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Kohls Affiliate Program

Kohls Affiliate Program

It is possible to make extra money and enjoy some added perks when you join the Kohls affiliate program. You make a commission on every qualified sale you refer to

Kohls is a huge online store, selling almost everything. This includes housewares, electronics to clothing, and kid’s toys. There are bound to be product categories that you can promote to people through your networks as an affiliate. 

It is also a reputable store boasting great savings and an excellent customer experience. So, this makes becoming an affiliate easier as you are essentially recommending a store that you already know is a good place to shop. 

Affiliate Marketing

Someone who is referred by you purchases a product through Kohls that they want. You get a commission for that sale for helping them find their way to to buy that product. 

There are other benefits too, other than the competitive baseline commission. These include increased commissions on certain products, brands, and categories, special offers to promote to your network, free standard shipping, and more.

You even go on the monthly distribution list to get sneak peeks at the upcoming specials and sales. 

The affiliate program is free to join. You simply click on the Join Now button online and complete a simple form with your details. Your application then goes through the process of being reviewed and then approved. 

Kohls run their affiliate program through Impact Radius who helps monitor the affiliate referrals and keeps track of your commission earnings. 


All in all, it literally takes nothing to sign up. The form is simple and should only take you a few minutes. The outcomes? You get to make commissions for helping people make a purchase from a store that is going to give them good prices and a good experience. It’s a win-win. 

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