How to Get your Real Estate Listings to Rank on Google

In This Lesson, we will cover the steps in creating a new listing page or post with the pure intent to have it rank well on the search engines by address bringing more traffic into our real estate website.

Steps to Getting your Real Estate Listings to rank Higher on Google

We will cover the platforms, how to title the page, how to include a call to action, photos, videos, and even how to make a Google Map that is also proving to rank well on the search engines when created following the steps in this lesson plan.

Step 1: Create a New Page or Post

  • Create a new Page or Post on your website. I love WordPress for this, yet I have also seen it work with my other sites. If you are using Marketleader (eEdge for Keller Williams), consider trying this on your bonus page, or create a new community page.
  • Title the Page/Post exactly what the address is on the search engines. Go over to Google and begin typing the address of your new listing. Careful to go slow and see what Google suggests and this is your page/post title. Example, Google will usually use the shortened versions of Avenue and Place and Street etc. and so would you then. Why? Because when the customer starts to voice in or type in their address search on their mobile device, Google will “suggest” the address so the customer doesn’t have to type it all in. You want the title of your page to match this suggestion as it will improve your rankings. The title of  page is still a ranking factor in Search algorithms.

Google Suggests like this:

If have the room, include “Exclusively listed by (your name) at (your phone)”. This has your listing standing out over the others showing that YOU are the true contact for this listing. You could even put this before the address to make sure it shows up in the *SERP snippets.

*SERP = Search Engine Results Page

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Step 2: ADD IN Contact Information and Link

In the first section of the page/post, include your phone number and a LINK back to a page on your website that has this listing. When blasting this (next lesson), it’s best that that link is actually the link to THIS original page that you are creating. The more links you have back to THIS original page, the more likely your website is to rank on page one of the search engines for your listing. This is the ultimate goal. You want your contact information readily displayed so when the buyer is ready to contact you, they don’t have to look far.

If your contact information is already sticking in a header or column, you don’t have to add it again. The idea is simply that the customer doesn’t have to look for it. Be sure to compare desktop AND mobile.

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Step 3: Include an Offer

Also in the top of the page/post, include an OFFER. This could be a simple colored box with the call to action “get more deals on this property now” or “download the listing brochure”, or “get a list of 10 properties just like this one emailed to you” or something like this. This offer becomes your goal for the page or post to generate a lead. You want to make sure the customer has to register to get something. Otherwise, they may look at your property and eliminate it and move on.

You can make a button for free using any graphic creation tool. is a free tool you could use. When the customer clicks the button, you can send them a new page of similar properties on your website, or to a form where you have them register. On WordPress, you can use form plugins such as Gravity Forms or use a form creation tool such as You can then send the customer the list using a link in an autoresponder, or import them into your database (Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, aweber) etc. and have the list sent from there. I love to have it open in a new page on the website whenever possible.

Your offer could also be the forced registration that pops up.

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Step 4: Offer a Home Value Estimate

Agents assume that everyone looking at listings are ‘would be’ buyers. Not really. Many sellers start looking at other properties to form a home value analysis on their own. If you speak the language of sellers and make offers, you have the opportunity to attract that seller.

Step 5: Images and Videos

Rather than including all images on this one page, it’s best to show a 4 square grid, or one great image with a clear directional call to see more images. Link this to a slideshow, or the IDX photos view on your website. This encourages more clicks which is great for your SEO (See the SEO course in The Ballen Method Curriculum for more on this).

You should have a video of the property on and any other video host you are using (, etc.). When you upload the video, make sure there is a link back to THIS original page or post, helping to boost the rankings of this page by creating a backlink from an authority site.

You could go to the home with your mobile device, and stand in front of the house with a super quick summary such as:

“Hi, It’s Lori Ballen with Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas. I’m standing in front of my newest listing at 5555 Main Street. It has 4 bedrooms, 2500 square feet, and a pool. I just put it on the market and you could see it first by calling me at 555-555-5555. Let’s peak inside…. ” Then, you can either peek inside, or just include a call to action to click over to the listing page to see the photos. Remember the goal is to get them to click through to your website.

Step 6: Home Features and Description

This is your opportunity to sell the home. Use your creative juices, and let this part flow. Clearly you WANT to find the buyer for this home and you want to have as many people through that home as possible for your seller. It’s not only about capturing a lead of course.  In order to encourage clicks, which we know from the SEO course is good for your rankings, you may want to use a short description and have them click to see more. Then you would take them to the actual IDX listing or another page that goes further into details about the home. Test and measure what works best for you and what you like best. If people are clicking through to your page, yet they bounce without taking any action, it will hurt the page ranking, so you want to get them clicking.

Step 7: Related Properties

One of the unique abilities you have to do on your own site that you can’t do on Zillow is get someone surfing around YOUR site looking at similar properties or articles related to local or home buyer or home selling. Include links to similar properties or a grid of properties.

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Setting Up a Clicky Account

  1. When you log into your clicky account, select “add a new site” towards the top
  2. Enter your Website URL
  3. Fill out the form on the next page
  4. Clicky will give you a code to copy and paste onto your website.

Easy Way to Market Your Listings

When creating a new listing post, the process is extremely simple. You can copy and paste information and photos from the listing page your are getting the information from and pasting them into a blog post. Make sure if you are marketing this on other platforms other than your website, that you are linking back to your website. Use the following tools in your listing post:

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