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I had no idea that my real estate website was about to rank on page one of Google for a neighborhood called Chinatown. I built the page 1 year ago to this day, and then moved on. I honestly never re-visited it. The page features IDX listings for real estate in Chinatown Las Vegas as well as some general information about the community.


I’m a big believer in search engine rankings for real estate in spite of the big players like Zillow, Trulia, and and the quickly rising Open Door!

I work to rank for longtail keywords, neighborhoods, zip codes and information helping buyers and sellers searching online. I do this through Real Estate Market Reports, Blogging, and by building homes for sale and neighborhood pages, like I did here for Chinatown Las Vegas.

My favorite SEO tool shows me all of the keywords that my pages rank for. However, with 16,000 + top 100 rankings on Google, it’s hard to see all of the movement. This one snuck up there without me realizing. The discovery came when I asked my COO to create a reporting system that would all me to see where my leads come in from (Source and Page).

On my dashboard, as you can see in the image below, a couple of new leads showed up for a specific page on my website having typed a specific query into Google that led them there. This is my goal.

The leads are tracked from their entry page, so that regardless of which page they register on (for an offer, IDX registration etc.), the credit goes to the original page that brought them in.

When I see a new page, I’m able to click over to SEMrush and view which keywords that page is now ranking for. In the example of Chinatown, you can see that it ranks for 27 keywords.

Yet out of those 27, there is one main keyword (Chinatown Las Vegas) that has generated most of the traffic to this page. There are a couple smaller traffic earners as well.

When we look at the positions below, we can see that chinatown las vegas is in position 13.

This is the top 3 of the organic results typically on page two of the desktop. We can assume that the searcher used other keywords on that phrase creating a longtail that then moved my page to a higher position on page one.

They may have typed or said something in like “Chinatown las vegas average home prices” or some variation. If there isn’t enough of that search being used (voice or type), Google may group it with the phrase “chinatown las vegas”.

Unfortunately, Google locks up most of the search data, so it’s hard to decipher the exact phrase they use organically. This is why we sometimes run pay per click campaigns around a page like this so that we can collect all of the longtail search queries and use in our organic marketing.

Once I know which keywords are bringing in the traffic, I can save them in my position tracking inside the site audit portion of the tool. The position tracking will then monitor the growth or decline of that keywords, measure competitors, and give me insight as to what SERP opportunities there could be.

Not every term on Google has the same SERP features. If a featured snippet is not being awarded, then there is no reason to chase one with tables, lists and other items used in schema markup to work towards the coveted zero position. I’ll go for the opportunities first.

Search Engine Results Page Opportunities

  • Featured Snippet
  • Reviews
  • Carousel
  • Local Pack
  • AMP
  • People Also Ask
  • Images
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Shopping Ads

Where Do We Go From Here?

Now, From here, knowing that I have the #13 position for a keyword that generates 6,600 searches a month motivates me to move it up higher in the search engine rankings.

  1. Add more content
  2. Make sure the keywords I desire to rank for are on the page
  3. Include keywords in images and heading tags
  4. Cover the topic in depth using semantically related keywords.
  5. Earn a few quality backlinks
  6. Add some rich media like video to add to user experience
  7. Using a heat meap, remove areas of the page that are not giving quality signals
  8. Link to this page from other high ranking pages on the existing website
  9. Build some short posts or pages that link back to this page such as : Chinatown Restaurants, Visiting Chinatown, Chinatown Featured Businesses etc.
  10. Create a video about Chinatown and link back to this page
  11. Share on social, generate traffic, test and measure page improvement as Google rewards quality
  12. Improve page speed
  13. Add more optimized images
  14. Run a PPC ad, measure page performance and collect more keywords to create content around
  15. Use the People Always ask section, keyword tool, quora etc. to see what other topics or subtopics to add on or around this page.

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