Keller Williams introduces Keller Cloud, Leveraging The Power of Social Media


What is Keller Cloud?

Keller Cloud, a revolutionary proprietary real estate solution for agents and customers, was unveiled on February 15, 2017, to a crowd of approximately 15,000 enthusiastic agents attending the Keller Williams (KW) annual Family Reunion conference in Las Vegas.

Wired by world-class user experience (UX) designers and already tested by over 6,000 agents, KW Co-CEO Chris Heller promised attendees “a single platform to run your entire business.”

A consumer-interfacing version of Keller Cloud will be released this summer.

What it does

Keller Cloud is an integrated platform designed to:

  • simplify and streamline the everyday agent experience of lead generation, transaction management, and home ownership;
  • transform today’s customer relationship management (CRM) tools into a customer experience solution for agents and clients alike;
  • give agents a fully integrated solution for sending, receiving, and tracking referrals;
  • allow agents and clients to more easily discover and transact homes by providing them with real estate-specific artificial intelligence (AI) assistance through integration of KW’s AI solution;
  • enable agents to expand their circle of influence by means of social media marketing that is automated, monitored, and optimized in real time; and
  • allow agents easy access to Keller Williams University’s industry-leading training materials and KWConnect’s extensive library of agent-generated content.

How it does it

Keller Cloud provides KW agents a seamless synthesis of AI program, agent database, and referral network.

Kelle is the voice-controlled AI program that acts as an agent’s smart assistant similar to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Kelle partners with its “friend” OJO, a chat bot that agents can use to increase their customer service by means of chat.

KWCommand is the data driven solution that analyzes an agent’s inbox, calendar, database, and market, thus empowering agents to run every aspect of their business and own and execute their own growth plans. It applies the best practices developed by Gary Keller, KW’s co-founder and Chairman of the Board, for the forthcoming second edition of his 2004 best-seller The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

Keller Cloud’s built-in referral network provides KW agents with 100 percent visibility into each referral they send.

Why it was created

Keller Cloud is KW’s response to its agents’ technology problems. Agents traditionally have been forced to rely on vendor-provided technology solutions over which KW had no control. This myriad of unfocused, unresponsive, and unconnected solutions often failed to meet their needs, didn’t work, overwhelmed them to the point of disuse, or at best slowed them down.

KW co-CEO Chris Heller announced at the Family Reunion conference that “Keller Williams has embarked on its next evolution – to become a technology company that provides the real estate platform that our agents’ buyers and sellers prefer.”

Chief Innovation Officer Josh Team told attendees that “The vision is to offer the tools, data and services that give agents an end-to-end solution for generating business and closing business all in one place,” adding that “World-class technology companies do not outsource their technology roadmap or their vision,”

Keller Cloud is an outgrowth of KW’s product strategy core values:

  • Technology worth building provides beautiful, uncomplicated experiences.
  • Technology built specifically for real estate industry will outperform technology built for masses.
  • Real estate-focused technology will be smart; the more agents use it, the more it accomplishes.

KW’s technology focus

Technology investment has become one of KW’s top priorities. The company recently amended its business model from that of providing coaching and training services to that of selling coaching, training, and technology to its agents.

This technology focus was reinforced when KW announced that John Davis is joining Chris Heller as co-CEO. A company statement said that “Davis will remain focused on growing Keller Williams market share and driving predictable and systematic growth of our local offices and the businesses of our 150,000+ associates. As Co-CEO, Heller will continue driving the transformation of Keller Williams into a technology company that delivers the platform that agents and their customers prefer.”

KW also announced several new partnerships, including with Facebook (social media), Ojo (chat bot), and ProfitDash (accounting software).

The vision is to make Keller Cloud the one and only place where KW agents need to go to purchase, access, and use the tools, data, and services they need for an end-to-end business solution.

KW Franchise Expansion

Keller Cloud is also a major component of KW’s expansion plans. Founded in 1983, the Austin, Texas-based company has become the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count. Today it boasts over 800 officers and 154,000 associates located all over the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia and recently expanded into Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

KW was named the No. 1 training organization across all industries worldwide in Training magazine’s 2015 Training Top 125. Dianna Kokoszka, CEO, KW MAPS Coaching, said at the time, “Training fuels all of our success.”

Learn more about Keller Williams. If you talk to KW directly, tell them Lori Ballen sent you.


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