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How To Make Money As A Spiritual Blogger

How To Make Money As A Spiritual Blogger

Blogging is a great way to make money from home, and it’s especially lucrative if you focus on spiritual topics. It’s a very popular niche, in fact. More and more people are searching for spiritual information online, whether they’re looking for support in their practice or seeking guidance on how to become a better person.

Harness that need with your blog! You can turn it into an income-generating business by using the strategies I discuss below.

Through these experiences, I’ve learned many tips and tricks for making money from blogging in several niches, so I’m going to share them with you now. Keep reading for everything you need to know about monetizing your spirituality blog!

Monetizing a Spiritual Blog (Without Making Your Visitors Uncomfortable)

One of the best things about spiritual blogs is that they’re attractive to advertisers. The majority of people who search for spiritual information online are interested in topics like:

  • Personal well-being and health
  • Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)
  • Practices that involve mindfulness, meditation, or other consciousness techniques

It’s no wonder some bloggers have managed to generate six-figure incomes just by sharing their knowledge on these topics!

Affiliate Income

And it’s even easier to monetize your blog if you choose affiliate links to monetize it. That means instead of selling your visitors other products, you earn a commission from sales that come from your site.

There are many different affiliate programs for blogging and spirituality (and everything else), but the best include:

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Amazon: This is one of the most trusted affiliate programs around, and it’s open to anyone with an account at Amazon Associates. You can use it to promote almost anything—not just books!

I’ve also seen bloggers make money by recommending resources like essential oils, digital downloads, meditation cushions, and energy stones. If there’s something related to spirituality that you recommend often, this is a great way to monetize your blog posts.

For example, Soji Energy, a company that sells crystal-based water bottles has an affiliate program within the Shareasale network. they offer 15-25% commissions per sale plus a $1,000 bonus after 100 sales.

And there are plenty more affiliate brands in the spirituality niche just waiting to partner with bloggers and influencers.

Ad Revenue

Some bloggers choose ad revenue as a primary way to make money. You can do this in a multitude of ways:

Google Adsense: This is the most popular ad network for bloggers. It’s easy to apply and you can set up a custom search engine that matches your blog content perfectly.

Ezoic: An advertising platform that claims it can increase your RPM (revenue per thousand visitors) by 500%. It works with many other companies like Google Ad and Mediavine. They also have some great analytics that let you see how your site is performing compared to others.

And once you reach a certain level of traffic, you can sign up with a premium ad network like adthrive or mediavine.

Sell Services

If you happen to provide life coaching, tarot readings, psychic readings or other services that you can do from your home office, consider promoting them on your blog.

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These days, many people prefer to work with a remote team because it’s easier and more cost-effective. Blogs are the perfect place to post a testimonial about a product to get started.

Online Courses

Build a course that teaches people how to apply spiritual practices. I like this option because it allows you to share your knowledge and generate passive income at the same time.

You can sell your course on a digital marketplace like Udemy, or create your own platform using Teachable. Then set up an affiliate program with partners who offer special rates to buyers coming from your blog (like Soji Energy mentioned above).

These are just some of the many ways to make money as a spiritual blogger. Remember: always include value and be transparent about what you’re promoting. Don’t try to make extra dollars by recommending low-quality products that don’t align with your audience’s best interests.


Brands are eager to sponsor bloggers, video creators, and social influencers that can help influence buying decisions.

If you’ve got a good-sized audience, you might be able to secure paid sponsorships to promote your favorite companies and products.

This can include anything from food and drinks (like this blogger who was paid by coffee brands), retail clothing brands, tech gadgets, perfumes and much more.

Just always disclose when something is sponsored so your readers know when something has been gifted in exchange for a review.


Medium is a platform that allows writers to publish their articles as stories. The platform charges members a small fee to read gated content. That monthly fee has a portion that is paid out to the writers based on the read time on their articles from a paying subscriber.

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That means that Medium pays a certain percentage of the monthly fee to writers based on how much time a reader spends reading a gated post. This varies because you can set a threshold for paying to read your content.

Now that you have some ideas on how to monetize your blog, it’s time to get started! If you’re interested in learning more about blogging techniques, check out this course . It covers everything from web design basics to SEO to social media marketing tactics. And if all else fails, consider hiring a professional to help

If you follow these rules, then people will continue viewing and sharing your content for years to come—and that’s when the money starts to come in.

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