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Opportunity | Leader for Las Vegas Real Estate Team with Goals for Expansion

Opportunity | Leader for Las Vegas Real Estate Team with Goals for Expansion

The Ballen Group of Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas is offering a very rare opportunity to one very motivated, result oriented, and self driven individual.

Objective: To lead the Las Vegas team to double existing production and beyond growing the team and production through existing systems and talent, while adding to, leading, and growing the sales department. The plan is to expand and this plan would be a focus from day one and would physically begin after The Ballen Group Las Vegas has doubled in production volume.

General Duties Include:

  • Increase Production
  • Growing Sales Team through calls, meetings, hiring, and training specialty sales team: buyers agents, listing agents, geographic specialties, military, age restricted, investment specialists etc.
  • Daily in office leadership
  • Leading the team in Script Practice and Role Play
  • Leading the team in Daily Motivation
  • Leading the team in customer and client follow through and follow up
  • Leading Weekly accountability meetings including goal setting and analysis of achievement
  • Leading Monthly Sales Meeting
  • Leading team in 2 hour daily lead generation activities
  • Leading team through Open House Plan, Follow Up, and Closings
  • Create growth plan for team members
  • Protecting and Recasting the mission and vision for the team
  • Weekly meetings to discuss numbers and profits with owner
  • Protecting the Teams Culture

Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate for this position will first and foremost work well in The Ballen Group’s Culture. We have a work hard, play harder energy and are passionate about making sure that culture remains and grows. We are A loud, fun, and over the top, “circus wow” team. Don’t let that fool you though. We mean business, and our systems are the best in the industry.

This leader will have seen success in their life again and again from school days, to life accomplishments, and in business. We hope they have failed and bounced back as well. This leader will be driven to achieve. They are obsessed with goals and are highly competitive. They don’t take no for answer. Although this leader, will be encouraged to think outside of the box and use their creativity, they will be duplicating models that have already been proven first.

This leader is the type to plug into people and resources to discover the clues that success leaves behind. They love inventing, but not afraid to connect with successful agents in the industry to ask questions and find best practices they can bring to our team.

This leader is probably not the most patient person in the world, but has a servants heart. They will care about those they lead and will want to improve their lives. They are not afraid to lead with tough love though and will do whatever it takes to bring our talent up, or out, whichever it takes to grow the team.

This leader will truly understand what it takes to work through others. They have experience in leadership and do not obsess with being in control. They delegate and inspect what they expect. Leading others comes naturally to this person, and they will spend each day directly in leadership activities with the sales team.


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