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Opportunity | Sales and Meeting Planner for SEO Trainers

Opportunity | Sales and Meeting Planner for SEO Trainers Objective: Book,  Promote, and Sell Events for Richard and Lori Ballen, Real Estate SEO Trainers, Coordinate activities for the day(s), and make all arrangements for events Job Duties:


  • Schedule no less than two bookings a month
  • Promote events to place a minimum number of filled seats at each event
  • Coordinate Event with in office (event location) leadership
  • Prearrange and Verify all location needs from set up to tech requirements
  • Pull market data on event location for customized trainings
  • Send all books, pens, class materials to location prior to class
  • Organize pre-event surveys to hold student analysis for class personalization
  • Run Projects for creation of marketing and presentation materials. Work with designers on marketing materials, power point presentations, landing pages for website, professional video etc.
  • Arrange Travel and Lodging
  • Follow up messages and communication with attendees including surveys, promised after class materials etc.
  • Arrange Sponsors
  • Create and Manage Accounts: Billing, Receivables, Sales
  • Build Relationships with real estate leadership around the nation

Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate for this position is social, but yet has no fear of rejection. They are the one you always see with a phone in their ear or at the large dinner party in the room. People refer to them as friendly, likable, attractive (as in physical energy not physical attributes necessarily), and often the life of the party. They move fast, but are into the details as they don’t want to have to repeat their steps. They are result oriented, out of the box thinkers. Sales come naturally. They tend to use their personality to influence their way to a signed contract. They are well known on social media and are well liked. They are comfortable with technology and if they don’t know it, can pick it up very quickly, generally with a quick Google or Youtube search. They work well with others, but don’t require a considerable amount of direction. This person is probably the type that says “Show me your expectations, and let me deliver my way”. They are not necessarily after bucking the rules as much as they are an independent thinker that would like to use their own path and creativity whenever permitted. Compensation: Open to discussion based on experience. Salary to per event payment available. We don’t pay for time, we pay for results. The Ballen Empire offers both independent contractor relationships and full time employment with benefits.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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