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Newsletter Templates

Find free newsletters, Canva newsletters, Printable Newsletters, and more designs you can use for print and email. Christmas, Company, Family, Church, School, and more. You’ll also find newsletter templates for purchase sprinkled throughout this blog.

Free Newsletter Templates

Free newsletter templates can be found at I use Canva Pro to add my brand kit and easily fit my colors. Canva Pro also has premium images, animated images, filters, remove the background of a photo feature, and more.

At Canva, you’ll find:

Email Newsletters

If you are looking for a CRM that has great built-in email newsletter templates, I like KEAP. If you need less of a CRM and more of an email marketing system only, check out Constant Contact.

I cover email autoresponders and programs in depth in this article about drip email marketing software options.

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Company Newsletters

You can find a library of company newsletter templates here at If you upgrade to Canva Pro, you can add your brand kit, which includes frequently used colors and fonts.

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Preschool Newsletters

Canva offers a nice selection of preschool newsletters.

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