How to Add a Lead Generating Poll to Your Real Estate Agent Website

Learn how to create lead generating polls that create new leads for customers ready to buy! These lead generating polls are easy and completely customizable and add a fun new way to interact with your potential clients.

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If you are new to my site, I own a real estate company and a digital marketing company where we build real estate websites.  We serve Las Vegas Henderson and North Las Vegas.

Today I want to share with you something that I tried on my website and I generated a lead from it.   I always share whatever I discover and sometimes my marketing company will actually build these things into our real estate websites depending on the features and what they do.

What is a Lead Generating Poll?

A poll is when you can ask people a particular question.  Based on the question and the user’s response they are then asked, for their contact information and if they would like to hear from us.

A Less Intimidating Option

Down in the right-hand corner of my website, you can see my poll.  The poll is completely customizable, but I have created mine to ask “when are you looking to buy or sell?”. I used hotjar to create this.

The user looks at that it and goes, “oh, that’s not very intimidating”.There are no fields to fill out. Let me go ahead and put in six months and they click send.

Once the user answers, a little pop-up box shows up and it says, “would you like a response to your question or comment?  I need an agent. Please call me. I’m already working with an agent or I’m just looking”.

After two days I got five responses and one of them was, I want to talk to you. I want to buy a house. When they clicked the top button. “I need an agent, please call me”. A  little field popped up and they enter their phone number and that’s how we generate the lead.

How to Create Your Poll

I suggest using Hotjar and the best way to get started is to just go ahead and look at the polls and the settings so you can see what you can do with them.   In the video above, I show you exactly how I change my settings for my “When are you looking to buy or sell?” poll.

Get creative…

Investor Pages

Are There Any Tax Benefits That Come With Investing In Real Estate?

First Time Home Buyers

“Would you like to check your credit score to see how much home you could buy?”

If you have wondered how to start a real estate agent blog, this guide is for you.

Automate Your Inside Sales Agents

All of my leads from all the different sources are all funneled into one location.

At Ballen Brands, we actually build out a real estate version of Infusionsoft that automatically tags my leads, puts them into either the arrival campaign, survival or revival. They automatically get text messages and this is a form of autopilot ISA (inside sales agents).

So instead of having an inside sales agents sitting there chasing everybody, this system is doing that follow up with us and it’s completely there just to get people to raise their hand.

And as soon as somebody raises their hand by texting us back and saying, answering a question, we have one of our licensed agents get in touch with them and start working on the process.

So if you’re interested in a real estate agent website and you want to “plus it”, then talk to my team about adding the Infusionsoft integration as well.

You can find us at and if you have a referral for Las Vegas Henderson and North Las Vegas, Lori Ballen Team, we would very much appreciate your referrals.

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