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How To Use Pinterest For Bloggers

Pinterest is both a search engine and a social engine. It features a variety of designs known as pins in both vertical and horizontal formats.

Pinterest For Business Acccount

Pinterest Everything

Each person with an account has multiple boards in which they “pin” these images based on a topic or niche.

For Example, Mary is a new homeowner and has a board all about gardening, one for home decor, another for fashion she is interested in, and a board all about health and fitness. She recently started another board with nothing but instant pot recipes.

Mary is browsing “pins” featuring the latest swimsuit styles when she sees a pin that she finds interesting, she can click it to pin it to her board.

Essentially, she is now saving that pin just like putting a picture up with a magnet on a fridge or using a thumbtack to pin it to a bulletin board.

Pins continue to be re-shared and passed on, so the goal of a business account is to create just the right pin that will go viral and be re-pinned again and again.

In addition, Pinterest is a search engine. Pins actually rank similar to how they would on Google.

Creating Pins

You can create pins in many different formats including horizontal and vertical in a variety of sizes. Most pinners suggest the longer vertical pins that take up more space on the page increasing the odds of getting a click. [735px x 1102px].

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There has been talking recently that Pinterest may begin to cut off the larger pins. It’s worth testing.

Currently,  Canva is suggesting 1000 x 1500 pixels or a 2:3 ratio.

While Canva has pin templates, you can also purchase templates for Canva from individual designers that make brand kits and bundles with particular colors and styles. Check out Lady Boss Studio and Creative Market for Example.

Pins, while most often Vertical, can be horizontal, squares, youtube videos, and other sizes and formats. While it’s good to stay in form with proper size pins, occasionally adding an odd one can break up the pattern gaining more attention.

It’s a good idea to use both text and image in your pin. You’ll be making many pins for a single blog post, so you’ll be able to test and measure for the best results. You can have 200,000 pins in a single account.

Pinterest Stories

At this time, it does not appear that we can add links to Pinterest Stories.

How to Create a Pinterest Story Pin

You can create Pinterest stories using any images. Pinterest suggests pins that are 1080 x 1920 or 9:16. You can use Pinterest video pins in your stories as well.

Use templates provided by Canva. Click custom dimensions, add 1080 x 1920. Look for templates that have multiple pages. These are ideal Story Pin Templates for Pinterest.

How to Upload Pinterest Story:

  1. Log in to your Pinterest for Business Account.
  2. Click Create as you would to add any pin
  3. Choose Create Story Pin
  4. Click to add 1 single image or a group of images (up to 20). Story Pins’ aspect ratio is 9:16 or 1080×1920 pixel size (suggested).
  5. If you choose a video pin, it needs to be less than 60 seconds long.
  6. Once you upload images, you can adjust the image, change the layout, and add text
  7. After you add a pin, you can also add a theme to include steps such as a recipe, DIY Crafts, or a blank list.
  8. Add your Story Pin Title
  9. Choose a Board
  10. Add Topics Tags
  11. Edit your story for up to 2 weeks after posting.
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How To Create a Video Pin on Pinterest

There are also multiple designers that sell Pinterest templates at Creative Market.

Creating Boards

Because of how Pinterest’s algorithm works, boards should be very specific. It’s better to create more boards that are niche-focused. A starter account might have 10 boards, while you can have up to 200 in a single account. That does include group boards and secret boards as well.

Your goal should be to get 100 Pins on each board. They don’t all need to be created by you. You can re-pin other people’s pins to your board. This is expected by Pinterest as that’s how the platform works. This is part of the social network.

You’ll want to have one board that contains only your pins and that should remain your featured board.

Pinterest Board Names

Pinterest is made of accounts, which then contain boards, which then contain pins. Pinterest Board Names can be anything the account holder wants, but many name their boards strategically, for efforts such as Pinterest SEO. Let’s dive into Pinterest Board Names.

Many bloggers beginning with Pinterest get confused about when to start a new board. It’s important to keep in mind that the more keyword-focused the pin and board are, and match, the more likely they are to do well on the search engines.

You can pin the same pin to more than one board although probably not wise to pin to multiple boards at the same time.

You don’t want to keep putting the same pin on the same board.

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Consider using the popular subcategories you can see when doing a search on Pinterest.

Example 1: Home Decor

For Example, when we type in home decor into the search bar, we see subcategories. If your brand is all about home decor, you could have many boards on the topic that are focused on a smaller niche within that niche.

These categories might make good boards as well.

  • Home Decor “On a Budget”
  • Apartment Home Decor
  • Home Decor Ideas
  • Hallway Home Decor
  • DIY Home Decor
  • Modern Home Decor
  • Rustic Home Decor
  • Living Room Home Decor
  • Cozy Home Decor
  • Bedroom Home Decor
  • and so on.

Let’s say you create a pin about DIY Rustic Home Decor. That Pin could be pinned to the home decor board, the DIY board, and the Rustic Home Decor Board and the keywords would apply to various boards.

Example 2: WordPress

Your account is going to be all about WordPress. Based on a simple search using the keyword WordPress, we can see suggestions for more boards.

You could now create boards on the following:

  1. WordPress for Beginners
  2. WordPress Theme
  3. WordPress Plugins
  4. Woocommerce
  5. WordPress Tips
  6. WordPress Website
  7. WordPress Design
  8. WordPress Blog
  9. How To Use WordPress
  10. WordPress Cheatsheet
  11. WordPress Developer
  12. WordPress Inspiration
  13. WordPress Widgets
  14. WordPress Portfolio
  15. WordPress Templates
  16. WordPress Hosting
  17. WordPress eCommerce
  18. WordPress Gutenberg
  19. WordPress Ideas
  20. WordPress Maintenance
  21. WordPress seo
  22. WordPress Tutorials
  23. WordPress Fonts
  24. WordPress Security

And there are even more from there!

How To Pin

Once you create your pin, you’ll want to add it to a board in your account. You can add a pin in multiple ways. One, you can use a social sharing tool to share directly from a blog. You won’t have as many options for optimization.

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If you are considering keywords, you’ll want to include a Keyword in the Title and in the description. Click on the Drag and Drop editor to upload a pin, or click Save from site to enter a URL that contains your pin.

If you don’t enter the URL in the save from site spot, you’ll add one to the Add a destination link. This is the website where the user is directed once they click on your pin.

The top right corner is where you select the board in which you will publish your pin.

Pinterest SEO

Keywords are important and can and should be used in multiple places. You’ll want to think about keywords when creating your account, boards, and Pins.

Use Keywords in the following places:

  • Your Account Name
  • Your Account Description
  • In a Board Name and Description
  • In a Pin Title and Description
  • In the Alt Description of the pin image.
  • Recipes
  • Nails and Nail Polish
  • Cell Phone Wallpaper
  • Crafts
  • Quotes
  • Flowers
  • Home Decor
  • Tattoos
  • Christmas
  • Hairstyles
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Bedroom Ideas
  • DIY
  • Bathroom Ideas
  • Baby Showers
  • Jobs
  • Keto
  • Kitchen Ideas
  • Memes
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Fashion
  • Braids
  • Cakes
  • Gift Ideas
  • Living Room Ideas
  • Christmas Trees
  • Engagement Rings
  • Paintings
  • Prom Dresses
  • Valentines Day Gifts (for Him)

Pinterest Ads

  1. Set up a Pinterest for Business Account
  2. Create a board for your pins
  3. Click the Red + sign to add a pin
  4. Create a pin graphic on Pinterest or upload photos directly
  5. Add a Title
  6. Create a compelling Description
  7. Add in popular Pinterest Hashtags if desired
  8. Include a URL to the landing page to get more info
  9. Click Publish
  10. Choose Promote
  11. Establish a budget and length of Ad Run Time
  12. Choose your audience based on Pinterest Keywords
  13. Name and Save your Campaign
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How To Embed a Pin On Your Blog

Pinterest Manager

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