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Pabbly Email Marketing Review

For every $1 spent on email marketing, there is an average return of $42.

The return on investment for email marketing is so high that it is a marketing avenue no business should overlook.

However, it is crucial that all email marketing gets managed through a trustworthy and reputable email marketing platform like Pabbly.

Pabbly Pricing

Pabbly email marketing platform is an email marketing option designed to increase email open rates and provide maximum email automation.

Pebbly is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses with or without existing email marketing knowledge. Setup and navigation are simple, and step-by-step tutorials make using Pebbly a cinch.

Pabbly offers four tiered plans – Free, Rookie, Pro, and Advance.

Of these four plan options, only the free plan restricts access to Pabbly features. The remaining three plans are priced according to the number of email subscribers you are sending emails to.

The Free Pabbly account is a 30-day trial account that allows users to connect three SMTPs.

The Rookie Pabbly account costs $29 per month and accommodates up to 5,000 subscribers. This plan includes all features.

The Pro account costs $49 per month and accommodates up to 15,000 subscribers. This plan also includes all features.

The Advance plan is scalable and begins at $99 per month for 50,000 subscribers. This plan can stretch up to 1,000,000 subscribers for a cost of $1599 per month. All Advance plans include all features.

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Pabbly Features

  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Email tracking
  • Email import
  • 2X open rate
  • Email personalization
  • Integration of Google analytics and Zapier
  • List management
  • Built-in SMTP and access to connect to external SMTP’s
  • Marketing automation
  • Autoresponders
  • Free email templates
  • Subscription forms
  • Auto-follow-up
  • Unlimited custom email fields
  • The ability to add multiple SMTPs
  • The ability to enhance lead capture


Pabbly integrates with more than 600 applications, including:

  • 124 marketing apps
  • 83 email apps
  • 68 communication apps
  • 55 development apps
  • 50 CRMs
  • 43 project management apps
  • 33 chat apps
  • 31 team apps
  • 30 web form apps
  • 29 billing apps
  • 28 payment processing apps
  • 27 eCommerce apps
  • 25 SMS apps
  • 23 helpdesk apps
  • 22 reporting and analytic apps
  • 19 sales apps
  • 19 social apps
  • 17 time-tracking apps
  • 15 document apps
  • 15 grant management apps
  • 14 educational apps
  • 14 productivity apps
  • 13 Google-based apps
  • 12 collaboration apps
  • 11 video apps
  • 10 database apps
  • 7 finance apps
  • 6 call tracking apps
  • 6 notification apps
  • 6 to-do list apps
  • 5 calendar apps
  • 5 Pabbly apps
  •  4 contact management apps
  • 4 file management apps
  • 4 HR apps
  • 4 image apps
  • 4 Microsoft apps
  • 4 mobile apps
  • 3 banking apps
  • 3 fitness apps
  • 3 information-based apps
  • 3 Internet Of Things apps
  • 3 multimedia apps
  • 3 note apps
  • 3 spreadsheet apps
  • 2 CMS apps
  • 2 e-shop apps
  • 2 publishing apps
  • 1 cryptocurrency app
  • 1 map app
  • 1 Telephony app

Email Marketing Tools

Pabbly email marketing platform incorporates built-in SMTPs as well as the ability to connect to external SMTPs. The built-in SMTP delivery engine features 98% deliverability and is free for subscribers. The external SMTP service allows for connection to over 50 SMTPs with no connection limits.

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Pabbly is also one of the only email marketing services that manage SPAM and email bounce complaints for all the major SMTPs.

They also enable SMTP routing so emails can get sent via multiple SMTPs to improve deliverability rates.

Subscribers also have access to MX Cleaner, an email cleaning service that scans through and removes bad emails before sending them to an email list.

Once emails have been sent, the Pabbly platform will also send automatic follow-ups to subscribers who have not opened the original email.

Email Marketing Automation

Pabbly features email marketing automation that enables automatic delivery of emails according to subscribers’ schedule to improve email open rate.

Users can also implement autoresponders to facilitate actions whenever an email recipient performs a specific action.

Pabbly Reviews

Pabbly may not be as popular as more prominent names in email marketing platforms, but users certainly praise their platform.

The most praised features of the Pabbly platform include

  • Exceptionally high response rates
  • Excellent deliverability
  • Ease of use
  • Management of large volume
  • Affordability

Pros and Cons


  • Responsive customer support
  • Affordability
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Free email templates
  • Built-in delivery engine
  • External SMTP connections


  • Occasional sending delays
  • The free trial plan does not allow for email sending
  • Not recommended if you have high SPAM complaints or bounce rates

Pabbly Alternatives

Pabbly alternatives include:

Pabbly Vs. Sendinblue

Pabbly prices their packages based on subscribers where SendinBlue prices based on email messages sent.

SendinBlue allows free users to send up to 300 emails daily, where Pabbly does not allow free users to send any emails.

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Pabbly offers paid users more functions, including data visualization, contact management, and A/B testing.

Of these two platforms, Pabbly is a better option for users looking for better functionality from an email marketing platform. SendinBlue is a better option for small email lists since they offer a usable free account.

Pabbly Vs. Benchmark

Pabbly prices its packages based on subscribers, where Benchmark prices based on email messages sent.

Benchmark offers paid users unlimited emails per month allows free, and their packages are more affordable for users.

Pabbly offers paid users more advanced features than Benchmark, including data visualization, external integrations, and lead management.

Of these two platforms, Pabbly is a better option for users looking for better functionality from an email marketing platform. Benchmark is a better option if you are looking for unlimited sending.

Pabbly Vs. Getresponse

Pabbly and Getresponse both price their packages based on subscribers, but Pabbly offers much more reasonable pricing.

Getresponse offers more educational resources and added services for users looking for an all-in-one marketing solution.

Pabbly offers paid users more features when comparing email marketing platforms alone. Pabbly includes contact management, data visualization, and Google Apps integration.

Of these two platforms, Pabbly is a better option for users on a budget. GetResponse is a better option for users looking for an all-in-one marketing platform.


Most frequent questions and answers

How Much Does Pabbly Email Marketing Cost?

Pabbly cost depends on the number of subscribers you are sending to. A list of 5,000 subscribers costs $29 a month; 15,000 subscribers costs $49 a month; and 50,000 subscribers costs $99 a month. Other customized plans are also available.

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Is There a Limit on How Many Emails I Can Send With Pabbly?

When using the built-in SMTP in Pabbly, new accounts get limited to sending 500 emails per day. This limit will increase as you begin using the system.

When using external SMTPs, different SMTP services, and Amazon SES do have per-day sending limits. These sending limits differ depending on the provider.

Are There Any Additional Costs I Should Know About?

While the built-in SMTP is free to subscribers, you will still need to pay for that cost through their service if you use external SMTP services.

How Easy Is It To Use Pabbly?

Pabbly includes an easy step-by-step guide for setup and use, so it is easy for everyone to use no matter how experienced they are with email marketing platforms!

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