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Real Estate VideoIt is no secret that the vast expanse of the internet and the emergence of social media has created a powerful platform on which real estate agents and real estate companies can build their marketing and branding campaigns. What has not been as clear to many of these businesses is the power of video marketing. With YouTube now being the world’s second-largest search engine behind Google — who just happens to own YouTube — it is clear that real estate video has an increasingly massive appeal. The problem is that not enough businesses are taking advantage of the multitudinous benefits that real estate video marketing has to offer.

There is a multiplicity of benefits associated with implementing a video marketing campaign.

Here you will find five of the most prevalent benefits of video marketing.

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Video Platforms are Where Customers Spend Their Time

To give you an idea of how popular video has become, YouTube alone has more than 4 billion views per day. According to a recent study, more than 78 percent of people watch videos at least once per week while 55 percent watch videos on a daily basis. Many businesses are making the fatal mistake of not capitalizing on this powerful leverage.

The benefit is so powerful, and it provides such great rationale as to why a company should be using real estate video marketing as a part of its overall marketing campaign that it is actually tempting to stop here. This benefit alone should be motivation enough for a company to immediately implement video marketing into their overall marketing strategy. It is quite simple, everyone is watching videos. This means that companies should capitalize on this by making promos, ads, branded entertainment, video blogs and more. Once the company determines what format would best reach their audience they should design their video campaign around that.

The Competition is Already Benefiting from It

With the current real estate market being so competitive, a company needs every advantage that they can get. This is why more real estate agents and companies are incorporating video into their marketing strategies; furthermore, agents are making video a primary customer engagement tool. According to recent numbers, 81 percent of top-level marketing executives currently use online video marketing campaigns for the purpose of bolstering their conversion rates and extending their reach. Now we need to carry that over to the real estate agent.

It is imperative for any business that desires to remain competitive in their particular industry to integrate social media marketing into their marketing strategy. Having a solid written content campaign does have its advantages: however, failure to implement video marketing will result in less than optimal results.

Video is Highly Searchable

Recent numbers that have been released reveal video results appear in nearly 70 percent of the top search listings on Google. These numbers are becoming increasingly prevalent as time progresses.

The truth is that consumers are online looking for products and services. Due to the fact that videos are shared on social media sites with regularity as well as the fact that the popularity of these videos — once shared — has a considerable impact on their ranking during organic searches, video is becoming the preferred method of engagement.

Video is Easily Shared

The sharing of videos is a significant part of social media, and social media has become a significant part of the lives of people around the world. Videos are being shared at an increasing frequency, and they are easy to share. To provide a lucid picture of the volume of video shared regularly, an excess of 500 year’s worth of YouTube video footage is shared and watched on Facebook daily. Additionally, more than 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter’s platform every minute.

The picture should be coming into view now. Video has massive appeal and it is highly effective at helping companies increase customer engagement as well as manage their brands.

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Video Helps to Level the Playing Field

The popularity of video has created a level playing on which businesses, brands and organization can compete. It does not require an exorbitant budget; therefore, smaller companies can benefit from the advantages of video while holding their own against their larger competitors. With the right amount of innovation and creativity, smaller brands can find ways to build and strengthen their brands while increasing their market share.

There is no denying that the volatility of the global economy has resulted in a highly competitive market; however, this does not have to be a bad thing for the lateral thinking senior marketing executives who are willing to step outside the box of conventional marketing strategies to embrace the power of video marketing.

Are you afraid to be on video? Not liking how you look and sound? GET OVER IT and GET ON WITH IT. Really, it’s OK. It’s time to accept who we are and allow ourselves to be featured on video. After all, when you go on the listing appointment are your looks or voice going to change? No. So you might as well let them see who you really are.

But, if you just can’t do it, use slide shows, power point, testimonials, karaoke style videos (such as, virtual tours, community featured videos and so on. You don’t have to be the star of your own video.



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