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Netflix Affiliate Program

Netflix Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, Netflix did have an affiliate program in the past, which helped its company grow but has since gotten rid of it.

 But don’t worry- there are many other ways you can get benefits from similar programs. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how to get benefits from affiliate programs similar to Netflix’s old one. 

Affiliate programs are an excellent way for fans of popular brands to secure benefits for themselves while promoting brands they love. 

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a program in which customers of a particular brand can sign up to promote said brand and get benefits from doing so. 

For instance, some companies provide customers with an affiliate link to give people to place orders through, and they get a commission on each order placed. 

You can also sign up for affiliate programs on affiliate networks like Flex offers, Awin,, and ShareASale.

Sound interesting? Let’s take a look at some of the alternative affiliate program options you have to Netflix’s discontinued program. 

Amazon Prime Video Affiliate Program

Consider joining Amazon Prime’s affiliate program as a similar alternative instead! 

With Amazon Prime Video’s affiliate program, you’ll earn $3 for each person you convince to sign up for their services through your referral link. 

It operates on a ‘cost per action basis, meaning you get paid for each sign-up. You can collect your money once your balance has reached $10 or more. 

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Visit the Amazon Associates page to set this up for yourself! 

Hulu Affiliate Program

Like Amazon Prime Video’s affiliate program, Hulu’s affiliate program is a referral program in which you can receive $10 for each person you convince to sign up for their services through your referral link. 

You can access the link through your ‘Accounts’ page on Hulu’s website, and you’ll be paid in Visa cards for each referral. 

This is a lucrative way to make some extra cash if you can convince your family, friends, or followers to join! 

They use a separate program, Ambassador, for their referral program. Visit your account on Hulu’s website to begin using this feature! 

Apple TV+ Performance Partner Affiliate Program

The Apple TV+ Performance Partner Program is a fantastic choice for a Netflix affiliate program alternative, too. 

Their program operates a little differently than Amazon Prime Video or Hulu’s do. On Apple TV+, you’ll get paid for each sale on memberships, music, books, shows, and more made through your promotional link. 

The amount you get in commission depends on the type of sale you made. 

Visit Apple TV+’s affiliate page to see if this program is right for you.

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