Today, my brother Jeff said, “He said, Lori, I need a strategy for everybody that gets one of our new websites so they can build a real estate website like Lori Ballen”.

I want to talk specifically to real estate agents today and how you can generate more real estate leads through your real estate agent website.

Let’s just say you just got a new website and you’re sitting there thinking ” I don’t know what to do”.

Here’s the gameplan I use for coaching others on building out their real estate agent website content.

  1. Real Estate Market Report
  2. Community Pages and Homes by feature and price
  3. Hyperlocal Blogs
  4. Home Buying, Home Selling, Home Investing Process
  5. Lead Magnets
  6. Conversion Funnels

Real Estate Market Report
This is an image from Lori Ballen’s Real Estate Website built by Ballen Brands. [BREW]

Every month you’re going to generate a real estate market report. It is a written report of the local real estate market numbers.

Things like:

  • Median Home Prices
  • Number of properties on the market
  • Days on Market
  • Months of Inventory
  • Buyer vs. Seller Market
  • Month over Month numbers
  • Year over Year Numbers
  • Total number of new listings
  • Total number of sales (by property type)

Sometimes I add new things. Sometimes I’ll make an infographic. Sometimes I’ll make a video. Every month there is a real estate market report being done, at least one in my case because I also do individual zip codes and neighborhoods, but you need at least one.

If you want to put it on video, you can put it on video and you can have it transcribed. Rev.Com will transcribe your verbal word to written word for a dollar a minute. What’s more is that they created a software called Temi and for 10 cents per minute, It will transcribe your video.

Now, you can make the video and then have it transcribed to the written word and then clean it up and optimize it for SEO and a quality user experience after the fact. This article is exactly that. I made a video, sent it to Temi, and then optimized it for search engine rankings and for the reader.

Video: 3:32

You could also have somebody over at Fiverr clean it up and optimize it. It doesn’t have to be you sitting on the computer. I happen to enjoy sitting on the computer even though I am also a real estate agent.

Most real estate agents don’t enjoy sitting on a computer.

Remember your market report is geared towards showing everybody that you are the expert in real estate. You’re the expert in your area. You are also proving to Google that you’re the expert as well. That’s what I’m looking for.

You are proving it to your potential buyers and sellers and you’re also proving it to Google. I rank on the search engines for my market report and that is my goal whenever I’m creating a new piece of content.

From there, if you wanted to, you can then share that out onto your social networks. You can pin it and put it on Pinterest, make a bunch of different pins. Keep that sucker running on Pinterest every month. You can share it to LinkedIn, to Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter, to whatever your channels are. Okay?

💡Check out Social Snap for great sharing tools that become part of your content marketing strategy. I use Social Snap.

Now, on your real estate market report, you’re also going to have a lead magnet. A lead magnet an item of value. You are making the offer to the reader and in exchange, they give me their contact info to deliver that item of value. This is how you lead generate on your real estate agent website.

For your real estate market report page, your item of value could be an instant home value calculator. I use the listings to leads home value calculator. You could offer a monthly market report delivered to their door or inbox or messages.

Your lead magnet could be your home seller’s guide which will cover here in a bit.

Your goal is to have something to offer so you’re generating some leads from your website traffic.

Community Pages

Next, I would now set up some community pages that are going to be your top tier pages offering neighborhood and real estate information in your area.

Next, I would now set up some community pages that are going to be your top tier pages offering neighborhood and real estate information in your area.

For example, if you live somewhere where neighborhoods are called ‘over the river’, and ‘through the woods’, then you’re going to make an Over the River community page and a Through the Woods community page.

Your location might have Northwest, Southwest, East, West. In Las Vegas where I live, They’re called master-planned communities. We have large communities with names like Summerlin, Desert Shores, Mountains Edge, Southern Highlands, and so on.

Video: 6:37

What are the main areas that if somebody were moving to your town that you would want to be talking about? Start there.

You can drill down and create a lot more as you go. There really is no “end” to building out these styles of neighborhoods unless you complete every neighborhood and area in your city.

Next, I would do all of the zip code pages if that applies to your area. Maybe you have Parishes or towns or counties. In Las Vegas, we have one county and many zip codes.

[07:29]     I’m going to create a new page on my website with a short intro paragraph, something like “Enjoy this list of 89138 homes for sale. Take your time, save your favorites, sort by price, size, and feature. View the photo gallery. When you’re ready to see a property call or text Lori Ballen Team in Las Vegas at 702-604-7739.

Next, I would now set up some community pages that are going to be your top tier pages offering neighborhood and real estate information in your area.

IDX Pages

Then, I’m going to drop in an IDX widget. It’s a little tiny piece of code that looks like jibberish and when you hit publish on your page, it turns it into this beautiful grid of homes. IDX is the Internet Data Exchange. IDX Providers feature various types of IDX feeds.

Then, I'm going to drop in an IDX widget. It's a little tiny piece of code that looks like jibberish and when you hit publish on your page, it turns it into this beautiful grid of homes. IDX is the Internet Data Exchange. IDX Providers feature various types of IDX feeds.
Paul and Jeff Helvin at Ballen Brands build Real Estate Agent Websites powered by IDX Broker 702-917-0755.

I use IDX broker. I chose them not because I had any kind of affiliate relationship in the beginning, but because of the customization ability, and the many options for lead registration and tracking.

I just loved a lot of the tools with IDX broker and I stuck with them and eventually became a developer as well building them into our real estate websites.

If you want to check out IDX broker, you’ll save $99 on your setup fee using my link. And then my team over Ballen brands becomes a kind of support on-call support system.

My brothers at Ballen brands, use IDX broker on the real estate websites that they build as well. Talk to them first and see if it makes more sense for you to have them build that all together for you.

If you’re a do it yourself’er, I actually have a full video series as well on how to build a real estate agent website yourself on WordPress with the Agentpress Pro Theme.

Hyperlocal Marketing

Then I want to get started on hyperlocal marketing.

Hyperlocal marketing is when you blog about a very specific, laser targeted area. Local marketing would be focused on a city like Las Vegas, And then hyper-local would be inside some of these communities, zip codes, or neighborhoods.

[Video: 10:00]  

When I am blogging on WordPress, I use three main hyperlocal categories. The first category is: Things to do.

  • Things to do on a date
  • Things to do for mother’s day
  • Things to do for Christmas
  • Things to do when it’s raining
  • Things to do that are not in a Casino
  • Things to do for free
  • Things to do for your 21st Birthday.

The Next category is: BEST:

  • Best Pizza
  • Best Sushi
  • Best Place to Have a Birthday Party
  • Best Theme Casino
  • Best Trampoline Park
  • Best Paino Bar
  • Best Place to Get Your Nails Done
  • Best Happy Hour

And the third category: Living In:

  • The Transportation
  • The Weather
  • The Airport
  • The Jobs
  • The Cost of Living
  • The Dog Parks
  • The Water Parks
  • The Community

Those are, those are my three main categories. When you fall within those three categories, you can cover holidays, special events, evergreen content that’s not time-sensitive.

Buyer and Seller Guides

Now you need to build a buyer’s guide and a seller’s guide. This could be your week four of your content marketing schedule if you want to divide these up into one piece of content each week. To create your buyer’s guide, you will start by creating a blog about the entire home buying process.

[Video 13:46]

My guide is about buying a house in Las Vegas. I cover everything from the first steps and pre-qualification to what credit score is needed, what kind of loan programs are out there, what kind of no down payment options might you qualify for, what a lender is looking for to determine whether or not you might qualify for home, how much home can you afford, debt to credit ratio, debt to income ratio, closing costs, who pays for what, how to choose your property, the buying timeline and so forth.

By the time I got done with the entire process, my blog was about 12,000 words long.

Writing the blog s the first step. Just take it one paragraph at a time. think about the process, what questions your buyers ask, and if your adult child was buying a house, what you would want them to know.

Now, once you’re done with that, you’re going to turn it into a lead magnet. You will use your blog and log in to any kind of ebook creating software like Canva.

My brokerage Keller Williams just rolled out a buyer’s guide inside of KW command, which you can edit. [My KW Command Youtube Channel]

Lead Magnets

You literally could just put your home buying process blog on a word document, save it as a PDF and put a simple cover graphic on the front and you've got an ebook.
[Video 16:05]   You literally could just put your home buying process blog on a word document, save it as a PDF and put a simple cover graphic on the front and you’ve got an ebook.

It doesn’t have to be as fancy.

My ebooks are not fancy. Trust me.

Now, so now you’ve got really three good main lead magnets and let me just tell you, when you start getting into that hyperlocal stuff, there are a bunch more lead magnet ideas in there too.

  1. Lead Magnet for your Real Estate Market Report: Get your monthly market report.
  2. Lead Magnet for community pages: you have IDX, which has lead magnets, registration.
  3. Lead Magnet for buyer and seller blogs: Buyer and Seller Guides

Drip Email Campaigns

[Video: 17:59]  Then you take your home buyer’s guide and you break that up into drip emails. If I’ve got a 12,000-word blog, that’s twelve, 1000 word smaller blogs or drip emails or newsletters, or videos. 12,000 words could be Twenty Four 500 word pieces of content.

You can take that content and make amazing drip emails, SMS text messages, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, pins and so forth.

When you create content like this, it has so many places it can go. Then you’re doing the same thing with the seller’s guide and that’s going to become a drip campaign for your potential sellers that come in from your home value calculator from listings to leads.

In summary, you are creating a market report, community pages, and homes by feature with IDX widgets hyper-local things to do in living in best of or best in home buyers, guide the entire process.

Take each one of those and make a variety of pins for Pinterest. Make a selection of Instagram stories, Facebook, email drips, and eBooks for lead magnets.

Pinterest Graphics

Check out Lady Boss Studio Graphics for Pins, Blog Posts, and Brand Kits!

Check out Lady Boss Studio Graphics for Pins, Blog Posts, and Brand Kits.!
Check out Lady Boss Studio Graphics for Pins, Blog Posts, and Brand Kits!

That is the answer to success in having a real estate website that does more than just sit there and be a calling card, but actually generates leads and gives you a place where you can continuously provide value to your consumers.

Thanks for joining me today. I’m Lori Ballen here in Las Vegas.

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