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How To Make Money With The Microsoft Affiliate Program.

How To Make Money With The Microsoft Affiliate Program.

The software company Microsoft Corporation has an affiliate marketing program that will pay you cash for commissions. 

While corporations use their own advertising campaigns, many of them also rely on affiliates to advertise their products and services. 

Sign up to become a Microsoft affiliate and earn every time you refer a person through your website or blog. They need to click on links or purchase eligible items. 

All you will have to do is sign up with the program then add Microsoft marketing and promotional content to your website or blog. You will get to choose from a list of advertisements and banners they offer and place them on your website.  

The Microsoft Corporation 

The famous Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, and sells computer software, software support and programs, personal computers, and many other services. 

The company is best known for its Microsoft Windows software products. They have been in existence for many decades, and they are considered a trustworthy software company. 

Microsoft Corporation Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing for Microsoft is a simple process and can easily earn you commissions with hardly any effort. They offer many different products and software choices that you may advertise as an affiliate. 

Earning a commission is the most critical factor of the affiliate program. You will want to understand how much you will be paid for each product and how the system works. 

A few of the coolest and most notable benefits you will receive as a Microsoft affiliate include: 

  • Earn a generous commission of up to 10% on eligible Microsoft products you sell. 
  • Advertising Microsoft hardware and software products, including games, apps, and movies from the Windows Store, can get you a commission on each sale. 
  • Microsoft pays affiliates for any purchases your customers make, even if the product isn’t featured on your website. 
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Other Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Microsoft

Besides the fantastic benefits of Microsoft affiliate marketing that we’ve already gone over, you will also receive these additional benefits: 

  • Unlimited potential on the amount of commission you could earn with the affiliate program. 
  • Totally free to sign up with the affiliate program, and there aren’t any minimum sales requirements. 
  • You will have 24-hour access to track your earnings and manage your marketing campaigns. 
  • A referral period of up to 30 days after the customer visits your website and makes the purchase. 

Products Included With The Microsoft Affiliate Program

There are quite a few popular Microsoft products that are included in the affiliate program. 

Suppose a customer enters the Microsoft store through your website. In that case, you will be paid a commission on any products from the following categories: 

  • Computers- both desktop and laptop
  • Xbox console and games/accessories
  • Apps sold in the Microsoft store
  • eBooks
  • Office 365 products and subscriptions

Products Not Eligible for the Affiliate Program

Some Microsoft products aren’t included in the affiliate program. If a customer from your page purchases one of the following, you will not be paid a commission. 

  • Microsoft 365 trials
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Xbox Game Pass trials
  • Windows

How it Works

Microsoft gladly welcomes everyone interested in affiliate marketing to apply to the program. However, they do have the right to turn down anyone who doesn’t meet their website quality and content standards. 

They will randomly and regularly browse affiliate websites to ensure that all quality and content standards are met. 

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If criteria aren’t being met, they may ask you to remove their advertisement from your website. 

The process to sign up and get started with the Microsoft affiliate program is simple. 

By following the steps below, you can begin advertising Microsoft products and earning cash for a commission with little effort. 

  • Sign up at the Microsoft affiliate website 
  • Choose from their advertisements and banners 
  • Place advertisement on your website, social media, or email 
  • Begin earning commissions 

Bottom Line 

There is excellent potential to earn decent money from the Microsoft affiliate program. Spend some time researching affiliate marketing best practices and using the tools Microsoft offers affiliates. 

Once you have a good understanding of affiliate marketing, you can ensure your website has all the correct kinds of contact for those products. 

Most new to affiliate marketing have tons of questions, and there is plenty of help and answers available. To be really successful, learn all you can about the affiliate program and marketing as possible. 

There are many learning tools available such as free online tutorials and countless step-by-step instruction articles and manuals available to everyone. 

By simply advertising Microsoft products on your website, blog, social media platform, or email, you can earn a steady income.

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