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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to build a chatbot on Facebook for your real estate open house using the platform called Listings To Leads.

Lori Ballen Invites You

to a 30 Free Day Trial  of the ilsting marketing software and home valuation pages vs. the 14 day trial everyone else gets!

Here’s how to Build the Bot

Disclosure: The following are affiliate links which means Lori Ballen or Ballen Brands benefits directly from purchases.

  • Head over to the ‘Bots’ tab in your navigation bar.
  • The BOTs you create will appear in this area
  • Use the ‘How to Set Up BOTs tutorial on your listings to leads dashboard
  • Find your Facebook Ads Manager by clicking ‘Create’ in the top menu
How to Create a Facebook Ad on your Facebook Business Page
Find the Create Tab on your Facebook Business Page
  • Select ‘Ad’ from the dropdown menu options and begin creating your ad.
  • Real Estate ads are now in the “Special Ad Category” [This is now required for ad approval. It removes most of the targeting options, unfortunately]. If you “skirt” around it, you can lose your account, so be careful.
  • From Ad Category, select HOUSING
  • Next, choose MESSAGES
  • Give your campaign a name
  • Continue
  • For geography, choose EVERYONE IN THIS LOCATION
  • Enter the CITY
  • You will not be able to adjust the age options for this type of ad
  • For Detail Targeting, choose REAL ESTATE. Some agent like to choose other interests such as ZILLOW or
  • Next, add your budget and schedule
  • Continue
  • Create your ad
  • Make sure you choose the correct business page where you set up your bot
  • You can choose Image or Video
  • Add images for both Facebook and Instagram if you are placing your ad for both locations
  • Include a description
  • Type your headline (remember, this is at the bottom in bold like a Call to Action)
  • Change the “send message” button to LEARN MORE
  • Next, You’ll set up the ‘Messenger Setup’ section by clicking ‘Edit’ under Create New.
  • When the popup appears, you will be able to build an automated message. Choose the format you want to use. NOTE: Listings To Leads suggests the ‘Text & Image’ option.
  • Type your welcome message
  • Add the image of your listing and it’s title
  • Scroll to the ‘Customer Actions’ area, and choose ‘Quick Replies’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Add a quick reply in the Reply Text field.
  • Choose the ‘Connect Your Bot’ option from the dropdown menu and type ‘buyer’ in the Bot Payload field.
  • If everything looks complete, choose the ‘Preview in Messenger’ button and test the BOT. A sample message will be sent to your Facebook page. You’ll be able to test the conversation within Messenger.
  • In the Facebook Ads Manager now, Click Finish

Messenger Set Up 2

  1. Choose “Custom” under Messenger Setup
  3. Choose the appropriate Format under ‘Welcome Message’
  4. Edit ‘Text Greeting’
  5. Add your Image or Video as desired
  6. Type the Image Title
  7. Choose ‘Quick Replies’ from the drop-down menu for Customer Actions
  8. Edit ‘Quick Reply #1’
  9. Select ‘Connect BOT’ and type ‘buyer’ in the Bot Payload form field
  10. Click ‘Preview in Messenger’ (optional if you want to test it)
  11.  Click ‘FINISH’
  12. Choose ‘CONFIRM’ and the ad will begin after the standard Facebook review/approval.

Lori Ballen Invites You

to a 30 Free Day Trial  of the ilsting marketing software and home valuation pages vs. the 14 day trial everyone else gets!

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