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Good Newspaper Names

Good Newspaper Names

There are many different newspapers in the world and it’s hard to pick the best one. Here is a list of names, each with a short description summarizing why that name might be good. It doesn’t really matter if you like all these names; what matters is to find choices you like.

The list is organized by the type of newspaper it describes, though that’s not really important. Here are some different types:

  1.    A daily or weekly paper in your hometown
  2. A national paper (for example, like The New York Times)
  3. A “hipster” newspaper
  4. An online news site that doesn’t have a paper version

The Best Names, Samples, and Ideas for:

Examples of Hometown Paper Names

When naming a hometown newspaper, you want to choose something that sounds like it has a long tradition and is taken seriously. Also, make sure the name isn’t too similar to an existing newspaper (so you don’t get sued!) Below are some great options:

 The Western Standard  – A great name for a regular paper because it implies tradition, but not in a boring way. It’s the kind of name that people would appreciate if it went out of business, but not mourn too much if they never heard of it.

 The Imperial Valley Press  – The alliteration in this name is very nice and dignified sounding.

  The Jefferson Chronicle  – This has an old-world charm to it and suggests that the newspaper is very traditional. It would sound great if you still used old-school printing presses or wrote articles with a quill pen.

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The New York Times  – Of course, I had to include this name! “New York Times” is such a famous brand, it’s almost like an elite club. But it’s not so elite that no one else can join, which is great because it means you can use this name too.

The New Yorker  – This name has a nice sound to it and implies that the newspaper is interested in “the new.” It also sounds slightly mysterious, though not threatening.

The Des Moines Register – This sounds very trustworthy and well-respected.

  1. The Cranston Herald (Cranston is the town the paper is in)
  2.  The Ashtabula Times
  3. North Central Weeklies
  4. The Hartford Times
  5. The Beacon-Journal
  6. The Guardian (
  7. The Fort Wayne Gazette
  8. The Henderson Post
  9. Newtown News
  10. The Minton Press
  11. Marble Town Dispatch
  12. The Boston Globe

The Best National Newspaper Names

National newspapers tend to sound prestigious and well-reputed enough that they can afford a name that sounds a little boring. That’s not a bad thing, just something to keep in mind when you’re choosing a name: nothing needs to be flashy or exciting if it already sounds well-respected.

 The National  – A very simple, classic name for a national newspaper

The Statesman  – This sounds very bland at first, but it’s actually quite nice. It suggests that the paper is taken seriously on an international level because “statesman” implies leadership of a nation

The Chronicle – A straightforward name that evokes images of tradition and experience

The Post  – This is another simple name. It doesn’t sound flashy, but it’s not boring either.

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The Guardian – This is a great choice if you’re trying to make your newspaper sound like one of the most well-respected papers out there.

The Times – Of course, “Times” was taken by the best existing national newspaper, but that just means this name remains available for any of us who want to try and live up to it!

The Wall Street Journal – This is another great name. It suggests that the paper is taken seriously by stock traders and the upper class.

The Sentinel – A nice choice if you’re trying to make your newspaper sound like it has a long tradition without sounding too stuffy or boring.

 The Guardian  – This name is great because it sounds very well respected. It’s also the name of a major national newspaper, so no one else will ever use it.

The Independent – This is a classy name that implies neutrality and experience.

 USA Today  – One of the most famous names in newspapers, this would be a great choice if you want to sound well-respected.

The National Enquirer – Ha! I had to throw this one in for fun. It’s not very dignified, but sometimes you just want a laugh!

 Gazette  – A nice choice that doesn’t sound too stuffy or boring.

Weekly Focus Magazine ( features weekly articles on topical news, business, entertainment, lifestyle, and technology. Not only is it great for bloggers who want to keep their content fresh and relevant, but it also provides publishers with the opportunity to offer stories that are timely.

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The Journal  – This sounds professional and traditional without being boring or overly stuffy.

The Tribune – A nice choice if you want to sound traditional and trustworthy.

The Advocate  – I like this name because it implies loyalty and grit in tough times.

The Advertiser – This sounds professional without being stuffy or boring, which is why I think it’s a great choice.

The Inter-Mountain  – This is a nice choice for papers that want to sound traditional but not boring.

The Tribune – A safe choice if you just want something simple and trustworthy sounding.

The News  – Another good option if you don’t want to use “Tribune” or “Journal.”

The Monitor – This sounds traditional and serious, but not stuffy or boring.

There are popular newspapers that already exist. We can learn a lot from their example.

Names like:

The Washington Post  – This name is very popular and already taken. There’s no point trying to use it since someone else has it. However, this suggests that “Washington” and “Post” are both great names for a newspaper. The more unique name of your newspaper should be the one you give after the city name so people don’t confuse it with the existing popular newspaper.

The New York Times – This is another example of a very popular name that’s already taken, so there’s no reason to try and use it! But the great part about this name is that “NY sounds” familiar but not generic, which helps readers feel like they’re reading something established and trustworthy.

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The Dallas Morning News  – This is a nice choice if you want to emphasize the local feel of your newspaper without sounding too generic. It also sounds nicely traditional and distinguished.

The Boston Globe  – A good choice for papers that want to sound trustworthy, solid, and serious without being too boring.

The Chicago Tribune  – This is a great name because it’s traditional and well known.

  1. The New York Times
  2. The Washington Post
  3. Chicago Tribune
  4. Philadelphia Inquirer
  5. Houston Chronicle
  6. Boston Herald
  7. Los Angeles Times
  8. San Francisco Chronicle    
  9. Jackson Clarion Ledger
  10. The Times-Picayune
  11. Des Moines Register
  12. Oakland Tribune
  13. The Miami Herald
  14. Las Vegas Review Journal
  15. Syracuse Post Standard
  16. Daily Camera (Boulder, CO)      
  17. The Hartford Courant   
  18. Appleton Post Crescent
  19. Cleveland Plain Dealer   
  20. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel                 
  21. The Baltimore Sun        
  22. The New Haven Register                             
  23. The Salt Lake Tribune
  24. Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, MA)  
  25. Charleston Gazette-Mail   
  26. Syracuse New Times
  27. News-Herald (Panama City, FL)      
  28. The Orlando Sentinel   
  29. The Daily Breeze (Torrance, CA)
  30. The Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco)   
  31. Peoria Journal Star                     
  32. Daily Chronicle (Champaign, IL)
  33. The Hartford Courant        
  34. The Oakland Tribune       
  35. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette                  
  36. The Morning Call (Allentown, PA)
  37. El Diario La Prensa (New York City)   
  38. City News Service                                    
  39. Las Vegas Sun   
  40. Detroit Free Press
  41. Star Tribune (Minneapolis)                                   
  42. The Ann Arbor News   
  43. Times-News (Burlington, NC)
  44. The Key West Citizen   
  45. San Antonio Express-News   
  46. The Fresno Bee                      
  47. Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, MA)     
  48. Hartford Courant       
  49. The News-Press                     
  50. The Washington Post          
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Words like “daily” and “wire” are great because they make it sound like the newspaper is up-to-the-minute with current news.

A new name for your newspaper could be something catchy or creative, but it should still sound trustworthy and respectable enough that people feel comfortable reading it.                                 

  1. News
  2. Herald
  3. Times
  4. Journal
  5. Post
  6. Chronicle
  7. Gazette
  8. Globe
  9. Weekly
  10. Sun
  11. Ledger
  12. Dispatch
  13. Courier
  14. Herald-Journal
  15. Record
  16. Review
  17. Independence
  18. Independent       
  19. Independent Press
  20. Post-Crescent
  21. Star Tribune
  22. American
  23. Bulletin
  24. Dispatch News
  25. Enterprise
  26. Express
  27. Press
  28. Publication
  29. Packet               
  30. Reporter
  31. News
  32. Sun-Sentinel
  33. Tribune
  34. Clipper
  35. Breeze

Digital Newspaper Sample Names          

The Daily Gazette   

Gazette Times

Daily Breeze      

Journal Gazette-Times

Hartford Weekly

Globe Chronicle

Clipper Courier

Hartford Sunday Times

Mountain Press           

The Daily Review                  

Publication Gazette-Times

Sun Journal  

Independent Messenger                                      

The Herald Review               

Mountain Gazette-Times

If you’re looking for a new name, it’s worth considering the power of positive associations. The first thing that potential customers will think about when they hear your newspaper name is how much they trust what they read in print. You want to make sure you have an established and trustworthy sounding title so people are willing to invest their time reading every article on the front page.

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Get Creative, and Have Fun!

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