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An untapped channel for real estate marketing is Pinterest. Ads are cheap and the potential for REACH and exposure is massive. People can find your pins in multiple ways and by promoting them, running Pinterest ads from a Pinterest for Business account can be very beneficial for traffic and generating real estate leads.

Grow Smarter on Pinterest & Instagram

Tailwind is the social media scheduling tool that gets real results in less time.

Here’s How:

  1. Set up a Pinterest for Business Account
  2. Create a board for your featured real estate listings
  3. Click the Red + sign to add a pin
  4. Create a pin graphic on Pinterest or upload photos directly
  5. Add a Title
  6. Create a compelling Description
  7. Add in popular Pinterest Hashtags
  8. Include a URL to the landing page to get more info
  9. Click Publish
  10. Choose Promote
  11. Establish a budget and length of Ad Run Time
  12. Choose your audience based on Pinterest Keywords
  13. Name and Save your Campaign

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