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Job Description for a Ballen Method Internet Marketing Specialist

Real Estate Internet Marketing Specialist for The Ballen Method

Lori Ballen, creator and author of The Ballen Method to Internet marketing, created this profile. This is based on personal experience having had 3 years of various assistants working Internet marketing on the team.



The Internet marketing specialist is someone who enjoys creating content. They are natural at technology although they may not consider themselves a “geek”. Although they may not be typically “fast moving” in life, they are very fast on a computer.

This person loves systems and finds testing and measuring fun. They don’t just create. They take the time to measure what they created and the impact it made. They will find joy in knowing that business was generated from their work.

The Internet marketing specialist will operate on instinct or under a direct vision from a leader. They don’t need to be writer but must understand the concepts of what’s being created and the goal so that they can hire writers and process the material at a high level.

This person may or may not be a leader on the team. They make take direction or lead the pack and still serve a key role. The leader would understand technology where it comes to internet marketing at a high level. They will understand some level of web functions, design, how to communicate on various social media channels. They will love blogging and creating content, and will have a massive desire to learn and master the latest trends.

A non -leadership role Internet marketing specialist will push out content as a publishing company. They will learn the daily processes and create content in mass volume understanding how to publish the content and measure for results.

In their desire to achieve results, the Internet marketing specialist may make mistakes. This means they have to be diligent in their spell check and grammar check software and sometimes will require another eye to proof.


Ideal Environment:
The Internet Marketing Specialist will prefer to work alone or in a very small, mostly quiet group. They may be a social person, but when it comes to work, they are so result oriented, that their mission will trump their desire to connect with others in the office.


Behavioral Style:
Using any behavioral assessments of your choice, this person should be incredibly results oriented and fast moving. They are not obsessed with being perfect or correct. They are driven by their desire to succeed and achieve results.

They will be creating a mass volume of content. They must be OK with moving fast through it without a lot of direction. They need Vision, not a lot of direction. This person can watch videos or read a tutorial and “go” without fear of being wrong.



  • Creating Community Pages on Blogs and Websites (daily to several times a week)
  • Real Estate Specific Blogging (daily to several times a week)
  • Creating IDX driven (real estate listing) Ads and Pages
  • Classified Ad Marketing for listings and to generate listings
  • Social Media Group and Page Marketing
  • PR (Press Releases for significant achievements)
  • Create Landing pages for lead capture
  • Create and Optimize Video
  • Create Offers for the company (Lead Magnets)
  • Create and Measure Drip Email Campaigns
  • Nurture incoming leads through campaigns
  • Manage the Database (internet only, generally does not speak to customers)
  • Collect Stats and use in marketing (example: The X Group gets it’s sellers 103% of their asking price on average)
  • Assists in Creating and using the MVVBP whenever and wherever possible
  • Promotes the BRAND as well as the products and services
  • Optimizes on listings for best show on the web (images, descriptions etc.)
  • Manages PPC campaigns
  • SEO – This person will learn and use best practices in optimizing all content for SEO. They will not be responsible for on site SEO, only optimized content. They will measure health of consumer experience such as bounce rates, time on site, and user actions

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