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13 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs

13 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs

There are many sites out there that have their own affiliate programs but do not have any information on their sites about how non-retailers can sign up. Here are some ways you can find out if certain brands have an affiliate program and what steps you need to take in order to join it.

The first thing you have to do is find out if the companies have an affiliate program at all. Most of them do not openly advertise it because they want only professional websites to join their program. So this will take a little bit of research on your part.

If you are an independent makeup artist, don’t fret! You can also join some affiliate programs as well as long as you follow the specific guidelines set up by the brand.

Refer to our quick guide of the most popular and hottest brands offering cosmetics and makeup affiliate programs for beauty bloggers, cosmetic aficionados, and makeup freaks.

The beauty industry is a competitive pursuit, and it’s imperative to get your blog, website, and social media presence out into the public eye. 

One sure-fire way to attract potential followers, fans, and clients is the ability to offer unique, sought-after, and desirable products for a fraction of their retail price.

Being part of a beauty affiliate program is one such way to do this with effectiveness. 

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Not only will you capture the fancy and dreams of women who identify with your mission and message, but you’ll also help popularize smaller and less-known brands along with gaining popularity for yourself.

You should note, though, that you should have already established many followers and fans backed by provable and reliable stats. 

This includes having a widespread social media presence. Many of these programs won’t take your application unless you do.

If you are starting, it’s good to note these programs and their requirements so you can set goals for the future. 

Make sure you have a steady flow of visitors to your blog and that you gather several hundred followers on all social media pages. 

The more you have, the better your chances will be to join these affiliate programs.

It is also essential to consider the various documents, policies, and rules that you must follow and know them in and out like the back of your hand. 

You are responsible for understanding and comprehending all requirements.

Make sure you avoid possible accidents or hiccoughs down the road. Any violation may result in expulsion from the program, which means no extra income and an inability to provide quality products to your fans and followers. It would be a dear shame to do something you didn’t intend, thereby putting a damper in your plans and agenda for success.

We’ve collected 11 of the best and most famous makeup and cosmetic affiliate programs available. 

These can help you start earning a little extra dough and promoting your blog, website, and general online presence.

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Since 1989, Kiss delivers excellent hair care, cosmetics, false nails, and other beauty products women have coveted for decades. 

If you cater to beauty on a budget, joining KISS’s program will be right for you. They give affiliate discounts only to those residing in the US and Canada with a clear online presence.

The sales you can generate will determine the tier of earnings you could receive. 

If you have a small following, it won’t be very much, and more popular sites will earn a bit more.

KISS has an affiliate program within the CJ Affiliate Network.

Program Details

  • Default commission is 8%
  • Tracking Cookie: 30 Days
  • Samples to influencers with more than 200 followers
  • Marketing Assets
  • Datafeed

Form to Apply

Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty is the most prominent beauty, cosmetics, and skincare company in the world. They supply various manicures, spas, pedicures, cosmetics, hair care, and other beauty accouterments for the regular person to the qualified professional.

No matter what products anyone chooses to buy through the links and banners you share, you will receive a commission. 

When you join their affiliate program, you can pick from displaying a search bar, featuring top products, or emblazoning banners to Sally’s site or blog.

Program Details

  • Commission: 1% Default Rate
  • Tracking Cookie: 15 Days
  • Average Sale $49.37
  • Marketing Assets
  • Datafeed

Apply at ShareASale

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics in Los Angeles believes each woman is in control of their beauty destiny. 

Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products supported by rigorous safety standards and testing means people with food or substance allergies will benefit most. 

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They strive to be the latest trendsetters in the global race for getting ahead in the beauty industry.

Even though they are very affordable, their products are far from “cheap.” They always deliver a quality product comparable to anything expensive and high-end. 

You can earn up to 8% in commission from sales, giving visitors coupons and sales every week and each month. This is one brand you can’t go wrong with signing up to.

Form to Apply

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics is a multinational makeup company that caters to customers of all races, ages, and genders. Its affiliate program pays out a 4% commission to the publishers and includes a seven-day tracking cookie.

Your visitors will receive free delivery, special offers, and coupons when they make a purchase through the link on your site. This affiliate program is quite popular among beauty bloggers because of its safe payment system.

Apply at FlexOffers

Makeup Geek

If you are new to the makeup game and just starting to get your name out there, especially if you’re a makeup artist, Makeup Geek might be the perfect thing for you and your blog. 

They pride themselves on helping everyone become more beautiful and charming by emphasizing the beauty they already possess.

Makeup Geek is a beautiful place to find articles and videos with information on how to apply makeup along with proper skincare. 

Tutorials, customer care, and personalized attention is their thing. They have a massive range of cosmetics and a fun variety of palettes to choose from.

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What’s more, their affiliate program doesn’t partner with an outside ad agency that stands between you and the company. 

Before signing up, make sure you read all their terms of service, affiliate conditions, and privacy policies to ensure this is the right program for you, your audience, and your purposes.

Your commission could be as much as 15% from sales generated from the links you share, so it’s worth checking it out.

  • Refersion Affiliate Network
  • Base Commission: 15%

Information, Details, and Form to Apply


For those savvy gurus with a female demographic who are 35-48 years old, Dermstore has a solid history since 1999 and was founded by a dermatologist. 

They provide a bevy of spa care products like bath additives to skincare like facial masks and hair care like styling products.

It doesn’t matter if your visitors are the common lady or if they are the rock-star stylist; you’ll get 15% on select products with an affiliate manager to assist you.

Beauty experts and honest doctors suggest products you and your fans can rely on. 

This is because they provide direct formulation and ingredient lists for everything they have to offer. 

Thank you for your interest in the Affiliate program. Join one of the top skin care and beauty affiliate programs and start earning commissions!

Program Details

  • Base Commission: 15%
  • Datafeed
  • Affiliate Team
  • Tracking Cookie: 3 Days
  • Sub affiliates OK

Form to Apply


Even though Ulta has some of the most incredible, most popular, and affordable drug store brands, they also host many hot and much sought-after high-end products. 

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They cater to any budget, taste, and preference in makeup, cosmetics, haircare, skincare, and personal care products. 

If you’re looking for unusual hair color, body bronzer, eye shadow, or makeup application tips, they have it all.

Ulta tells us they are the largest beauty and cosmetics supplier with the bonus of having on-site salon and spa services. This is very lucrative and exciting for many makeup addicts and beauty nuts.

You will receive 2% from generated site sales with fans having access to gifts, free shipping, and coupons like BOGO promotions.

Program Details

  • Base Commission: 2%
  • Tracking Cookie: 30 Days
  • Impact Radius Affiliate Network

Form to Apply


Earning a sales commission is easy with Sephora because of its notoriety, popularity, and recognizable reputation. 

No product and brand restrictions are getting between you and your blog followers when purchasing through your site. 

All orders over $50 receive free shipping and gifts, which your followers will always see as a bonus.

Their commission rates aren’t clear, though, and not easy to find. Unfortunately, you’ll have to submit their form online and wait for them to respond. 

As a bit of advice, know that many applications aren’t accepted, even if all the information you provide is accurate and truthful.

This is more for those beauty bloggers and cosmetic wizards who are very popular and have a large following with hundreds of site visitors on a daily basis.

Form to Apply

Benefit Cosmetics

Jean and Jane Ford started this company in 1976 after migrating from Indiana to California, following an experience of fame and fortune in the modeling industry. 

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This lively duo produces cosmetics of all kinds but they are a strong leader in lashes and brows.

Although it’s uncertain about how much commission you could earn, this company based in San Francisco is a trusted brand known to many women. 

This is because they have a decades-long history of making the world a better place by offering healthy makeup and cosmetics for the face, eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Form to Apply

Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics has some of the most popular and most coveted makeup products and cosmetics on the market today. 

It’s always a good idea for a definite crowd-pleaser to consider their cosmetics affiliate program with seriousness. 

But it isn’t clear what the commission rates are going to be.

Healthy skin and high-performance blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, and more make Tarte stand above the industry’s rest. 

They are very selective about what ingredients go into their products and will not compromise with quality.

Tarte is excellent to offer those visitors, followers, and fans who have sensitive skin, are strict vegans, or have other food/substance allergies.

Form to Apply

Ciaté London

Owner and creator Charlotte Knight has offered innovation and unique cosmetics, skincare, and makeup for over the last decade. 

Cruelty-free, independent, and PETA certified, Ciaté offers up to 8% commission on all sales generated from links clicked on your site.

You will receive regular emails about product launches, worldwide trends, and collaboration opportunities. They offer special links and banners specific to your blog and website too. 

It all starts with you submitting an email rather than an online form.

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You’ll not only be able to sign up, but you’ll be able to relay your particular situation and goals along with any other questions and concerns you have all at the same time. 

This means you’ll get personalized and individuated care from the very start of your relationship with them as an affiliate.

Apply by Email

Lancôme Paris

Lancôme Paris has been a standard in the beauty and cosmetics industry since 1935 with no end in sight for the foreseeable future. 

Their affiliate program matches their solid reputation and penchant for having classic French elegance.

Through keeping estheticians and makeup aficionados from around the world on their staff, they offer high-quality personal care, hair care, skincare, and cosmetic products along with an infamous fragrance line.

You can get up to 6% in commissions from site sales with real-time reporting and updates viewable from the convenience of your computer. 

All customers will receive free shipping on any order along with their signature customer service.

It is important and imperative to review their Terms of Service and privacy policy with a fine-toothed comb. 

This is because these things are very involved and detailed, more so than other programs. 

Once again, this may be a better option for those who are undeniable in popularity with some sort of claim to fame.

But signing up is quick, simple, and free. If you have any doubts and inquiries, be sure to shoot them an email.

Apply at Sovrn (formally Viglink)

Stila Cosmetics

Stila Cosmetics, a makeup company created by Jeanine Lobell, has an affiliate program. It pays 6%, and offers a 60-day tracking cookie.

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Apply at CJ Affiliate or Sovrn.

Charlotte Tilbury

You have the chance to have Charlotte Tilbury’s highly coveted makeup on your site. On your website or blog, introduce your visitors to a catwalk-ready range of award-winning beauty products and earn a commission each time they make a purchase at

Charlotte Tilbury is a makeup artist who started her own line of luxury beauty products. Her affiliate program offers a 30-day cookie and 10% commission. 

Apply at Partnerize.


Clinique is a well-known American cosmetics company that sells a range of skincare, makeup, and perfume products. Established as a subsidiary of Estee Lauder Companies in 1968, Clinique has grown to become one of the world’s best skincare brands for both men and women.

Earn up to 8% commission with Clinique’s affiliate program. It offers a 7-day tracking cookie.

Apply at Viglink

Violet Grey

Violet Grey is a well-known beauty business that distributes many celebrity-endorsed lines. Customers can select their favorite from more than 100 luxury brands available.

The business is partnered with CJ Affiliate, a prominent affiliate network. As a merchant, you will earn 12% of the total amount of purchases made through your site using their product data feed to market important products.

The program also has a variety of special affiliate discounts, making it one of the greatest alternatives for affiliate marketers.

Apply at CJ Affiliate

Madison Reed

At Madison Reed, you can earn $10 per sale. Madison Reed is most known for its hair coloring products. The tracking cookie with the Madison Reed affiliate program is 30-days. You can also apply at Viglink for a percentage of the sale. 

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Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder is a global leader in the field of skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, and hair care products. The affiliate program pays 4% per sale with a 7-day Tracking cookie.

Apply at FlexOffers

Some of these programs may seem tedious and time-consuming to join and may prove confusing after sifting through privacy policies, rules, requirements, and legal jargon. 

But in the end, it will be worth it for you, your image, your message, and your fans. Whatever your mission is, whatever you set out to do, at least one of these companies should work for you.

Remember to take your time, be patient, and consider with the utmost care what you’re willing to undertake, what you can handle, and which ones are going to fit your purposes best. 

If you have to wait 30 days before signing onto a program, do so. Anything worth doing, especially when it comes to shining in the beauty industry, is worth waiting.

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