Real Estate Blog Ideas | Light Up the Holidays

Real estate blog ideas generate the content you need – not only to draw in leads through your content, but also to gain rank in search engines as an expert in your area. Check out these real estate blog ideas to generate hyperlocal content that can generate leads.

real estate blog ideas | content marketing strategy

If you don’t yet have a content marketing strategy for the upcoming year, this is the perfect time to get started. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Create a hyperlocal blog post about seasonal events in your area.
  • Include a valuable offer to prompt user registrations to generate leads.
  • Import leads into a database.
  • Initiate email marketing campaigns for the leads you generate.

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Understanding hyperlocal strategies

Hyperlocal content is content specifically targeted to your area. Publishing hyperlocal content accomplishes several goals. You can use hyperlocal strategies to generate real estate blog ideas.

First, the hyperlocal content draws in website traffic. Second, hyperlocal content adds search engine authority based on the number of visits your website receives, and the number of actions (clicks) each viewer takes. Third, hyperlocal content helps  build and nurture relationships. Even if a person isn’t currently looking to buy or sell real estate, the more often they find your website in response to their searches, the more trust they invest into you.

Examples of hyperlocal content include:

  • Best Restaurants in ____________.
  • Best Free Things to Do in ___________.
  • Best Bars in __________.
  • Best Coffee Shops in ___________.
  • Best Golf Courses in __________.
  • Best Spas in __________.

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Creating Offers to Prompt Registrations

woman in gray sweater with a holiday gift wrapped in rustic paperYour content may be off-the-hook in terms generating website traffic. One article on your blog could generate hundreds if not thousands of page views. But if you don’t have an offer on your page that prompts registrations, then you’re making motion without progress. Web traffic is good. Web LEADS are better.

To convert a website viewer to a real estate lead, you must offer the viewer an item of value for which they’ll “trade” you their information.

An “offer” can be almost anything downloadable, such as:

  • A list of resources
  • A checklist for completing specific tasks
  • An ultimate guide to…
  • A toolkit
  • A worksheet
  • A workbook
  • A map

You create an offer that compliments the blog post, convert it to a PDF, and offer that PDF in exchange for a name and email address. When you succeed in obtaining a name and email address, you have converted that viewer into a lead.

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*Ballen Brands also offers one-on-one training. Learn step-by-step with personal guidance how to use a Word doc or Apple Pages to create an offer, how to save that offer as a PDF, and how to create a form for lead capture.

working your database | Creating campaigns

Once you capture leads from writing a killer blog post, you must then nurture those leads. When your content marketing strategy is constructed around seasonal content, you can create an email campaign with the same “flavor”.  Here are a few ideas for seasonal campaigns:

  • January: Health
    • Best gyms
    • Best health food stores
    • Best meal plans
    • Best nutritionists
  • February: Things to Do for Valentine’s Day
    • Best Restaurants
    • Best Chocolate Factories
    • Best Flower Shops
  • March: St. Patrick’s Day
    • Best Beer Crawls
    • Best St. Patty’s Day Parades
    • Best places to get Corned Beef & Cabbage
  • April: Easter
    • Best Places for Easter Egg Hunts
    • Best Restaurants Serving Easter Dinner
    • Best Places to Spot the Easter Bunny

You can build an entire year’s worth of relevant content providing local resources for seasonal events. How’s that for real estate blog ideas? And here’s the good news: You don’t have to do it all at once! When you launch your hyperlocal content marketing strategy in December, you can then work out one month at a time. Publish the blog post, use a compelling description and link in an email, then shoot that email to everyone you pulled into your database from your first hyperlocal piece. By year’s end, you’ve got an entire campaign you can then use year after year.

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But wait! There’s more database magic!

When you have the right database and the right tools and accessories, you can work serious magic with your database.

Infusionsoft is a database that not only houses contacts, but can sort, filter, tag, and task leads for timely follow up. Within Infusionsoft, you can build out email campaigns that trigger at the right time to the right audience. Boom.

When you tie Infusionsoft together with an autodialer such as TurboDial, your database then has the capability to text message and place outbound calls to leads.

Then, there’s the mother-load: Autopilot ISA. Autopilot ISA is an automated inside sales agent that works in conjunction with Infusionsoft and Turbodial to INTERACT with leads until a lead is prepped, primed, and ready for a human touch.

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Let’s talk real estate

Yes, you’re providing great local content that builds trust, nurtures relationships, and feeds your database. But why stop there? The whole idea is to sell real estate, right? Right!

At the bottom of each hyperlocal blog post, consider pulling in IDX registrations. IDX providers such as IDX Broker can pull listings right into your blog post. You can include:

  • Homes for sale in _______.
  • Homes listed in the past 24 hours.
  • Foreclosure list

Soup up your blog post with a grid, carousel, or table of houses.

You can also opt to include home valuations.

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FORMS for lead capture

Listings to Leads  offers landing pages designed specifically for real estate agents to capture leads. You can also use Wufoo to capture leads. Additionally, Constant Contact offers forms. Find the form that works for you, then plug that in to your holiday hyperlocal blog post.

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‘Tis the Season to Light Up Your Real Estate Blog!

house decorated in Christmas lightsUnwrap the gift of real estate blog ideas and content marketing for lead generation with the launch of your first hyperlocal holiday post: Best Places to See Christmas Lights in ___________.

Here’s an example: Best Places to See Christmas Lights in Las Vegas!

Step 1 – Create a Blog Post: Find the Gems. Use resources like YouTube and Google to find particular houses or neighborhoods that have already caught the attention of viewers and journalists. They’re out there. All you need to do is look. Virtual assistants are great resources to utilize for this type of research. You can also make use of video marketing by adding embed codes to your blog post.

Step 2: – Assemble the List in Order: It’s most convenient for viewers to be able to run down the list in an order that makes sense, such as geographic location.

Step 3 -Create an offer: The offer could be a printable version of the list in addition to an Interactive Map. (Click here to learn how to create an Interactive Map).

Step 4 – Include Listings: Use an IDX provider to pull in listings to your blog post.

Step 5 – Embrace Your Database: Don’t just let captured leads get cold. Have a plan for follow up email campaigns.

Step 6 – REPEAT: Use follow up blog posts to create email marketing campaigns to nurture the relationships of leads generated from your Christmas lights blog post.

Noteworthy tidbits

  • Odd numbers out-perform even numbers, so consider titling your blog: 11 Best Places to see Christmas Lights. You can always change that number later as your list grows. Note: Your blog title is NOT the same as your blog URL.
  • Do NOT use the number or the year in your URL as the URL cannot be changed as the post is updated year to year. Instead, consider including a URL that reads: Best-Christmas-Lights-in-Las-Vegas.
  • Consider adding a form for “Add Your House to this List”, and another for “Remove Your House from this List”.
  • Find out what other tools are used by Lori Ballen and the Ballen Brands team at

Outsource Those Bad Boys

Just because you understand and appreciate the importance of hyperlocal blogging doesn’t mean you or your crew have the time to work that magic. However, our crew does! The Ballen Brands Team can research and write your blog post, design your offers, and even set you up with powerful technology like Autopilot ISA. We can even help with pay-per-click advertising to promote your posts! Reach out to Ballen Brands today to let us handle your heavy lifting.

Our Gift to you

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