One Thing Monthly Goals

Happy New Month of Goals! I’ve got my one thing focus for each area in July. This helps me focus each month while juggling many things. When we focus on what ONE thing is most important, we have clarity in how we invest our time.

🏡 Las Vegas Real Estate Team: Seller Listing Leads via the internet by pushing up current high performing blog posts and creating supplemental blog posts and videos.

🖥 Web Development Company: Focus on rankings for the top search term that generates new business by creating supporting videos and blog posts.

🥑 Keto Coaching Company: Finish the Keto Coaching Binder and 8-week curriculum

💪 Health: Work with the trainer and on my own to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.

👩‍👦‍👦 Family: Strengthen the bond with my daughters: Cruise to Alaska!

🙏Spiritual: Pray. Listen. Follow.

💰 Financial: Make another investment in desired stock.

❤ Love: OK, that’s just funny. Actually, to continue to be bold and place myself in uncomfortable situations to meet great people

🎗Giving: To help at least one person in need without any personal benefit.

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