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Marketmuse: Pricing, Product, and Review: AI Content Optimization Software

Marketmuse: Pricing, Product, and Review: AI Content Optimization Software

MarketMuse is an artificial intelligence content analyzer that helps marketers position their content on top of Google search to generate revenue. Thus, it drives expertise in the organic search ranking to help content creators have a better ranking in SEO. Jasper and Frase are a couple more AI writing assistants to explore.

Marketmuse evaluates millions of content rated high on search engines to help cover gaps that content creators can use. The platform creates an opportunity for you to craft better content that can be ranked higher than existing articles. 

The platform helps thousands of content creators to fit into a highly competitive ranking in Google search.

Pricing and Plans

The official website of MarketMuse analyzes their plans and pricing that depends on the user’s needs. The platform has a free 7-day trial. The trial has unlimited usage on content optimization. With the free trial, you can access endless queries to four workflows on the application, but it’s limited to one user.

After the trial period is over, you can go for a standard package known as “Plus.” The package will cost you $179 per month. The platforms give a maximum of 500 pages with the money to optimize one domain, 50 queries, five credits, and three application workflows.

If the standard package is not satisfactory, you can request a premium package. The best thing about the premium package is that it has advanced features. The package goes for $ 999 per month. 

The premium packages have unlimited users, unlimited pages, unlimited queries, multiple domains, and all applications.

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The products entail two significant sections, which are Inventory and Applications.


Inventory is a vital aspect that helps a publisher formulate an action plan to optimize SEO content. The area of interest in Inventory is “Topics.” 

The area helps a person to run the content and shows the keywords which are missing.

The best thing about Inventory is that it creates a platform where the publisher can make “briefs.” These are writing tools that guide the content creators to formulate articles that meet maximum expectations on search engines.


The application has five features;


The sections provide you with the list of the most searched questions by users as per keyword. These are questions people often ask on Google. Thus allowing you to connect with your audiences by helping you know what they want.


After a blogger identifies the main questions related to the keyword, a creator can use the Research feature to generate topics ranked well on search engines. Then, the research app gives a list of topics to incorporate into your content. The section helps you know exactly what you want to cover in your blog.


The Connect icon helps you to link the current content to the one that you’ve published. The app is vital since you can evaluate what is already there and what is missing in your content. 

In addition, The strategy helps you come up with better content that will acquire a higher ranking on search engines.


The complete feature highlights the top-ranking content that is related to your keyword. Then, it goes ahead to show you opportunities and gaps you can use to rank better on Google search. 

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The app gives you almost the same content as research. The difference is that the app helps to distinguish data that is most relevant for your content.


The app is essential in tuning the content and meeting the search engine’s expectations. It analyzes the article and rates it from a score of 1–100. 

How well you have incorporated the suggested keyword determines your score. The best thing about the Optimize app is that it shows you the competitor’s average score and the target score that you should achieve in your content.


Google ranks the content by use of a search algorithm that changes from time to time. Although the algorithm is secret, MarketMuse can understand how it works. 

Through this platform, content creators benefit by creating articles that are ranked high on search engines.

MarketMuse helps a content creator formulate quality and relevant blogs. 

Premium users benefit by making better content that aims to beat the most ranked articles. This intelligence strategy content analyzer manipulates the Google search intent. The goal is to optimize and make it visible, valuable, and trustworthy.

MarketMuse analyzes the content in alignment with Google’s Page Rank. The metric rates the content from 1 to 10. The Rank Page analyzes the relevance and the integrity of the content and its website. 

So the platform helps you to rank better when these factors are considered.

The most used metric that Google focuses on is the Domain Authority. The metrics help to select the most suitable and fulfilling content as related to what users want. 

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In addition, through MarketMuse optimization, the platform can analyze ranked content and suggest a better way of topping the list.

MarketMuse alternatives

There are various optimization platforms to consider apart from MarketMuse.

  1. Clear scope––The platform helps a content creator drive the content by adding traffic to the blog. It is rated 4.9 out of 5.
  2. SE Ranking––It optimizes the content with its friendly–aspect to small businesses. It is scalable, accurate and easy to use. Rated 4.8 out of 5.
  3.––Frase is an intelligence processor that searches to optimize content. It is rated 4.8 out of 5.
  4. Surfer––it is an SEO platform that compares the best 40 ranked websites to formulate an optimization. It’s rated 4.8 out of 5.
Can I get customer support from MarketMuse?

Yes. MarketMuse offers exceptional service to customers. You can reach them anytime you want, whether it’s via email or phone. They are friendly, and you can ask questions that are bothering you regarding content optimization. As a new user, customer care will guide you in making the best out of the software.

Should I carry any other SEO tools apart from MarketMuse optimization?

Yes, if you have time. Google considers many aspects of ranking content on search engines if there is another way to improve your content, produce a high-quality article, and then go for it. I like SEMrush for keyword and topic research, tracking website rankings, and for performing SEO audits on my websites.

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