Where to find the Best Real Estate Keywords

Do you know the power of real estate keywords for lead generation? If you are a real estate agent, content marketing is what drives the consumer today. Consumers want a product and valuable information. Other than IDX listings, you must be an expert in the real estate industry.

Targeting your IDEAL AUDIENCE

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Once you’ve found what audience you want to target, check out this article on how to choose the right SEO keywords for your real estate website.

How to find the “Pockets” Using Longtail Keywords

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Once you review this great list of Keywords, you might be interested in learning how to create a more in depth content strategy using Cornerstone content.

Reading keyword competition and search volume

Best List of Keywords AnywhereOn the first list below, you’ll notice a number and a level of competition. The number reflects how many people globally searched Google for that exact search term. Honestly, only about 20% of searches are exact, recorded searches and the other 80% are completely unique search terms known as the long tail.

The second list below is an actual list of terms people used to find my real estate websites. Although the local words won’t work for you, you can imagine plugging in your local neighborhoods and niches and designing pages and blog posts around similar phrases.

The most effective strategy would be to pick the low competition keywords first although you must know that this is based on paid advertising, not organic. If you want to measure organic competition, consider SEMrush as it has a Keyword Difficulty score based on earned in rankings.  You could do a lot of business with only a few searches a month in your area that are true buyers or sellers who find your site with valuable content. There is power in finding the niches and focusing BIG on the small. Fill the gaps, and you win.

the list of best real estate keywords

Here is the list of Keywords a real estate agent might be interested in reviewing. Once you see the table, click for more. 

Here are some resources you might want to study on how to use these keywords in your blog posts, ads, webpages, articles and more.

Best Real Estate Keywords for 2017

KeywordSearches every MonthOrganic Competition Level
investment property calculator2.900Medium
what you need to buy a house390Medium
waterfront property for sale1,900Medium
waterfront land for sale480Medium
waterfront homes for sale2,400Medium
waterfront homes for sale2,400Medium
Waterfront Homes For Sale4,400Medium
victorian homes for sale3,600Medium
vacation rentals by owner45,000Medium
vacant land for sale3,600Medium
tuscany real estate880Medium
Townhomes for Sale27,100Medium
tips on buying a house720Medium
Tiny Homes12,100Medium
tenancy agreement27,100Medium
summer house with swimming pool1,600Medium
Shipping Container Homes For Sale5,400Medium
rural property for sale5,400Medium
rural properties for sale4,400Medium
renting a house6,600Medium
rental properties90,500Medium
real estate valuation1,900Medium
Real Estate School22,200Medium
real estate questions880Medium
real estate market trends720Medium
real estate investment trust8,100Medium
real estate due diligence260Medium
Real Estate Companies9,900Medium
Real Estate Agent60,500Medium
purchase and sale agreement2,400Medium
property websites4,400Medium
property to rent40,500Medium
property search33,100Medium
properties for sale33,100Medium
open houses6,600Medium
online real estate1,900Medium
oceanfront property for sale320Medium
oceanfront homes for sale1,300Medium
new construction homes for sale320Medium
my house price720Medium
Multi Family Homes For Sale8,100Medium
mortgage payment calculator165,000Medium
modern homes for sale2,400Medium
mls search49,500Medium
MLS Listings60,500Medium
Mansions For Sale22,100Medium
luxury condo702Medium
Lots for Sale12,100Medium
Log Homes For Sale4,400Medium
Log Cabins2,400Medium
lease termination letter2,900Medium
Land For Sale90,500Medium
lakeshore condo590Medium
lakefront residences880Medium
lakefront property for sale880Medium
Lakefront Property5,400Medium
Lake Homes For Sale3,600Medium
jobs in real estate1,900Medium
italian property for sale880Medium
waterfront property for sale1,900Medium
Hud Homes18,100Medium
how to buy a new house210Medium
how to buy a house at auction590Medium
how to become a real estate agent180,100Medium
how much is your house worth480Medium
How Much is My House Worth Now590Medium
how much does it cost to sell a house1,900Medium
what mortgage can i afford5,400Medium
houses with pools1,300Medium
houses with land for sale1,900Medium
houses to buy5,400Medium
houses for sale with swimming pool720Medium
houses for rent with pool390Medium
House Search4,400medium
house prices in my area720Medium
house prices by postcode170Medium
house price valuation390Medium
house price estimate1,900Medium
house listings2,900Medium
house buying costs390Medium
horse properties590Medium
homes under 100k590Medium
home staging tips1,900Medium
holiday cottages45,000 Medium
golf course homes170Medium
For Sale By Owner165,000Medium
flats to rent33,100Medium
find real estate720Medium
find a property to rent1,900Medium
find a house2,400Medium
FHA Mortgage Calculator18,100Medium
fees when buying a house590Medium
farms for sale33,100Medium
escrow services3,600Medium
english country cottages27,100Medium
design your own home8,100Medium
dairy farms for sale2,400Medium
country homes for sale2,900Medium
Condos For Sale90,500Medium
commercial real estate market170Medium
check house prices390Medium
cheap beachfront property320Medium
buying your first home2,900Medium
buying a repossessed house320Medium
buying a house process1,300Medium
buying a house checklist1,600Medium
buying a foreclosed home6,600Medium
buyers agent1,600Medium
big homes for sale2,900Medium
best real estate sites480Medium
best mortgage calculator2,400Medium
Become a Real Estate Agent2,400Medium
beachfront property for sale1,600Medium
beachfront properties for sale480Medium
beach property for sale880Medium
Beach houses for sale2,400Medium
auction house40,500Medium
55+ communities6,600Medium
sold house prices40,500Low
luxury lifestyle4,400Low
questions to ask when buying a house2,900Low
what credit score is needed to buy a house3,600Low
house price predictions1,300Low
House Price Index4,400Low
house price graph210Low
Seller Disclosure210Low
secret sale4,400Low
What Are Closing Costs5,400Low
horse property720Low
property finder33,100Low
property appraiser22,200Low
vacation home1,900Low
process of buying a house2,400Low
historic homes for sale8,100Low
high rise condo320Low
high rise apartments880Low
green communities480Low
4 bedroom houses for sale3,600Low
lake houses1,900Low
What is Real Estate2,400Low
old houses for sale5,400Low
Old Homes For Sale2,400Low
waterfront properties2,400Low
find a property110,000Low
real estate trends1,600Low
how to buy a house without a realtor880Low
net house price880Low
what is equity22,200Low
equestrian property for sale4,400Low
equal housing opportunity6,600Low
what is an escrow account2,900Low
earnest money agreement590Low
do open houses sell homes210Low
mountain view homes1,300Low
define appraisal5,400Low
what to do when buying a house390Low
crime report by zip code260Low
credit score needed to buy a house1,600Low
country houses for sale4,400Low
how much is a downpayment on a house880Low
cottages for you110,000Low
costs involved in buying a house260Low
cost of living comparison by zip code1,600Low
cost of buying a house calculator170Low
contemporary ranch homes140Low
how much house can you afford3,600Low
Compare Cost of Living4,400Low
commercial real estate trends170Low
most expensive homes6,600Low
things to consider when buying a house880Low
how much do you need for a house deposit260Low
can i get housing benefit590Low
how much can i spend on a house880Low
buying a short sale home1,600Low
how long does it take to close on a house2,400Low
buying a house without a realtor1,300Low
buying a house with cash880Low
buying a house to rent out320Low
how long does it take to buy a house2,900Low
how long does it take to build a house2,900Low
how expensive of a house can i afford1,600Low
how do short sales work720Low
Buy a Farm3,600Low
housing market trends390Low
housing market prediction720Low
best real estate markets210Low
best neighborhoods170Low
housing market news1,900Low
housing association27,100Low
Beautiful Homes18,100Low
What Does Short Sale Mean2,400Low
real estate dictionary1,300Low
houses to rent33,100Low
what does escrow mean2,400Low
average down payment on a house1,300Low
million dollar homes8,100Low
appraisal meaning8,100Low
amazing houses8,100Low
median house price590Low
how much does it cost to buy a house720Low
new home builders4,400High
real estate property values170High
new construction homes4,400High
Real Estate News9,900High
houses for sell1,300High
short sale homes1,900High
Houses For Sale Near Me45,000High
Houses For Sale450,000High
Real Estate Market2,900High
houses for rent with option to buy210High
Houses For Rent550,000High
house value estimator1,300High
house valuations1,300High
house valuation online720High
Multi Family Homes6,600High
house prices in my street720High
moving truck rental60,500High
moving companies110,000High
real estate loans720High
Real Estate License40,500High
mortgage rates today65,500HIgh
Victorian Homes For Sale2,900High
Real Estate Investment Trust4,400High
Mobile Homes for Sale110,000High
real estate investing 101390High
house and land packages8,100High
Real Estate Investing9,900High
real estate forms1,300High
Real Estate For Sale12,100High
homes for sales by owner210HIgh
Homes for Sale Near Me27,100High
homes for sale by owners480High
Homes for Sale368,000High
Home Value Estimator18,100High
market value of home1,600High
home staging companies1,600High
home sale by owner720High
home loan calculator135,000HIgh
home inspection cost4,400High
home inspection checklist8,100HIgh
Home For Sale by Owner33,100High
home equity loan49,500High
Home Buying Process3,600High
Home Buying Apps4,400High
home appraisal estimate480High
Market Analysis6,600High
manufactured homes60,500HIgh
Historic Homes For Sale6,600High
Senior Living Communities5,400High
Luxury Real Estate8,100High
selling a house by owner880High
government help to buy a house210High
golf course real estate140High
Luxury Homes For Sale6,600High
Gated Communities4,400High
Furnished Apartments for Rent5,400High
real estate contracts720High
french property for sale4,400High
free house valuation1,300High
free foreclosure listings3,600High
foreclosure listings8,100High
Foreclosed Homes For Sale9,900High
real estate contract form480High
4 Bedroom House2,900High
flat fee mls listing720High
Fixer Upper Homes For Sale1,900High
fixer upper homes for sale1,300High
log homes for sale5,400High
Find Homes For Sale1,600HIgh
find a real estate agent880High
real estate calculator400High
real estate by owner590High
land for sale by owner4,400High
real estate agent reviews1,300High
sell your house online880HIgh
Real Estate368,000High
estimated house value210High
estimate house value480High
sell your house1,300High
Sell My Timeshare2,400High
section 8 housing33,100High
Tiny Houses201,000High
staging a home1,900High
down payment assistance6,600High
Property for Sale18,100High
solicitors fees for buying a house880High
investing in property2,400High
income based housing6,600HIgh
i want to buy a house1,600High
what do i need to buy a house1,300High
hud homes65,500HIgh
Country Homes For Sale2,400High
how to value your house210HIgh
cottages with pools1,300High
how to sell your house yourself590High
how to sell your house6,600High
cost of selling a house1,600High
how to sell real estate720High
how to sell a timeshare1,600High
How to Sell a House1,900High
how to get a loan for a house880High
condominiums for sale5,400High
How to Flip a House5,400High
comparative market analysis real estate170High
companies that buy houses390High
companies that buy houses390High
how to buy foreclosed homes1,900High
small houses for sale2,900High
rental agreement40,500High
cheap land for sale6,600High
Cheap Homes For Sale5,400High
how to buy a house with no down payment480High
how to buy a house with no deposit210High
can i buy a house with bad credit1,300High
how to buy a house with no credit390High
Buying your First home1,900High
buying and selling houses390HIgh
How to Buy a House with Bad Credit4,400High
prefab homes45,500High
places for rent6,600High
How to Become a Real Estate Agent14,800High
park homes for sale6,600High
how much is my house worth today1,600High
packers and movers27,100High
Buying a House27,100High
owner financing homes for sale880High
Buying a Foreclosed Home5,400High
over 55 living320High
buy my house fast390High
buy my house2,900High
buy house in usa720High
over 55 communities1,900High
brand new homes for sale880High
Big Homes For Sale1,900High
real estate values3,600HIgh
how much does it cost to hire movers480High
online real estate auctions590High
how much does homeowners insurance cost720High
how much does flood insurance cost590High
Best Homeowners Insurance8,100High
best home warranty1,600High
best home builders480High
best deals today720High
single family homes for sale2,400High
online house valuation880HIgh
Single Family Homes For Sale2,400High
Single Family Homes For Sale3,600High
Old Homes for Sale2,900High
should i sell my house880High
Beach Homes For Sale1,900High
Barn Homes6,600High
Bank Owned Homes For Sale6,600High
bank owned homes for sale5,400HIgh
bank owned homes for sale5,400High
real estate purchase contract590High
how do i buy a house880High
new listings homes for sale320High
new houses for sale1,300High
adult living communities880High
New House3,600High
New Homes For Sale6,600High
4 bedroom houses for rent8,100High
how much is my house worth49,500High
The best real estate keywords are not always the ones with the most search volume. Keep in mind that when you can find a pocket, even one with less than 100 monthly searches, and you can dominate that search, you can win big. Focus on the longtail (3 or more words).

Others have asked: How can I rank on the Search Engines in such a competitive niche?

People also ask: Where can I get the best real estate agent website?

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Local articles and rich information are crucial. That’s why we’ve put together this real estate keywords list! Use these real estate keywords to discover the most searched terms by buyers and sellers to create your blog posts and pages.

Once you review the keywords, hop on over to this real estate SEO article and learn how to use them.

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