A Comparison of Pluralsight Vs. Udemy

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Two of the most popular options for learning a new skill are Udemy and Pluralsight. 

If you are looking for a way to develop your skill set, you have probably seen a wide variety of online options. You are probably also wondering if these options are worth it. 

Of course, they can’t all be perfect; however, they wouldn’t be around today if they weren’t making money. 

Therefore, someone has to find the options valuable. 

What do these programs have that make them so popular are? How are they different? By looking at the differences between them, it is possible to determine which one is the right choice for your specific needs.

An Overview of Udemy

First, it is essential to take a closer look at Udemy. Even though Udemy might not be at the top of the list when it comes to search results, it is still very popular. 

Udemy is about ten years old, and it has expanded from 400 courses to more than 4,500 in just a few years. Today, Udemy also has more than 15 million users, clearly marking them as one of the strongest online learning platforms available. 

When this is combined with the fact that they have more than 9,000 instructors, it is clear that many people believe in Udemy.

In general, Udemy is aimed at professionals who are looking to build a skill set that can make them competitive on the job market; however, this is not the only purpose of Udemy.

In addition, Udemy also provides courses that can be used for credits by college students who are looking to cut down on the number of courses that they have to take on campus. In this manner, students might even be able to save money through Udemy.

For all of these reasons, Udemy is one of the largest online learning platforms out there today.

An Overview of Pluralsight

Next, it is important to take a closer look at Pluralsight. Pluralsight was not originally set up to be a platform where people go for online learning. Instead, Pluralsight was founded with the goal of delivering courses in the classroom.

Founded back in 2004, Pluralsight had shifted its focus by 2007 to highlight online training courses.

In general, the courses from Pluralsight are focused on the world of high-tech and development. Therefore, Pluralsight is usually seen as a platform that is geared towards professional clients. Pluralsight has more than 4,000 courses and 750,000 students who are learning from 600 instructors.

Furthermore, Pluralsight has been heavily involved in the world of mergers and acquisitions. Pluralsight has also partnered with Microsoft.

There is nothing stopping individuals from pursuing courses through Pluralsight; however, it is clear that most of the people who use Pluralsight do so as part of a company that has a contract with Pluralsight and not necessarily as an individual on his or her own.

Therefore, Pluralsight is a little bit different than some of the other online learning platforms that are available today.

Pluralsight vs Udemy Costs

The first area in which these two platforms need to be compared is the price. Udemy sets its prices per individual course and the price overall is set by the instructors.

Therefore, the price of each course is going to vary widely. For example, some people can take a course on Udemy free of charge. On the other hand, there are some classes that cost several hundred dollars each.

Therefore, the price of courses through Udemy is going to fall at every possible location in between. This means that those who decide to use Udemy are able to set their own budget and figure out which value they place on the courses. Of note, Udemy also has flash sales on occasion.

This means that it is possible for people to access more expensive courses on Udemy for just $10. This means that those who would like to save money on a course from Udemy simply need to hold out until they have one of these sales.

On the other hand, the pricing structure from Pluralsight is a bit different. Instead of people paying for Pluralsight by the course, Pluralsight runs a subscription service. There are options for people to pay either monthly or annually.

In general, those who decide to pay annually will save somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the total cost of using Pluralsight.

Furthermore, before committing, Pluralsight also offers people to option to sign up for a 10-day free trial. Individuals who elect to use this trial will get up to 200 minutes of content.

Quickly, people should be able to figure out if Pluralsight is right for them. Because Pluralsight has a flat rate across all of its content, this indicates that the overall level of its content should also be consistent. Pluralsight also provides its instructors with a royalty based on how often their content is used.

Looking at the Key Features of Pluralsight and Udemy

Next, it is also important to look at the key features and the types of content that people can expect to find on both platforms. In general, Udemy tends to focus on business topics.

At the same time, Udemy is going to have something for everyone. For example, those who are looking to learn more about SEO and digital marketing will be able to find courses that discuss this topic on Udemy.

There are even topics that focus on pets, gaming, mobile app development, makeup, and photography. As Udemy continues to expand, people should expect to find more diverse content on this platform.

Therefore, those who are willing to do some searching should be able to find something on Udemy that is going to help them.

Remember that some students even take Udemy courses for college credit. The overall value of the course on Udemy comes down to the instructor. The instructor will dictate the quality of the audio and video as well.

Pluralsight courses tend to focus on the tech world. They focus either directly or indirectly on topics in the IT field. Even courses that cover business and creative topics are going to focus on the tech aspect of those professionals. It is clear that Pluralsight is aiming for a university impression in the online world.

The layout of Pluralsight is easy to follow and it is easy for users to figure out which courses they want to take. It is possible to look for courses either by content or by author. Some courses provide not only videos but additional material as well.

By committing to a full class, users are going to have access to all materials that are tied to the course, which is nice.

The Experience of the User on Pluralsight and Udemy

Finally, it is time to look at the experience of the user on each platform. Udemy has a wide range of courses so, in order to navigate the courses easily, it is important to make it easy to browse the options.

The depth of each course is entirely dependent on the cost and length of the course.

The longer the course is, the more expensive it is, and the more material it covers. The good news is that even as the depth of the courses change, the overall functionality and interface does not.

Therefore, once people get comfortable with the interface, it is going to be consistent across the entire platform. The biggest hurdle when it comes to getting the most out of each course is dependent on the commitment of the user to the course.

Therefore, it is a good idea to start with a free course to get a feel for the layout.

Those who use Pluralsight are going to realize that this has the feel of a professional software program.

The biggest factor in whether someone is going to get the most out of Pluralsight is their ability to sit down and avoid distractions while they focus on the course. The professional layout provides the website with a serious tone.

Therefore, Pluralsight isn’t exactly aimed at people who are trying to pick up a new hobby. Instead, it is a platform that is focused on career development.

Furthermore, Pluralsight is aimed at people who are tech-savvy, so it might take some time to get used to the interface. Once people get comfortable with the platform, it is uniform across all courses. The overall layout of Pluralsight certainly provides its users with an air of exclusivity.

Find the Right Online Learning Platform for Your Needs

This is just a brief overview of Pluralsight and Udemy. It is important for everyone to take the time to look at the individual features of these platforms and find the one that is right for them.

With so many options available, some people might be having a hard figuring out which platform to use.

By taking the time to compare the features and benefits and each, it is possible for everyone to find the right platform for them.

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