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Cold calling may be a talent and a skill that some people have, but ringing strangers on the phone in search of business isn’t an activity for which every real estate personality is suited.

No More Calling?

Now, you can use your computer and digital marketing techniques to get real estate leads without cold calling.

For decades, some of the most successful agents in the industry’s history have relied upon cold-calling techniques to drum up prospects and clients.

Many talented and skilled agents have struggled to succeed because cold calling just isn’t their thing.

Conventional marketing allows real estate agents to plant lead seeds that will continue to manifest while at the same time generating real-time business to satisfy the here and now.

Technology has evolved to aid those agents who prefer to use their phones for purposes other than calling out as a form of outbound marketing.

Now, you can use your computer and digital marketing techniques to get real estate leads without cold calling.

Generate, Capture, and Convert

Real estate websites and their accompanying blogs are one of the most popular forms of attracting new customers in the modern real estate business.

Real estate websites aren’t just digital business cards, but portals designed to behave like spider webs to attract capture, and convert leads.

Your real estate website should be a client-attracting machine.

When you pack your real estate website with an ample collection of Lead Magnets such as home valuation calculators, free resources, and useful content, your Internet hub carries most of the heavy lifting for your digital marketing campaigns.

Reality suggests that in business today, even if you use cold calling as a significant element of your marketing, you’re likely still incorporating the use of a real estate website and digital marketing techniques as well.

With your real estate website set up and optimized for SEO, your blog set up with a Content Marketing Strategy, and your lead capture forms in place, you’re ready to start stuffing your database with prospects.

is a critical element of your marketing endeavors, so don’t skimp when it comes to your client relationship manager or your CRM.

Below, you’ll find a multitude of ways to generate real estate business without cold calling.

But if you’re not prepared to store, filter, sort, and follow up with your prospects, and you’re not equipped to efficiently communicate with email, text message, phone call, and standard mail campaigns, you may find yourself letting hard-earned prospects slip through the cracks.#faf7f2 

Check out Keap or Infusionsoft!

Before you dedicate your time and talent to conjuring leads, first develop a plan for what you’ll do with those leads when they begin arriving.

Finally, with your business brand infused in your real estate website that’s designed for functionality more than beauty, and you’ve established your database and systems for campaign management, then you’re ready to begin stirring energy that will spin new leads in your direction in a cycle of success.

But remember, if you ever stop stirring the pot, your lead funnel dries up and goes away. You’ll discover many tips for generating a variety of leads from different resources, but you’ve got to keep that engine on and forward moving.

In other words, lead generation isn’t something you stop. Lead generating is like laundry or dishes: never done. But with a system, a plan, and continued effort, you’ll soon discover you don’t need cold calls to attract or win clients.

If You Build It, They Will Come

How frustrating is it to drop thousands of dollars into a top-notch real estate website, put up a blog with a few quality articles produced by well-paid ghostwriters, and a contact form only to have it sit, unnoticed, in cyberspace?

Excitement ripped through you when you first saw your complete website and blog, but then that anticlimactic shock sets in when your site isn’t getting any traffic and no one’s commenting, liking, or sharing your blog posts. What’s wrong; why isn’t it working?

The saying is false that if you build it they will come.

The leads will only arrive if you catch their eye somehow. Think about this: Your website, as wonderful and professional as it may be, is one among billions. How does a viewer happen to come across your site by chance?

Ask yourself: How do you find websites by chance? Usually, we discover digital resources as a direct result of a search engine query.

For this reason, to appear in search engine results pages, your website and blog must be chock full of relevant information for which your potential clients are most likely searching.

You can attract people to your website through valuable content that answers questions, and also through social media, paid advertising, open houses, referrals, buying leads from lead farms, and more.

But you must continuously create the buzz that moves the traffic toward your website rather than the sites of your competitors. Stirring the pot is your trade-off for making cold calls to generate real estate leads.

Tracking Leads

Soon, you’ll have a list of a plethora of ways, other than cold calling, with which you can muster up abundant real estate leads for your business.

  • First, you’re setting up your website and blog infused with your brand and lead magnets and capturing capabilities.
  • Next, you’re going to establish your database for sorting and storing your contacts so that you’re prepared to communicate effectively.
  • Then, you’re going to commit to two-three hours per work-day for lead generation in place of cold calling activities.

In the beginning, it’s going to feel like you’re moving in slow motion. However, when the top pops on your efforts – and it will – you’re going to find yourself smothered in prospects.

You’ll want to know which of your activities brought in the most candidates so that you can begin to refine and replicate your processes.

Your Pay Per Click Ads may not have paid off, but one of your blog posts may have garnered dozens of leads.

Take the time early on to learn what’s working and what may end up equating to a waste of your time. Then you can ditch the non-productive activities and hone your skills down to the marketing endeavors that generate results.

Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing is the fine art of taking an infinite audience and refining it to those people most likely to need or to want your services. Marketing by niche is a way of breaking up a large group into smaller groups based on interest.

By no means must you refine yourself to only one niche. However, by learning how to maximize niche marketing, you can draw in specific audiences based on their current circumstances.

For example, you may specialize in real estate for military families, divorcing households, for sale by owner properties, luxury real estate, and other lifestyle choices.

You can also build niches based on location – and not just the broad view such as real estate in Las Vegas, but drilled down to zip code, subdivision, master-planned community, etc.

When you focus in on a specific niche, you can then tap into a variety of resources that can help you build that niche’s audience

For example, you could then join Facebook Groups, or create pay-per-click advertising customized with demographic targeting so you’re not paying for the whole world to see your ad, just those likely to respond.

Niche marketing also enables you to create more tailored client profiles that can allow you to tailor future marketing campaigns further.

Content Marketing

Content earned its place as king in the realm of marketing. Content isn’t defined strictly as words, but also as images, video, print mroducts, and any consumable material that drives traffic to your business

The most successful content marketing strategies incorporate the use of:

  • Heavy written word
  • Eye-catching images
  • Creative video
  • and embellished with the bells and whistles such as social media memes.

The first goal when creating content is to rank organically on the search engines. The second goal with content marketing is for a piece of content to go viral, meaning it gains momentum in popularity to reach unimaginably vast audiences

Viral content produces faster results than organic growth. Creating viral material, however, is a challenge many people aim for and miss.

The written word is unarguably the most powerful form of content on the Internet. Even if a video on YouTube out-ranks a blog post in traffic, the video on YouTube used written text in the way of a title and meta-description to entice the viewer to watch.

The words you use as your titles, descriptions, and in the body of your articles are what sway a reader to either move closer in your direction or further away.

But people don’t want to feel like you’re trying to sell them your service. Instead, they want to feel as though they’ve obtained value from you and developed trust in you without spending a penny.

You use your content to:

  • Foster brand awareness
  • Establish trust
  • Nurture relationships
  • and to attract leads

Not only does valuable content attract prospects to your website through search engines, but content also helps establish you as an experienced professional in your industry and your area.

Developing a content marketing strategy is imperative. Content marketing strategies incorporate the use of keywords to provide information for which a prospect might be searching.

For example, a buyer might search for subjects such as:

  • how to qualify for a home mortgage loan or
  • closing costs for buyers

And a seller might be searching for tips on:

  • how to stage a home for sale or
  • how to prepare for an appraisal.

When you attract a lead with a lead magnet into your lead funnel, it’s essential to have a plan in place for sending that specific prospect information related to his or her situation.

In other words, one generic, “Thanks for visiting my website” email outlining your certifications and inviting the relationship to the next level isn’t going to work.

Instead, if a buyer came into your funnel because of a blog post you shared on how to get approved for a home mortgage loan with a downloadable gift, it would make sense to send that prospect a series of emails designed to answer buyer questions around financing.

For example, you could follow up with an email about loan programs for financially qualified buyers. But you’d follow up with a seller in a different manner.

Furthermore, you can tailor marketing campaigns to each niche you create, and market to each niche differently.

Your content marketing strategy for each niche would include:

  • a list of potential articles
  • the sharing of materials on social media
  • video creation
  • emails and other communications designed to nurture relationships. Instead of using your phone to dial out to reach clients, you’re using your content and website as magnets to attract prospects to you without cold calling.


Wouldn’t you love to build a booming real estate business swarming with leads in every phase of your sales funnel without ever having to make a cold call for a prospect?

Cold calls may have been a powerful resource in the past, but now it’s about digital marketing and search engine optimization. The world lives on the Internet.

When a person drives by a house for sale and is interested, they rarely, if ever, call the agent. Instead, they usually do a Google search or visit the agent’s website to use a contact form or send an email.

However, if you build a quality real estate website that fosters brand awareness, built on foundations of quality content, embedded with lead magnets and capture forms, a database, and a content marketing strategy with search engine optimization, then you’ve built a platform worthy of traffic.

But to get that traffic, you must dedicate at least two-to-three hours per day on real estate lead generation online.

Divide your business marketing into niche-specific categories, and then build content marketing strategies that incorporate blog articles, social media posts, and email marketing campaigns to continuously provide useful information and valuable resources to your prospects and leads.

Just remember, if you stop stirring the pot, that lead-funnel dries. Your results with generating real estate leads without cold calls are a direct reaction to the amount of time and effort you invest in other well thought out digital marketing strategies.

Are you frustrated with your digital marketing strategies? Ballen Brands can help. Reach out today to to find out how we can become your lead-generation team.

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