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The 10 Most Popular Blog Topics

The 10 Most Popular Blog Topics

When considering the ten most popular blogging topics for 2021, it’s essential to consider the changing face of the world economy, how people engage with online content, and trends in blogging in general. Read on for the ten most popular blogging topics for this year, and be inspired to start your blogging journey now.


Parenting blogs have always been a strong niche, as they’re specific enough not to be too broad but appeal to a vast portion of the population. 

Examples of Parenting Blogs

The best parenting blogs draw on parents’ own experiences, whether that be as a busy family of five, a single parent of one, or anything in between.

Other ideas for specific focus points include dealing with parenting when working from home, the realities of adoptive parenting, and broader tips on home management. 

The key is bringing a personal touch. If you can offer a unique take on, say, what it was like for you to adopt a child or the unique challenges of being a single dad, you could be on your way to building a dedicated audience.

Pair your blog with the popular “Mom” groups on Facebook and work to provide value and answer questions related to parenting topics. 

In this video, I share an example of getting a baby’s ear pierced, a Facebook question that became a parenting blog.

Work-From-Home Tips

Naturally, this is one of the most popular blogging topics for 2021. With more people than ever working from home, there are several ways you could go with this one. 

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Perhaps you could use your own experience of shifting from office life to staying motivated as a teleworker. Productivity has always been a trendy blogging topic. 

You could offer tips and tricks on how to stay focused and happy when working from home.

Writing on both the positive and negative aspects of working from home will help readers relate to you. 

Alternatively, a great idea is to explore new work-from-home opportunities, like shifting from regular employment to freelancing. 

Whether it’s writing, graphic design, being a virtual assistant, or other work-from-home roles, you could offer advice on cracking this rewarding style of working.

Pet Blogs

You only need to casually browse Reddit or your Instagram feed to see just how popular pictures, stories, and posts of all kinds about dogs, cats, and other critters are. 

Many people are shifting to permanently working from home, making pet ownership more feasible than it used to be. 

Plus, even people who don’t have pets of their own often love to browse cute photos of furry friends. 

Pet Blog Examples

You could focus on a specific type of pet ownership, such as the joys of owning a Labrador retriever or why cats are the funniest topic for YouTube videos.

Exotic pet ownership is another interesting niche, perhaps looking at what to consider before buying a snake or why bearded dragons are increasingly popular. 

Alternatively, inform your readers why almost everyone approaches goldfish ownership wrong or how to begin constructing an aviary. 

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The possibilities are vast, and this is a topic that will only grow in popularity over time.

In this video about choosing blog topics, I use small pets and pet birds as an example.

Political Blogs

The United States, and the world in general, is going through interesting times politically, to say the least. 

If you have a background in politics or are at least willing to dive in and learn about it as you write, you could be a great political blogger. 

You’ll need to post regularly if you choose this niche. After all, it would be best if you gave readers a reason to visit your site rather than mainstream news sources.

You’ll also need to decide whether you’ll write from a particular political standpoint or report with a neutral, balanced tone. 

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a reporter, this is an excellent way to make your views heard and inform the public on your terms.

Fitness Blogging

The fitness industry is booming right now. With the way gyms have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s never been a better time to engage readers on alternative ways to exercise. 

If you’re confident in this area, you could create video content that you crosspost on YouTube and write about the best fitness techniques with your blog posts.

It’s imperative to choose a niche here, as this topic is very popular, and you’ll need to stand out somehow. 

Perhaps you could focus on gentler regimes for seniors or exercises for kids and families. 

Alternatively, running enthusiasts can write about the best gear and techniques for jogging. You could also review weightlifting equipment with video or text posts.

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There are many possibilities here, so think about the type of exercise you enjoy and use it as a starting point.

Blogs About Gaming

With the release of the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles and the Nintendo Switch’s growing popularity, there’s never been a better time to write about games. 

With this type of blog, you can either be quite broad, writing about the latest and greatest games on all systems or narrow in on your favorite. 

You could aim to become an authority on building the perfect gaming PC or review the lesser-known Switch titles out there. 

Gaming is a topic that’s particularly suited to video content, especially if you’re creating reviews.

Otherwise, you could stick to text reviews. Another idea is to create a gaming podcast. You can discuss trends in the industry and write accompanying blog posts to promote this content. 

Gaming has grown from being a niche hobby for teenagers and kids to being pretty universal, so it offers many opportunities for new bloggers.

There are also video game affiliate programs. With affiliate marketing, you can make money as a blogger by referring people to a product or brand using your affiliate link. 

You’ll earn a commission when someone purchases through your link in a specific time frame.

Crafting Blogs

Crafting is an enjoyable blog idea for anyone who likes to sew, knit, stitch, or just generally use their hands to make beautiful creations. Check out these WordPress Themes by 17th Avenue for your beautiful, feminine, craft blog.

If you’re already a keen crafter who sells things online, you could write about the best way to differentiate yourself in this busy marketplace. 

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Alternatively, pure hobbyists can start a blog as a potential revenue stream. A crafting blog is ideal as an accompaniment to selling your creations online or finally making some money by showcasing all those creations that you can’t bear to part with.

While crafting used to be more associated with an older audience, it’s common to find even teenagers knitting hats and toys. 

You’ll even find couples enjoying the pleasure of flower arranging together as a relaxing date activity. This type of blog is particularly great for keen photographers, as you’ll need strong visuals to accompany what you’re writing about. 

But don’t be daunted if you’re new to photography, as there are plenty of excellent guides out there on how to take great pictures of your crafted goods. 

Consider writing about lesser-known types of crafting as a way to differentiate yourself.

Making Money and Saving Money

Finances are top of mind for almost everyone right now, and writing a blog about money is a fantastic way to draw a captive audience. 

Blogs about living frugally have become increasingly popular in recent years. This is especially true with the growing trend towards environmentalism and minimalism. 

If you have unique perspectives on saving money or avoiding spending too much, or hacks for living well for less, this could be the ideal blog topic for you.

Even if you’re not so keen on frugality as such, there are plenty of money matters you can write about. 

Challenger banks, technological innovations in finance, and investing are good starting points. These topics are trending as consumers look to spend and save wisely without too much effort. 

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Writing guides and reviews on the products and companies that can help them make more money will be very popular right now.

Food Blogs

This addition won’t surprise too many readers, but food blogs are well worth considering if you love cooking and baking. 

Cooking shows are increasingly popular, and many people turn to blogs rather than traditional cookbooks for interesting ideas. 

You’ll want to pick a particular niche to approach. Perhaps you focus on creating baked goods that kids can help out with to get children involved in making food. 

Baking is often a great blogging topic, especially if you have a flair for precision and creating pretty cakes and pies. These make for excellent photos to show off your work.

Alternatively, you could focus on cooking authentic dishes from your home country. People love trying new and exotic dishes. If you’ve been making delicious creations from far-flung destinations for a while, you’ll be the ideal person to write about it. 

Alternatively, food blogs with a healthy bent are trendy. This is especially true if you focus on, for example, vegan cooking or making nutritious foods on a budget. 

For example, my food blog is about the Keto Diet and features Keto recipes that are low-carb.

Just choose the type of cuisine you find interesting. Keep practicing and coming up with interesting twists to keep your readers engaged.

Home Decoration, Organizing, and Cleaning

Home cleaning and organizing may sound like a reasonably humdrum blogging topic to many. With so many people spending more time at home, interest in home improvement and cleaning blogs has skyrocketed. 

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Marie Kondo is an excellent example of someone who’s built a vast business empire on organization and cleaning. 

The sleek visuals of a home that’s bright, simple, and well-organized offer inspiration for readers to improve their own homes.

If you’re more into building and home maintenance than wielding a mop and bucket, then you can share your experiences on your favorite projects on a blog. 

For example, if you build your own shelving units or are experienced in upcycling furniture, that could be a starting point for a home improvement blog. 

People love to find inspiration and ways to save money by doing projects themselves, and you could be the person to show them how. 


These are 10 of the most popular blogging topics for 2021. They offer a few starting points for anyone considering starting a blog, whether for the first time or just as a different venture. 

Think about which of these appeals to you, and remember to be creative. 

The best blogs offer a unique perspective on a popular topic. If you can inject your personality and passion into it, it has a much better chance of being successful and making you money.

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