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The Best Facebook Groups for Real Estate Agent

The Best Facebook Groups for Real Estate Agent

Facebook groups for real estate agents are one-stop-shop agents to access a plethora of resources pertaining to real estate, including support for new agents, real estate lead generation, marketing, referrals, and more. 

Here are just a few of the real estate agent Facebook groups. Join groups that have thousands of members and oodles of support, or find a calmer environment with just a few hundred members all willing to engage, share what they know, and give your real estate business a boost. 

Facebook Groups for New Real Estate Agents

New Real Estate Agents: When you’re new to the industry, you need all the help and guidance you can get, making the New Real Estate Agents Facebook Group, founded by Jennifer Romano, is such a valuable resource. 

54,000 of your peers unite to support and encourage one another in business growth. With an average of 80 posts per day, this private group includes topics including training, lead gen, listings, marketing, business admin, technology, and more.

New Real Estate Agents Facebook Support Group: A mid-sized private group, the New Real Estate Agents Facebook Support Group has 18,000 members and posts an average of 40 posts per day. 

This group was also founded by Jennifer Romano, with seven additional moderators to keep the group free from spam and unwanted posts. 

When you’re new to the real estate industry and need the support of mentors and peers, New Real Estate Agents Facebook Support Group is an ideal place to hang out and rub elbows with agents of all levels with a focus on education, networking, guidance, support, motivation, and stories of real-life experiences.

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New Real Estate Agent Tips and Advice: A much small group consisting of just 791 members, the New Real Estate Agent Tips and Advice group averages just two posts per day, so it’s manageable with your busy schedule. 

Inspired by, this group offers to teach you all the things you didn’t learn in real estate school. It also provides a platform for agents to ask questions, share ideas, and network to grow your business.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent: With just 448 members and an average of seven useful posts per week, the Becoming a Real Estate Agent Facebook Group is a more intimate setting for those who have not yet become agents or who have recently obtained their real estate license. 

It’s a place to find help and support in building your new real estate business from the ground up.

Real Estate Tips and Advice: With just under 2,000 members, the Real Estate Tips and Advice Facebook Group averages ten posts per day, all geared to help buyers, sellers, and new agents understand the real estate industry. 

This is an opportunity for new agents to engage with buyers and sellers to see what’s really on their minds and to score a new client in your area potentially.

Facebook Groups for Real Estate Marketing

Lori Ballen’s Marketing Strategies: This Facebook group about marketing is primarily real estate agents, although the admin, Lori Ballen, coaches small businesses, bloggers, and affiliate marketers. 

Most posts contain tutorials on generating buyer and seller leads through the real estate agent website.

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Real Estate Marketing & Conversion Mastery: There are plenty of groups designed to help you promote your blog, but Real Estate Marketing & Conversion Mastery is more about learning than promoting. 

You’ll be able to team up with thousands of other agents on the journey to master their digital marketing. 

This group, featuring about 15,000 members, shares about ten posts a day. 

Real Estate Marketing & Conversion Mastery is based on the Real Estate Marketing Academy, which provides the ability to obtain lead generation training, tools, and information to help your business, support from experienced pros, and more.

Real Estate Marketing Tips and Tricks: With a smaller membership of 554 and an average of just three posts a week, the Real Estate Marketing Tips & Tricks group, a public group, provides a platform for learning about navigating the real estate marketing industry, where content is posted on strategies to get new clients, market properties, and find new listings.

Canva Made Easy For Your Real Estate Business: Canva is a visual marketing tool with which you can create banners, ads, promos, and more – and this group helps you master that. 

The Canva Made Easy For Your Real Estate Business Facebook Group, with a membership of over 2,000, is based on, real estate social media-made easy, and is a free lounge room for PorchLyte members. 

Upon joining, you’ll also have access to a free social media calendar to help organize your posts.

Creative Marketing for Real Estate Agents: A small, private group of 176 members averaging just two posts weekly, the Creative Marketing for Real Estate Agents Facebook Group focuses on collaborating on mailers, cards, and social media events. 

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Inspire your muse and dabble in your creativity while bouncing around ideas with like-minded people.

5 Star Agent Branding & Marketing for Motivated Realtors: This well-managed group of 5,500 members focuses on attracting and converting dream clients with the power of maximizing your realtor brand authority. 

The 5 Star Agent Branding & Marketing for Motivated Realtors is not open to all real estate agents, exclusively for agents who have undergone training with NAR® to earn Realtor® status. 

Learn how to build your brand, implement unique marketing strategies, and network with other Realtors® with the same goals as you.

Facebook Groups for Lead Generation

Lead Gen Scripts and Objections: One of the more massive Facebook Groups for real estate agents is Lead Gen Scripts and Objections, a private group with more than 60,000 members, yet only shares an average of eight posts per day. 

The group, monitored by four moderators and 14 admins, creates a platform where agents can exchange information, ideas, and real estate lead generation resources. 

Lead Attraction Ideas for Real Estate Agents: There is an annoying amount of spammy Facebook Groups that overwhelm your feed with junk. Lead Attraction Ideas for Real Estate Agents is not one of them. 

This highly moderated active group of real estate agents is serious about its business and has zero tolerance for self-promotion, sales, PM requests, recruiting, or other self-serving posts. 

Instead, there’s an intense (but very friendly) focus on how you can generate more leads as a real estate agent. 

This group has more than 7,500 members and averages a healthy ten posts per day.

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Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents: Matt Cramer launched his Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents Facebook Group in 2016. 

Since then, membership has grown to nearly 2,000 members, averaging three posts per week. 

The private group offers information and networking for lead generation strategies, marketing and automation systems, and real estate agents’ strategies.

Real Estate Referral and Leads Group: With a membership of just over 5,000 and an average of four posts per day, the Real Estate Referral and Leads Group is an environment where professional real estate agents gather to share referrals as well as communicate about tips, tricks, best practices, and personal preferences for lead generation strategies.

Real Estate Lead Generation & Marketing Strategies: Start your journey with this Facebook Group by getting free tools just for visiting the group, including three real estate email follow-up templates and the Real Estate Lead Generation Funnels. 

In addition to the free goodies, you’ll have the chance to interact with 7,500 members and about ten posts per day where you can trade tips, get ideas, and maximize your business with lead generation.

Facebook Groups for Real Estate Referrals

Real Estate Referral Group: A public group consisting of 862 members and an average of six posts per day, the Real Estate Agents Referral Group on Facebook is a friendly, useful resource for agents who are actively seeking referral partners. 

The idea is to support leads who are moving from one city or state to another. This group allows members to post about themselves and their marketing, too.

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Real Estate Professionals Referring Real Estate Professionals: While this group began as a place strictly as a referral network for real estate agents, it’s relaxed its rules to allow agents to share listings, real estate information, and news. 

Since its founding in 2013, the Real Estate Professionals Referring Real Estate Professionals Facebook Group has grown to a membership of more than 13,000 and publishing a whopping 280 posts per day, on average

Real Estate Referral Network & Marketing Tips: Whether you’re a real estate newbie or a seasoned pro, the Real Estate Referral Network & Marketing Tips Facebook Group invites agents to gather to exchange referrals as well as marketing tips and advice. 

It’s also a place to ask any question you have about the real estate industry, such as prequalification, the roof to the foundation, and closing gifts

This group has just over 2,000 members and features approximately three posts per day, making it highly manageable with your busy schedule

The Real Estate Referral Network: A small group, the Real Estate Referral Network Facebook Group has just 124 members but averages two posts per day. 

Members from all around the United States respectfully share their locations and network with other agents to help leads and clients buy or sell a house no matter where in the country. 

The group is strict in its moderation and does not allow for posts with links, self-promotion, advertising, webinars, and other restrictions that keep the group smoothly running without spam.

Real Estate Referrals: Real Estate Referrals is a private group with an active membership of over 7,500 real estate agents like you who understand the value of creating strong professional relationships with other agents from all over the nation. 

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This group may have a large membership, but it only averages two posts a day, so you’re getting quality over quantity.

Facebook Groups for Women in Real Estate

Women in Real Estate: Where many groups for real estate agents are designed specifically for licensed agents, this group also welcomes those on the journey to becoming agents but haven’t yet been licensed. 

It also includes women who are advanced in their careers who are ready and able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. And it’s not just for real estate agents and Realtors®. 

It’s also open to investors, property managers, and other professional women in the real estate industry. This group has just over 6,000 members and averages about ten posts per day.

Empowering Women in Real Estate: Karen Cooper, the founder of Empowering Women in Real Estate, opens her group’s virtual doors to real estate agents, assistants, stagers, and other professionals from the real estate industry. 

You’ll find agents sharing their experiences, asking questions, sharing advice, discussing best practices, exchanging referrals, and more. It’s not a place to post about open houses, listings, personal promotion, selling, or recruiting – just high-quality networking. 

This group is 19,000 members strong and averages about 20 posts per day.

Real Estate Ladies Rock: The folks at have created an adjoining group of members totaling 42,400 women in real estate working together to grow their businesses. 

Averaging 30 posts per day, aspires to motivate, inspire, and encourage one another in a safe place. Women in the industry take pride in sharing what works for them in a drama-free zone.

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Badass Women of Real Estate: 5,700 women gather to share positivity, support, and empowerment through growth and authenticity with a mindset for abundance. While it’s true that real estate is the core subject, these real women engage with each other about real -life situations. 

There’s also an opportunity for you to be interviewed in the group within a week of joining to give your membership, and your business, a boost! 

There’s a scheduled, once-a-month spam day with listings and side hustles, but by and large, except for the planned days, the group is spam-free and focused on creating value for its members.

Women in Real Estate: Women in Real Estate is a moderately sized group of 2,600 members, under the guidance of admins Julie and Terri, who are both real estate coaches and mentors. 

To keep the page manageable for all members, each person is limited to just one post per day. 

This is a place where women in real estate come together to share what’s working for them, and a place where you can share what’s working for you!


Facebook Groups are great places to keep your thumb on the pulse of the real estate industry. 

Within the groups, you can learn more about becoming an agent, generating leads, mastering digital marketing, networking for referrals, and collaborating with other agents to explore what activities and efforts yield the best results. And the best part is, they’re free!

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