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54 Real Estate ebooks + Facebook Lead Ad Template

54 Real Estate ebooks + Facebook Lead Ad Template

Being a real estate agent myself, I understand the value of leads. Without a strong, consistent pipeline of leads, a real estate business will suffer. Making offers for PDF reports through Facebook Ads can be a powerful way to generate leads and build that pipeline. In this guide, I’ll show you a tool that creates your PDF reports, uses Facebook Ad templates to design your ad, and delivers your lead magnet.

The Lead Magnet

The goal of a lead magnet is to get someone to opt-in for more information. A lead magnet is something freely distributed in exchange for an email address, like a PDF report or white paper.

The first thing you’ll need to do is create your PDF reports. While some real estate agents make their own, I think it’s more efficient (and cost-effective) to use the reports provided by Listings To Leads.

They are designed by real estate agents and include unlimited access to professionally written content. Each real estate PDF report is available in English, and Spanish.

Your contact info from your profile is automatically added to your ebook along with a personalized domain with a call to action.

Branding colors are also available, so you can match the colors to your agency brand colors.

You’ll find your PDF reports in the Library, under the ‘Media from L2L’ tab when you log into your Listings To Leads account.

Here’s a list of the Free Reports Available:

  1. Buying your first investment property
  2. Trends in real estate over the past 10 years
  3. Top Home Design Trends (current year)
  4. How big of a house do you need?
  5. How to get the most out of a 1031 exchange
  6. Navigating the maze of inherited real estate
  7. Divorce and real estate
  8. The ultimate guide to selling your home
  9. Tricks of the trade: 25 insider secrets on home selling
  10. Tricks of the trade: 25 insider secrets on home buying
  11. The secret to selling a home in any season
  12. The secret to buying a home in any season
  13. How much does it cost to furnish a house
  14. 6 Things to check before buying a home
  15. Scaling down small spaces = big opportunities
  16. How to create the ultimate home office
  17. Secrets to selling your home fast
  18. What does homeowners insurance cover
  19. Cost of living in the US
  20. 12 mistakes to avoid when you are selling your home
  21. Are you ready to buy a house
  22. (current year) real estate projections
  23. 6 Questions to ask before you sell your house
  24. How to go Green at home, Power habits, and more
  25. 15 Things new homeowners can do to save money
  26. How to find the best home deals in your area
  27. Homeownership: The numbers that matter
  28. Why homeownership matters
  29. Improving your Outdoor Spaces
  30. All about HOAs
  31. How to stage a home to sell
  32. 25 factors that impact your home value
  33. 10 Most expensive home repairs, and how to avoid them
  34. Tech for Smart Homes
  35. Virtual Home Buying
  36. Curb Appeal 101
  37. 5 Dangers of Overpricing
  38. Grow your Business with Proven Technology
  39. Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist
  40. Relocation Guide
  41. A first time Home Seller’s Guide
  42. Questions to ask when selling a house
  43. Questions to ask when buying a house
  44. How to negotiate when selling your home
  45. How to negotiate when buying a house
  46. How to buy or sell a home during a pandemic
  47. Covid-19 Mortgage relief
  48. Home Appraisals
  49. A first time home buyers guide
  50. Buying new construction
  51. Virtual Home Sales
  52. Safe Home Selling
  53. How to increase your home value
  54. Downpayment Assistance for Local Home Buyers
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How to run a Facebook Lead Ad using Reports

  1. Log into Listings To Leads
  2. Click on ADS in the left column
  3. Click ‘Create PDF Report Ad’
  4. Select your report
  5. The Ad auto-populates
  6. Add your Location
  7. Add your Budget
  8. Edit the Scheduling Time
  9. Change the media if you like
  10. Check or Uncheck Retarget Leads
  11. Turn on Advanced Options for More Selections
  12. Create a New Form, and add the appropriate Questions

Custom Audiences

If you have captured leads in your account before from Facebook Lead Ads, you can use custom audiences.

By utilizing Facebook Custom Audiences, you may target audiences who have previously engaged with your business and provided you with their contact information and therefore serve more appropriate and valuable advertising to Buyers and Sellers!

Normally, you’d have to manually download your leads from Facebook Leads Ads, upload them to Facebook Ads Manager, and create Custom Audiences on your own. Listings to Leads does all of this for you automatically!

To retarget your ads using Custom Audiences, make sure your Facebook Ad Account is included in a Business Manager. Otherwise, you won’t be able to utilize this function.

To activate custom audiences, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Ads tab and choose  ‘Accept Terms’ from the popup or select the ‘Custom Audiences Terms’ link on the orange notification.
  2. You’ll be sent to Facebook, where you may read the Terms and accept them.
  3. Once you see the success page, you can refresh your browser.
  4. Listings To Leads will create three custom audiences for you. These include 1 of each: buyers, sellers, and combined.
  5. The time required to build your Custom Audiences ranges from 2 to 5 minutes. You can keep working on your L2L account and revisit to the Ads tab later.
  6. You’re ready to go! Facebook will match the data from your Leads with Facebook accounts so you can target them across Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.

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