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Noom Affiliate Program

Noom Affiliate Program

Noom offers a 30-day tracking cookie and incentives for trial memberships, making it a worthwhile affiliate partner.

Noom is a health and nutrition program that guarantees weight loss in 16 weeks or your money back. Noom attributes its ability to provide long-term results to its unique strategy – focusing on the way users think, feel, and behave as part of a complete lifestyle shift. 

Since 2018, Noom has run its affiliate program through Acceleration Partnerships, an award-winning affiliate management company. 

Noom is growing quickly due to many people hoping to do away with their quarantine ten (or more) by developing practical, lasting strategies and a healthier relationship with food. 

Noom boasts a simple affiliate program, offering a dedicated program manager for affiliates and several ways to earn. There are no multi-level systems or programs. Only the first month of partnership offers a special incentive. 

Payouts for Noom Affiliates 

Noom affiliates are paid under a CPA model. Incentives are as follows: 

  • Affiliates are paid up to $15 per new user trial. (Trials are two weeks.)
  • Affiliates are paid $30 per new user sale, regardless of the cost of the program selected. 

Bonuses are an exciting part of the Noom affiliate program. Noom bonuses are paid as such: 

  • Affiliates earn $75 when 10 customers sign up for Noom within a month. 
  • Affiliates earn $425 for ten sales in their first month. 

Noom offers free access to their affiliates, which does not technically translate into earnings, but it is valued at over $200 for most plans. 

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Also, Noom frequently offers discount codes and promotions for new members, which can help affiliates. 

How Tracking Cookies Works with Noom

Acceleration Partnerships features a 30-day tracking window (from the time the link is clicked) for Noom affiliates. Although some affiliate cookies last up to 90 days, 1 to 30 days is the norm. 

How to Join Noom’s Affiliate Program 

Noom invites affiliates to sign up through Impact via Acceleration Partnerships.

  • Visit Acceleration Partnerships’ parent website
  • Click on Partner Hub in the upper right-hand corner
  • Scroll down to find Noom in the alphabetized brand’s list
  • Click Learn More

From here, you will click the link to visit Impact, the site that will be responsible for managing your payouts and bonuses. 

Impact will ask for in-depth information, such as your company logo, website, and blog information. Your application will almost certainly be declined if you do not enter this information thoroughly. 

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