Must Listen to Interview by Lori Ballen featuring Jaime Corona of Katy, Texas.

Listen to how Jaime Corona went from zero to 8 million in just 2 years and a goal of 23 million for year 3.

Jaime Gives Credit to:
Keller Williams
The 1-3-5

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Jaime Corona

920 S Fry Rd, Katy, TX 77450
(832) 545-5379

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Lori Ballen:               Tell me and tell our audience why they should listen to this interview. What do you hope that they’re going to take away from this?

Jaime Corona:           What they will take away from this is learning how to develop the team, how to make the business and follow the models effectively. In that way, you can get to your goal as efficiently as possible in the fastest amount of time. I’ve been in the business about 3 years. This year, we are already … I’m going to get into this a little later, but we are already trending about 23 million this year. That’s why you should listen. I’m going to give a lot of tips on how I started the business with little than no money. Hopefully, somebody will benefit from it.

Lori Ballen:               All right. I’m going to hit you with a hard question. Can you handle it?

Jaime Corona:           Sure.

Lori Ballen:               You say you are trending 23 million?

Jaime Corona:           Yes.

Lori Ballen:               Now, I’m one of those people that always wants to get right the nuts and bolts and truth to make sure if all of our listeners have formulas and actionables and real numbers and things that they could plug their brain around. What makes me bonker and I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this, but when I go to a convention and they parade all the big agents on the stage. One thing I hear the most is “We’re on track to do or our goal is,” right?

Jaime Corona:           Right.

Lori Ballen:               They’re not often talking about what they did last year. They are talking about what they will track to do, but it’s generally a goal set more than its actual achievement. Today is the first day of the second half of 2015. Are you trending 23 million, meaning you’ve already closed  12? Where are you getting that formula of number?

Jaime Corona:           It’s based on the momentum that we have right now. Right now, we are at 9 million closed volume for the year. However, we added on buyer’s agent a month ago and, of course, that’s going to lead to extra revenue. I was going to go over our numbers from 2012 all the way until now on question 3. You want me to go ahead and go into that?

Lori Ballen:               I’m fine with skipping around. I love where you are going with the numbers so let’s do that.

Jaime Corona:           Basically, in 2012, I started in real estate. It was a hobby. Just to be totally honest, I caught up with a friend of mine on Facebook and she told me she had real estate license and I was like, “Well, all right.” Then, I realized how simply it was to get a real estate license so I got it and then I joined a small brokerage. Of course, I was pre-filled with limited lease and stuff like that. In 2012, I actually closed $660,000 worth of real estate which is about $19,800. I joined Keller Williams in November of 2012. In 2013, I closed 5.3 million with a $157,000 GCI.

Lori Ballen:               Let me stop you right there. Give me those 2 numbers again for 2013.

Jaime Corona:           5.3 million in closed volume and 157,000 in GCI.

Lori Ballen:               Wow! Who was on your team? Who was it at that time? Was it just you or …?

Jaime Corona:           Just me.

Lori Ballen:               Wow! That’s some serious business. Did you have a coach or any kind of training that launched you that fast?

Jaime Corona:           Absolutely. In November 2012, I remember sitting with my TL during my initial interview. He asked me how much money I wanted to make and I told him $40,000. He said, “Scratch it up, double it. I’m gonna tell you to triple it.” That’s what I did. I did my 135 based on a 120,000 and then I jumped into Ignite. I remember it was session 3 on open houses. The instructor said, “Who’s gonna knock 100 doors for their open house on Saturday?” Everybody just pretty much crumbled. Everybody was just hiding. He just called me out. He says, “You’re gonna do it. You’re gonna knock a 100 doors,” so I did it. I walk away with 2 listings and 2 buyers just from that first 100 doors.

Lori Ballen:               Then you kept door knocking or what?

Jaime Corona:           I built this business on door knocking, correct. Back in 2013, I was knocking 4 to 500 doors a week. Texas is like in the middle of summer.

Lori Ballen:               It’s a bit humid, right?

Jaime Corona:           My dry cleaning bill was through the roof. Let’s put it that way.

Lori Ballen:               This is fascinating to me, first of all. Let’s keep going into your growth so that I don’t cut that part short. 2013, you are 5 million, you are hundred something thousand GCI from door knocking?

Jaime Corona:           Yes.

Lori Ballen:               For listeners that are on the call too, [inaudible 00:05:32] with Keller Williams and so am I, but a lot of you guys were not. I understand that too. There are some terminology here that we are using that you are going to hear. Ignite is a training course. 135 is a tool. What I will do below this video if you click through the blog site, I will include links too what these tools are so that you guys can follow along a little bit better with what these tools are. You got into real estate just into the second year, closes 5 million, does hundred and something GCI through some great training at Keller Williams with some great tools, but his own ambition of going knocking on the doors. What happens next year, 2014?

Jaime Corona:           In 2013, I also took BOLD. I had the privilege of having John Prescott as my BOLD coach. Then, at the very last session of BOLD, he took on 5 more mastery coaching clients. I ran up there so quick so I had a MAPS coach ever since. That has a lot to do with it as well.

Lori Ballen:               It sounds like you must be a very coachable learning-based person already. For you to take the advice of your team leader, to shoot for a higher goal and to go knock on doors and you just go out there and do it, you must naturally be a pretty good follower and learning-based person, I would say.

Jaime Corona:           Absolutely.

Lori Ballen:               The next year, tell us about that.

Jaime Corona:           In 2014, it’s still really, really hurts me to say this and we did 7.996 million. I was 4000 away. Basically, 4000 in total volume away from doing 8 million. However, GCI ended up being 259,000. It was over the 3% mark.

Lori Ballen:               How many units is that for you guys?

Jaime Corona:           That’s based on 37 units.

Lori Ballen:               Wow! You have a higher average price range. What’s your average price range?

Jaime Corona:           My average price range right now is about 210,000.

Lori Ballen:               You got to almost 8 million. That’s not too far off. I got you. Just right under that 8 million which about killed you, but your GCI was?

Jaime Corona:           259.

Lori Ballen:               Right. That whole year you went from 5 to 8 million, did you add any team members?

Jaime Corona:           I had an assistant. That’s when I hired my first assistant. Along the way, I hired a buyer’s agent. Neither one of those two are with me now. I hadn’t taken Recruit Select which that’s one of the mistakes that I made. I highly recommend taking Recruit Select and going through the higher process. It’s not as fast of a process, however, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. I’ve learned from that. Now, I have an admin who is also my Ballen Method specialist. I have 2 buyer’s agents now.

Lori Ballen:               Are you related to your admin?

Jaime Corona:           I am. He is my stepbrother.

Lori Ballen:               Not a funny question. I’m starting to find that there are more and more of us that are integrating family into our teams. I think I’m going to do a separate interview one of these days on just that topic with a bunch of us. Were you going to add something to the stepbrother?

Jaime Corona:           I was just going to add how I came about that hire. I needed somebody who could put their face on the computer and not look up. That’s not me because I have squirrels everywhere. One day, I was talking to my mom and I asked how he was doing and she says, “He is always on the computer.” I was like, “Ding, ding, ding.” I hired him about 2 weeks later. That’s how that came about.

Lori Ballen:               How long has he been with you?

Jaime Corona:           He has been with me since last October.

Lori Ballen:               How much is he applying the Ballen Method?

Jaime Corona:           This brings me back to when I first heard of you, this was back in family reunion in Phoenix. We were in Phoenix last year in 2014. I saw you up on stage. One of the things that you said is that not only you did a video a day and you set time limits. If we don’t do it in 30 minutes, we’re done. That’s it. You know what? I told Joseph I said, “Joseph, this is what we are gonna do. This is how we are gonna start it.” We did a video a day, a blog a day at a minimum for a year and here we are. Now, it’s like clockwork. We can bust out 31-minute videos in 45 minutes just because we are used to the scripts. The videos, what I did was I took what I was door knocking about. My script and I’m going to get back into this as well. Don’t think too much into your script as when you are door knocking. Just get out there and do it.

I always say, “Would it offend you if I gave you information on your neighborhood?” Most of the time they are like, “Well, no.” What I always give them is average sales price, how many houses sold, how many are pending, how many are active. Just anything that would knock their socks off. Just information coming from contribution. I took that information and put it on the web. Every month, we have about 30 different subdivisions that we do videos on as far as market updates. We go over how many are active, how many sold, the average sales price, what’s the price increase from this year to last year, stuff like that.

Lori Ballen:               You said so many things in that last bit. First of all, again, it’s amazing to me that what you hear something and then go implement. Not only are you a learning-based individual, you are someone who takes massive action. I applaud you for that because I believe that’s what it takes to make in any business and especially real estate. You are really taking massive action. I think that’s a key to your success. I don’t know anybody else who told me that they’ve heard me talk about a video a day that has gone out and actually done that. I’ve heard some people talk about that they were going to do it or started off, but nobody care to throw all the whole year. Then, you added a blog. Let me break into all of that a little bit. First of all, your video a day, did you use fancy equipment or where were you shooting?

Jaime Corona:           I had a green cloth in my office that … If you look at some of my early videos, you’ll see half the green was fading out. It was kind of techy. The thing is that it got us in the groove of doing it. I’m all about schedules. I’m going to go over my schedule later on in the questions. For example, we would start right at 7 AM and he had until 7 AM to get the picture right, stuff like that. If I hop in front of the camera and my shirt didn’t get well with the green screen or something like that, then we would keep on going. We will shoot the videos and just make it happen and we learn from that. I knew never wear that shirt again or something like that. It didn’t really start out that complicated. JP went over a lot of apps and stuff. The FiLMiC Pro is the one that we use for the green screen and anybody who has been using FiLMiC Pro about 3 months ago. They did a way with the green screen feature. I looked at Joseph and he goes, “Well, what are we gonna do?” I said, “Well, you figure it out.” He is my brother so I can treat him like that. I said, “Figure it out.”

If you look at our videos now, they are so much more crisp. He found a way. We have a solid wall behind us. We have our logo on the top, this and that. My other little brother is a musician and he wrote a jingle for us without me even knowing. Joseph just went out and just told him write a jingle about selling houses and this and that. That’s our intro to every video. It’s come a long way since we first started. It’s just like everything else. You’re going to get better and better at it once you get used to doing it.

Lori Ballen:               I’m pretty jealous you have a jingle. I don’t have a jingle. I’m going to have to put that on my to-do list. My take away again from what you just said which I completely agree with is that it was less about being perfect and more about just taking action and getting it done. Learning and improving over time.

Jaime Corona:           Absolutely.

Lori Ballen:               I’ll also talk about your market reports because I think that’s excellent. What I love about that too is I am a big fan of hyperlocal marketing and deliver content and specific messaging that appeals to a direct audience that really wants to hear that message. When you are offering these market reports and you are putting those in blog post and on videos, besides just giving them the number, are you interpreting the data for them? Are you telling them what it means?

Jaime Corona:           Absolutely. Along with our video, there’s a word blog below it. We do that for SEO purposes. Hyperlocal, of course, if you read the Ballen Method, that’s instilled in your brain. You can’t just go in there and just talk about Katy. Even though Katy is a suburb of Houston, but there’s so many different subdivisions that now we are focusing on the homes for sale in Cinco Ranch, homes for sale in Falcon Ranch, stuff like that.

Lori Ballen:               You want to know my “aha” recently? Maybe you saw it I posted it in the marketing group. Did you know that people actually search the word houses more than homes?

Jaime Corona:           No.

Lori Ballen:               I just discovered that. In fact, the #1 seller search turn that I can find, I did a bunch of research on this last week because I’ve got a new service I’m providing with market research for offices and agents. I was looking this up for somebody and I was trying to find the top home values keywords. Of course, I’m doing what everybody else is doing putting “What’s my home in Las Vegas worth? What’s my home in Houston worth?” I kept revising and revising to find out the number of searches and it turned out the phrase is, “How much is my house worth?” Not, “What’s my home worth or what is my home worth?” It’s “How much is” and “House”. Just as a little take away for you FYI. Go change all your words from homes to houses.

Jaime Corona:           Sure. I need to let Joseph know that.

Lori Ballen:               It’s cool discovery. All right. On your blogging, first of all, it’s funny I’m drilling down into questions that you didn’t know I was going to ask you, but you’re giving me good stuff. What blog platform did you guys opt-in on?

Jaime Corona:           At first, I signed up for a website in Seller Union in Phoenix. The more and more I started doing research on it, also the name, but the more I say, it just seems like it was not as SEO friendly as WordPress in which I know that’s what you always talk about, WordPress. We got a new website that has so many different features and it’s so much more user friendly on our end and it’s more SEO friendly as well.

Lori Ballen:               In 2015, your business has always been heavily door knocking and you launched this video campaign. This is just for the listeners. I always share that SEO, blogging, videos, all that stuff is not instant overnight success. You can do pay-per-clicks and get some instant business, although most still be long-term nurtures, not much instant. It’s a good year typically in my experience really applying all of this before serious results come back. I’m guessing, Jaime, that you are just right about to truly reap the rewards whatever you guys were doing. In 2015, can you track any closings or listings to that work yet?

Jaime Corona:           I can. This is actually how this interview came about because that’s what I messaged you about. I went to a builder and I said, “Do you have any inventory homes that I can do a walk-through video on?” Basically, what I do is we walk through the house. I describe the features and say, “Hey, if you are interested in a home over here in Ventana Lakes, give me a call.” Sure enough, they saw my walk-through video and they said, “Well, we want to buy a new house. Can you help us?” “Absolutely.” That was on YouTube. They found me on YouTube. That took about a year. That was about a year. You really have to be persistent.

It’s just like everything else and that’s one of the things I’m going to cover on one of our later questions. If you’re going to start something, finish it. You don’t want to think what if and that’s what we did. We just made it a habit of coming in, doing videos, stuff like that. Now, it’s about to get even more intense because I got a GoPro and we’re going to figure out some cool things to do with that. What I’m noticing with our videos, we blast them on Facebook, LinkedIn, you name it. We put our videos on there.

Lori Ballen:               Do you pay close attention to the analytics of the videos like how long are watching it or how many views or just go?

Jaime Corona:           I just go. Later on, we may have somebody who will take over that role and dig more deep into that. As of right now, we are just doing repetition. We are just going out there and we are just doing it. As far as drilling down on our views and stuff like that, I can check that. Depending on the video, you’re going to have some that get 10 views, but you’re also going to have some that get 4 or 500 views within the first 2 days.

Lori Ballen:               That’s why I want to point this out because videos are funny. I want people to understand that if your … I’m really into the analytics and numbers, especially nowadays because I understand how I can do less work by being more purposeful about the activities and the marketing that I do. However, videos are funny that way. You could get 10 views and it lands on just the right person and you got the listing or you got a sale. I’m with you on just go. I do think now that you have a 1 year library, you can go back through and maybe just plan a day around it and review which ones got the most views and analyze why they did. Was it because of the platform you shared it on? Was it the time and day that you share them on? Was it the topic or the walk-through? Then, it might give you a little more gauge. I should go into more purposeful video even where you want to spend your time. I’m with you.

I think in the beginning I did the same thing. I shoot videos just in my car not moving, but sitting there talking. I don’t worry about it at all. I don’t care if it’s 10 views or 100 views. It would be great if it was million views. I want that exposure and just to practice the habit of publishing and the opportunity to possibly get a video that goes viral or you get one that lands on the search engines and it can lead into all types of things. I think you are doing a lot right there.

Jaime Corona:           I know which ones get the most interaction. Like you saw yesterday when I posted that we are doing this interview, Facebook just erupted. I told my wife I was like, “Hold on. I got to respond to all the stuff.” It was awesome. It was a great feeling. When we do open houses and stuff like that, we do walk-through videos. That’s what gets people interacting with you. They see you and even if it’s just saying nice house or something like that, that’s what happens. It’s very uncool to solicit stuff. I know it’s a little off topic, but if you just say, “Hey, who do you know is looking to buy or sell real estate.” That’s soliciting and that’s uncool. If you look back to all my Facebook, we do pictures with our clients at the closing table, in front of their house, handing them a set of keys. We spark the emotion there. I sold 5 or 6 houses this year to people I went to high school with that I haven’t talk to in 15 years. My goal from doing this stuff on Facebook and stuff like that was when they think real estate, I want them to think of me. That’s what’s come about.

Lori Ballen:               Your #1 source was door knocking, then you’ve added in internet marketing and video strategies at a high level. Now, you’ve been adding in social media strategies to cultivate your sphere of influence and create those relationships which is fantastic. How about referral connections? Have you gotten into that yet where you’re trying to be being named of choice for Houston, Texas or whatever areas specifically you want on Facebook for agent to agent referrals?

Jaime Corona:           We’ve made $52,000 this year just from referrals from out of city, from other cities.

Lori Ballen:               Is that coming from Facebook or is that coming through your networking? Where are they coming from?

Jaime Corona:           Some of them come from Facebook. They are spread out. If somebody calls the market center, our TL always gives 2 agents and then they call both of them and we go from there. A lot more now are coming from the web. They are coming from the referral groups. When you got a family reunion and you are meeting people, they come from that as well.

Lori Ballen:               Very specifically, are you the most focused on for your real estate business? If somebody where to send you a referral, where is your main focus?

Jaime Corona:           As far as the area of town?

Lori Ballen:               Yeah.

Jaime Corona:           It’s in Katy. It’s in the Westside of Houston. Basically, we cover all the Westside of Houston. Houston is so big that sometimes one given point it takes an hour and a half to get from one side of Houston to the other. My goal is being able to service those clients. I always want to be within 5 minutes of where they could be at. Good thing about specializing in an area like this is that if we get an online analyst leader or something like that or a sign call saying, “Hey, I’m here at this house.” Of course, you pre-qualify. You are asking if they are working with an agent. I was telling them and I was like, “If you are 5 minutes away from the house, get that face-to-face time. Find a way to get that.” A majority of those, once you get that face-to-face, you will convert it. That’s why I focused on a general area. I always want to be within 5 minutes away from where we are at.

Lori Ballen:               My little add on to you for that is, first of all, you are very likable guy. You are the right culture for Keller Williams. I think people would very confidently refer to you. Just a little suggestion on my side, it’s funny because this is actually my topic of my weekly consultation calls that I do with my small group. We are talking about referrals. We closed, I think it was $9 million last year off of referrals only, agent to agent referrals. It’s all from going into Facebook and going into those groups and providing valuable how to education, things that people can take away. That’s even how the Ballen Method got started is I just figured out very early on that the best way I could connect with other real estate agents is to provide them value. That’s just marketing 101. Whoever you’re going to connect with, provide them value.

What if you created a series around getting started with video because that’s one thing I’ll tell you that … I don’t mean you got to go and create a product. I just mean sharing your tips and practices. This is what I discovered and “Hey, everybody I just got a buyer from [inaudible 00:29:17] on a new home. I thought I would just share with you my 5 tips for getting this done or where to put it.” Your door knocking strategies are fierce, oh my gosh! That’s one of the things people are most afraid of. If you could create just a little 10-point guide on a word document or something that says, “Getting started with door knocking. First of all, put on your big roller or big boy pants. Second of all, learn a script. Third of all, go somewhere you are known and fourth …” You know what I mean? That kind of thing. Everything you do, put Katy, Texas; Katy, Texas; Katy, Texas; Katy, Texas; Katy, Texas. Before you know it, you are closing 50 deals of referrals for real estate agents for Katy, Texas.

Jaime Corona:           Perfect.

Lori Ballen:               You could add a whole another leg to your business. You are the right kind of guy to do it. I wouldn’t said that otherwise. We kind of talk a little bit about your team structures. You got a couple of buyer’s agents now and you are still the one taking all the listings then, right?

Jaime Corona:           Correct.

Lori Ballen:               Your buyer’s agents have been with you how long?

Jaime Corona:           I have Eric Morton. He has been with me since January. He got licensed on January 5th and he just cross the 3 million mark in his first 6 months.

Lori Ballen:               Wow!

Jaime Corona:           That doesn’t happen often. I told him there needs to be asterisk by his name saying, “Results not typical.”

Lori Ballen:               He is taking your leads. How is he getting business?

Jaime Corona:           To be on our team, you have to door knock and you have to do a minimum of 3 open houses every month. The thing is I’m not going to have somebody do something I haven’t done. Of course, it’s not going to be knocking 4 or 500 doors. That was a different type of beast that I was battling at that time.

Lori Ballen:               Three open houses and what else is he doing?

Jaime Corona:           There are actually 5th level open houses. They have to door knock the 100 doors. They have to do all that stuff.

Lori Ballen:               I’ve never heard of a 5th level open house. Is that at Katy?

Jaime Corona:           On the open house, there’s actually 7th level. What the level 6 and level 7 is balloons and then you make phone calls the morning of.

Lori Ballen:               Where did you get this training on this open houses?

Jaime Corona:           Session 3 of Ignite.

Lori Ballen:               Session 3 of Ignite. No kidding. That’s fascinating. [inaudible 00:32:02] to see if I can find the resource this year with our listeners. Each level of the open house with different level of how much you’ve marketed and what you bring and how you promote it and stuff?

Jaime Corona:           Correct. Now, we go even further. Now, for every open house that we do, we do a walk-through video. We post it on Facebook that morning. We tag all the team members. This is one of the things that we’re going to talk about mentors. The Loken Group, they began implementing that as well. I had the opportunity to be a guest in one of their open house classes and I went over the whole new video and stuff like that.

Lori Ballen:               Are you guys in the same market area?

Jaime Corona:           We are. We are in the same market center.

Lori Ballen:               You are in the same market center?

Jaime Corona:           Yes.

Lori Ballen:               You got some fierce competition.

Jaime Corona:           To tell you the truth, I love Lance and Karina. I love their whole team. I’m very, very thankful to know them.

Lori Ballen:               You know it’s funny. Lance was one of my first interviews. Multiple times now, I’ve interviewed him more than once because there are different things that he does and I do think they are phenomenal team. I don’t believe that they would ever for a second look at anybody us competition in their market center as much as they would want to help them because that’s the kind of people they are. Their whole team make that, right? Don’t you think the whole team is like —

Jaime Corona:           Absolutely. [inaudible 00:33:38] my script partner, we practice scripts. I was told then as much as they have helped me … I remember I got a GCI award a couple months back. Karina just looked at me and she says, “I felt like crying.” She was there from the beginning. She taught our session 4 of Ignite. I was brand new to KW. Lance and Karina, they have been there with me when it comes to mentors. Five of the top 25 teams in Houston are in my market center. They’re all my close friends. I consider you a mentor even though we don’t talk very often. Ben Kenny, I love Ben. I always say I’ve developed a good R and D department which is a [inaudible 00:34:36] and duplicate.

Lori Ballen:               Since we are both friends with Paula Ben or whatever, you learned that one early on, right?

Jaime Corona:           Absolutely.

Lori Ballen:               Thank you very much. I’m honored to be included in that list. Who else are your mentors? Are there anybody else that you wanted to mention?

Jaime Corona:           Absolutely. I have my coach Paul Brennan. He is my MAPS coach. John Prescott who is now the director of BOLD. I’ve taken BOLD 4 times, by the way. He was my BOLD coach first 2 times and then he had David Jones for my third time and Hank Avink for my fourth time. I consider all these people my mentors. Of course, you have Lance and Karina. Justin Flanagan with Topmark. Dale Ross, he is on my market center. All these guys they do over a million dollars GCI and I have the luxury or the privilege of talking to them on a daily basis.

Lori Ballen:               Incredible. Again, to your credit. I really want to stress this. I don’t think people realize … I’m out there talking to people all the time. I travel all over United States, teaching and meeting with people and consulting and masterminding a network. I will tell you, the difference between the people that find success in this business and the people that don’t are the ones that are willing to learn, find the models and take action. Basically, you plug in. That’s how I can find it is you’re plugging in. I heard you already today mentioned several resources, several trainings, coaching, all of that. You are succeeding because you are taking massive action, but because you are plugging in to the systems, models, tools and talent that are already there and it come before you. That’s to your credit. Nobody is shoving that down your throat. You are reaching out and grabbing it, accepting it when it’s offered to you, asking for it when you need it. You’re going to be one of those million dollar a year GCI producers.

This is funny, I don’t know if you heard me talking about it. As long as you can get through the death zone of real estate, … Seth Campbell broke that down for us in Maryland last month that realtors when they hit the $10 million GCI, he said 10 to 15 million in sales volume, 5 million are in the death zone and most don’t survive. Most don’t get pass 65 million in sales volume because what got you to where you are today, now, you got to learn talents and leadership and leverage, right? It’s a totally different thing than lead generation. Are you finding that today that you are dealing a lot more with talents and leadership issues and how the team communicates? Are you getting into that now that you have to focus on that?

Jaime Corona:           It’s tough. Now, everybody wants to come up to me in my market center, “How did you do this? How did you do that?” I straight up and I’m very, very honest with them in saying “Y’all.” My Texas accent just came out I Just said you all. [inaudible 00:38:17] team is great. I’m having so much fun with it. However, sometimes, it’s not so great. You don’t only wear the listing specialist hat. You are taking care of all your expenses. You are taking care of attracting talent and that is the hardest thing. The hardest thing is attracting talent. If talent was everywhere, that would be awesome. It’s finding the right people to put into place. We need people right now. My goal is by the end of July to have 5 more buyer’s agents. That will take us to 7 buyer’s agents. Let’s just say my goal was at the end … We’ve turned away 4 people on the last 2 weeks just because it wasn’t a good fit. As much as we need them on the team, it wasn’t a good fit. It’s better to make that decision now than later.

Lori Ballen:               I could talk forever on that topic. I’m one of those that still on the death zone and fairly early on in it. It is brutal. I don’t care what anybody says up on that stage. You can make it sound as pretty and fluffy as you want to make it sound. It’s hard. It is a matter of finding talent. It’s a matter of holding your profitability so tight that you don’t overpay somebody and that get sticky. It’s a matter of your own leadership lead, how well you can lead others and grow others. It’s no longer about lead generation or buyers and sellers, although that has to be part of the concept or part of the model. It’s now lead generation for talent. We got as big a team of 15 and it’s funny. I’m the first one to admit, my mistakes. I don’t know if you call it mistakes, learnings, lessons, right? Why I built the 15 in my first year because I have enough leads to do it and it was killing me.

I wanted to burn it down on a regular basis trying and fist in the wall. I was so mad. I walked and went it, wipe out the entire team, only 1 person stay. Now, I was doing it. I still want to go in. “You know what? Uh-uh. If you are not our culture, you are not our energy, you are not willing to work, just don’t even bother because it’s going to be a waste of your time and it’s going to be a waste of our time.” I’m making some shifts again right now on the team. I’ve got leads all day long, but we don’t have talent all the day long. It’s the same section. You know what it is? I heard that Christine Ko say it at expansion, ESO when they are up there last time. I won’t quote her, but it was something to the effect of all of us are looking for the 3% of the 100% that would qualify us talent for organizations as empire builders or empire protectors. There’s only 3% and we are all going after that same 3% and so is Apple. 3% of the population of the world is who we are looking for. That’s why it’s hard, right?

Jaime Corona:           Absolutely.

Lori Ballen:               All right. I’m over our interview time. Let me see what I missed on our questions here. How would you suggest someone get started today following your success? What would they start doing and do you think how many financial investment they have to make?

Jaime Corona:           When I first started, I pretty much considered myself unemployed. We are living on my wife’s salary. That’s why my wife gets whatever she wants now. The best thing to do is to get involved. That’s the best thing to do is to get involved with your market center. Take Ignite. Ignite is free. I’ve never been anywhere else where you get free training like that. The previous place that I was at, I’m not going to mention, but it was a 10 DVD set that nobody ever followed up with you on it. Here you are with live training. You have somebody here who is actually doing it. That’s free. Ignite is what really catapulted everything and it really encouraged me to go out there and door knock. Now, is there a lot of cost? No. I took 3 sets of copy so $3 for every 100 doors that I knocked. At that time, I still stretched it. $3 times 500 doors a week that ends up, but I just went out there and I just want to get in front of people.

One of the things I want to cover on door knocking very quick is don’t think too much in your scripts. Of course, scripts are great. Scripts are key, but you’ll never going to learn them unless you are out there practicing them. My most successful listing that I’ve ever got from door knocking, I remember I have 4 flyers left out of 100 and I was drenched in sweat. It was just horrible. I walk up to a door and like 4 months open the door for my girls scout meeting. I’m like, “Yes.” It feels like I can just stop. I said, “Hey, my name is Jaime Corona. Can I just give you my flyers because I’m kinda ready just to go home.” Literally, that’s exactly what I said, word for word. $400,000 listing came about the month later from one of those house.

Lori Ballen:               You are honest. Honesty gets you pretty far.

Jaime Corona:           They saw it. I was wearing a light blue shirt that was dark after I was done. If anybody can take away anything from that, don’t think too much into it. Just go and do it. What I observe a lot is people don’t treat this like a normal job. If your boss tells you to be there at 7 AM, be there at 7 AM and work until they tell you to leave. That’s what I do. I have a schedule and then they frowns, but everybody looks at me like, “Really?” I go to the gym at 4 o’clock every morning. I work out at 4 o’clock in the morning and then I spend time with family until about 6:30 and then I go to the office. By the time I’m leaving the office, people are just now getting there. I started sending emails at 3:45 in the morning. Sometimes people ask if they are automated. I’m like, “No. That’s me.”

Lori Ballen:               You are doing more than you think it will take to succeed.

Jaime Corona:           Do what?

Lori Ballen:               You are doing more than you think it will take to succeed.

Jaime Corona:           What do you mean?

Lori Ballen:               You are not just doing the activities to succeed, more than what you believe it will take to get to where you want to go.

Jaime Corona:           Absolutely. One of my old law is don’t mistake movement for achievement. Even if you show up to the office every day, you can sit there and talk to [inaudible 00:45:48] and I love talking to people. That’s why there’s not a nameplate on my door. I have to be away from people or else I’ll sit there and talk all day.

Lori Ballen:               What is your total AVA?

Jaime Corona:           I’m a 69234.

Lori Ballen:               Great. I’ll ask you 2 more questions and I’ll wrap here. Looking back on your career in real estate even though it’s not a long one, you’ve only been in for few years, what one thing would you change looking back?

Jaime Corona:           I could go on about that one as well. I would say don’t be afraid to jump in. Don’t be afraid to jump in and just start doing it. I was very hesitant when I first started. I didn’t know what to do. I remember one of my first broker since I started, she says, “Oh, just go pass out your business cards.” I’m like, “Okay.” That was like my whole thing for 6 months. I would have changed, “Get out there and do it.” Research the business that you are doing. The main one is don’t spend money unless you are leading with revenue on it. Even if you have the revenue, don’t spend unless you have to. That’s one of the things that I would change. I remember when I bought this $500 DVD system. I think I watched disc 1 and 2. That’s my main thing. Be conservative with your money.

Lori Ballen:               You’ve given us a lot of great advice. We know that our listeners can find you in Houston. You said Westside?

Jaime Corona:           Westside of Houston which is Katy, Texas.

Lori Ballen:               I just think you’ve been fantastic. This was a super interview you gave me actually way more than I even knew I was going in after because you do a lot of things really well which is great. You have a great growth plan. It sounds like you’re really on the track to be up there with Lance folk and with those guys. I want to know what is your long-term plan? What are you hoping to do looking down the road?

Jaime Corona:           Before I do that, I want to answer question 9 very quick. One piece of advice, I’m sorry if you don’t mind.

Lori Ballen:               Go for it.

Jaime Corona:           I had it right here and of course I might have to go with Ben on this one. Think bigger. What’s the one piece of advice to give anybody listening, think bigger than you could possibly ever think. Like I said, my first meeting with my TL, I wanted to make $40,000. Now, we are looking at making $660,000 this year. I ask my buyer’s agent the other day because he had a pretty big closing. I said, “Did you ever think you’d make that kind of money in a day?” The thing is don’t let it get in your head. Just get out there and just think big. That’s the one piece of advice that I could give. Back to your last question, where do I see myself?

Lori Ballen:               Yeah, where do you see yourself going? What are your plans?

Jaime Corona:           Actually, in the next 2 years, it’s my goal to be on stage with Keller. That’s what I want to do. As you can see, I was so pump about this interview I’m like, “Okay, you know what, this is the first step.” This is the first step into doing it. When I saw Lance up on stage a year and a half ago, I look over my TL and I said, “Just wait, just wait.” Now, I’m just focused on growing the team.

Lori Ballen:               I’m happy to introduce you to people where out and about that you want to get to know so just let me know. I appreciate you very much.

Jaime Corona:           Awesome! Thank you so much. I appreciate the opportunity as well.

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