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75 Podcast Topics: The Best Conversation Ideas

75 Podcast Topics: The Best Conversation Ideas

Today, people are looking for alternative ways to satisfy their curiosity about their favorite subjects and get accurate information from engaging sources without wading through the mainstream media.

Podcasting, while not a new form of entertainment, is more popular than ever this year. After the pandemic and the long hours at home, people who found podcasts as a way to distract themselves from mundane life are now still listening to their favorite podcasts even as they return to the workforce.

 Whether it be the way a long-distance commuter fills the empty hours of their drive or the motivation a homeowner needs to complete that spring cleaning finally, podcasts are everywhere, and that means new amateur podcasters have a better chance than ever to gain a following.

This list of 75 Podcast Topics for 2021 will provide you with 25 topics in 3 of the most popular podcast genres: News, Domestic Life, and Society and Culture. Enjoy.

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25 Podcast Topics About “News”

Sick of the same three news channels, more and more people turn to podcasts as their primary news source. “News” is a broad subject, containing everything from new movies to natural disasters.

Politics in the news is an exceptionally touchy subject right now. Recent events like the election and the capital insurrection have democrats and republicans at each other’s throats. Political topics can divide an audience, so proceed with caution!

 Focusing your podcast on the news gives you a lot of room and subjects to work with. Just try to be as accurate and non-biased as possible. Unless you live for the drama, in which case insert your opinions ad nauseam. 

Here are 25 topics to get you started. 

  •  The Local Music Scene
  • What Has Changed: 2020 to 2021
  • A Deeper Look Into Elections
  • Weird News
  •  The Housing Market
  •  The Food Service Hiring Crisis
  •  New and Noteworthy Small Businesses 
  •  Marijuana Legality
  •  Real Ways to Work From Home
  •  Food Insecurity
  •  Xenophobia
  •  Student Debt Crisis
  •  Sexual Harassment in the Food Service Industry
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Vaccines: From COVID to Influenza
  • Immigration Reform
  • Climate Change
  • Cancel Culture
  • Transgender Rights
  • Israel and Palestine
  • Domestic Terrorism
  • Universal Health Care
  • The Animal Adoption Surge During COVID
  •  Stories from the Pandemic

25 Podcast Topics About “Domestic Life.”

Since everyone has been home for almost a whole year, the minute details of domestic life are becoming more and more critical. Listeners are going to want to hear about things that they deal with around their own homes. Kids, food, crafting; it’s all domestic life.

Great starting subjects for domestic life podcasts are things like cooking, gardening, sewing, and baking. The home can be a complicated place! 

 Who knows what brand of sewing machine is best, and what’s the reason for all the different types of stitching? What’s the difference between crocheting and knitting? 

Your audience will be brimming with questions like these, and you can answer them in a fun and engaging way with your podcast.

Since the pandemic began, parents have had to become teachers suddenly. It’s been a massive change for many people, so maybe your podcast could focus on ways to make homeschool life more manageable. 

Take a look at these 25 domestic life podcast topics and get your listeners on their way to being the best cook on the block or the bake sale extraordinaire. It’s all here!

  • Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes
  •  What Disinfectants Work Best?
  • Natural Disinfectants.
  • The Succulent Craze
  • Pet Safe Insect Repellent
  • Pet Safe Weed Killer
  • Plant Parenthood
  • Baking Bread and Why Everyone Is Doing It
  • New Hobbies During COVID
  • Home Schooling Stories
  • Tearing Up Your Carpet and Revealing Your Wood Floors
  • Leftover Hacks
  • Disasters Over Zoom
  • Adjusting Young Children to Going Back to Normal
  • Cats: Do They Love Us Or Tolerate Us?
  • Adjusting Your Dog to You Going Back to Work
  • Gardening For Habitual Plant Killers
  • At-Home Workouts: Do they work out? 
  • Couch to 5k: Can it Really Make You a Runner?
  • Little Local Getaways
  • Love After Quarantine Lockup
  • No Waste: Secrets to Using Every Bit of Every Thing
  • Get Out: Ways to Make Your Kids Go Outside This Summer
  • Is Canning the Newest Food Trend?
  • Socially Distanced Vacation Spots

25 Podcast Topics About “Society and Culture.”

Another broad subject, society, and culture focus more on people and the stories they are trying to tell. Society is our communities, and culture is our personalities. 

 Society and culture can be about the food you eat, the place your families come from, your neighborhood, and everything in between. 

Many of us have learned about our culture from the elder members of our families, but the pandemic has made those precious moments much rarer. 

Because of that, people will be looking to podcasts to learn about themselves and their culture’s histories. 

If your podcast is focusing on society, culture, or both, then your topics will inevitably hit close to home for a lot of listeners. 

Be sensitive, but also be sincere. 

If you need some inspiration, here are 25 topics about society and culture. 

  • Vaping Among High Schoolers 
  • The Gentrification of Historic Neighborhoods
  • How Has the Black Lives Matter Movement Changed in 2021?
  • Voices for the Voiceless: Speaking Up For The Less Fortunate
  • The Worlds Oldest Profession: Sex Work in the United States
  • Pride Month and the History Behind It
  • Police Accountability on a Local Scale
  • The Voucher Program for Private Schools
  • Asian Xenophobia in 2021
  • The Opioid Crisis, is the End in Sight?
  • Women’s Rights are Human Rights
  • Is Online Dating the Only Option Left?
  • COVID-19 on Native American Reservations
  • The Ugly Truth of New Yorks Mass Graves
  • Dying Poor and the High Costs of the Funeral Industry
  • Celebrity Photoshopping and How it Affects the Body Images of Our Youths
  • Racism in Law Enforcement 
  • The Glass Ceiling in 2021
  • How Standardized Testing is Hurting Our Youth
  • How Can We Celebrate Hispanic Culture Respectfully?
  • The Rift Between Vaxxers and Anti Vaxxers: Will it Turn Violent?
  • The Growing Acceptance of Marijuana Use and What it Means for Employer Drug Testing
  • The Real Story Behind Transgender Youth Sports
  • The Real History of the Stonewall Riots
  • How We Can Care For Our Elderly With Compassion

Final Thoughts

Podcasts are a fantastic way to hear the stories of our lives and worlds from the ground level. With these podcasts, people can listen to everything straight from the source. They are unfiltered and authentic.

It can be hard to make yourself seen in the form of media that is growing in popularity by the minute. How can you possibly stand out in a sea of podcasts? 

Quality content that hasn’t been rehashed dozens of times, a charismatic and engaging host, and topics that people are dying to hear about, are the answer.

These 75 podcast topics are curated for podcasters in 2021. These topics are things that listeners are going to want to learn about in the here and now. 

It’s always daunting to try and get a new project off the ground, but with some practice and a little help from our list, you’re well on your way to breaking into the top of the podcasting charts. 

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