Kartra Vs. ClickFunnels

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This article will tackle a head-to-head comparison of Kartra and ClickFunnels so that you can make the decision that best suits your company’s needs.

These two platforms are relatively similar, making it a bit challenging to decide which is best for you. So, read on to see just how these two platforms stack up!

But which platform is best? Does one have better features or better pricing? How about customer support? Are they rated differently online? 

If you’re already familiar with the basics of Kartra and ClickFunnels, feel free to skip this section as it offers a simple overview of the two platforms for those who are new to digital marketing platforms.


Kartra offers a marketing platform that gives you great control over all your marketing needs.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur just starting or handle marketing for an established company, Kartra provides a wide range of automation-based features that allow you to make money day and night with ease.


ClickFunnels utilizes the cloud to offer businesses of any size a lead generation platform geared toward attracting and converting visitors to your site into avid customers.

With ClickFunnels, you or your team can quickly secure customer information so that you can perform retargeted messaging and convert one-time visitors into potential customers for life.

Features comparison

Now, let’s dive into perhaps the most important category that we’ll be comparing: features! Depending on your business needs, you’ll want to ensure that the software platform you choose can deliver.


Kartra offers a ton of features—I mean a ton. Just check out this (only partial) list:

  • A/B testing
  • Abandoned cart retention
  • Affiliate management
  • ROI tracking analytics
  • Auto-repliers
  • Campaign/commission management
  • Contact database
  • Payment processing
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Surveys
  • CTAs (calls to action)
  • Customizable templates
  • Data importing and exporting

Again, this is only a partial list. There are many other valuable features such as email marketing, interaction tracking, lead notifications, performance metrics, refund management, and much more.

On Kartra’s website, they share that they want their platform to be “THE tech that runs your business.” Given the diversity of robust features, it’s clear that they want to deliver on this goal.

A huge benefit with Kartra is that all of its many features are interconnected, allowing you to produce unique experiences for your visitors and hugely beneficial for your business.

Anything that your customers/subscribers do that involves Kartra enables you to understand and leverage that activity, a task made much more difficult if you’re operating several different software services.

Another aspect that helps Kartra win massive points is that all their packages offer the same quantity of features. 

Rather than locking you out of features because you’re on a tighter budget as a smaller company, you’re simply receiving a smaller contact list and smaller traffic bandwidth, as well as the total number of pages you’re allowed.

We’ll get more into the pricing in the next section, though, so stay tuned.


ClickFunnels similarly offers a lot of features, just not nearly as many as Kartra. Here’s a list of their primary features:

  • A/B testing
  • Contact database
  • Templates (customizable)
  • Drag and drop
  • Drip campaigns
  • Form builders
  • Landing pages
  • Web forms
  • Lead capture and qualification
  • Editing in real-time
  • Analytics/reporting
  • SEO management

ClickFunnels’ features, as you might gather from their name, focus primarily on offering businesses complete and customizable sales funnels.

Producing compelling landing and opt-in pages, creating subscription sites, and receiving payments are some of the main things you can do with ClickFunnels.

It’s a platform developed to help people who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy create an attractive website that will help them sell their product or service. Many entrepreneurs and businesses have found it to be an effective platform.

With the development of online marketing, ClickFunnels took an early lead as their founder Russel Brunson coined the term “sales funnels” to describe the process of converting potential customers into actual buyers.

ClickFunnels has maintained its elite status with people looking to develop effective sales funnels quickly. However, many competitors (like Kartra) have emerged and threaten to displace ClickFunnels as the go-to platform.

Pricing comparison

Finding software that works with your budget is incredibly important. We’re going to dive into the pricing for Kartra and ClickFunnels here, so you don’t have to.


As mentioned, Kartra offers all its features in all its different tiers, which are Starter ($99/month), Silver ($199/month), Gold ($299/month), and Platinum ($499/month). 

There are some limits, of course, which primarily affect the number of custom domains you’re allowed and the number of leads.

If you have fewer than 25,000 contacts, Kartra will ultimately be cheaper than ClickFunnels because you won’t require a distinct Email Service Provider.


ClickFunnels offers three pricing plans compared to Kartra’s four: Standard ($97/month), Platinum ($397/month), and the “TwoCommaClubX” ($2,497/month).

Once you’re past 25,000 contacts in your database, ClickFunnels’ pricing becomes particularly attractive.

Customer support comparison

The last thing you want as an entrepreneur or business owner is to have issues with your software service and feel like you’re hung out to dry when getting customer support.

As such an essential component of any business, but mainly a software platform that will serve as the foundation of your marketing strategy, let’s compare Kartra and ClickFunnels’ customer support.


Kartra offers a variety of options for customer support:

  • Live online chat between 8 am and noon PST, Monday through Friday.
  • Online ticket submission
  • The Kartraverse Training Center, which includes helpful tutorials and general marketing tips
  • Facebook Kartra community
  • Helpdesk, which focuses on web issues

You can even hire someone with expertise through Kartra’s marketplace who will guide you through running an effective marketing campaign.


As for ClickFunnels, they offer three primary ways of getting support:

  • Online chat (weekdays only)
  • Email and live chat support (Platinum users only)
  • Phone call (Premium users only)
  • ClickFunnels’ blog, which offers tutorials and other marketing tips
  • FunnelHacker forum, which features exclusively ClickFunnels users

ClickFunnels doesn’t necessarily offer as much direct support at all pricing levels as Kartra does, but it does have an extensive user base due to its “first-mover” advantage in the field. You can easily connect and learn from other users through their forum.

Advantages and disadvantages

To help break down these two platforms, let’s take a look at some of their major pros and cons.



  • Great accessibility – No matter what plan you opt for, Kartra does not hold back on providing you with its many fantastic features.
  • Video hosting – Video hosting is a must in today’s marketing landscape, and Kartra has a powerful system in place, including easy embedding.
  • Ticketing Kartra’s ticketing system helps you get in touch with all of your customers with their Helpdesk.
  • Easy membership management Kartra makes it easy to keep track of all your subscribers or members and understand just how effective your marketing strategies are.
  • Entrepreneur heaven – People who are really motivated to run an extensive online business will love how Kartra serves as a “one-stop shop” for all their needs.


  • Limited website building features – Compared to other services for website building, Kartra is somewhat limited.
  • Not necessarily user-friendly – Depending on how tech-savvy you are, Kartra might be a little intimidating compared to services like ClickFunnels.



  • Professional design – ClickFunnels is excellent for beginners who lack the knowledge to run their online marketing strategy.
  • Sales funnel pioneers – Their CEO developed the term “sales funnels,” If these are your goal, then you can’t go wrong with ClickFunnels.
  • Education driven – ClickFunnels has a strong focus on education, again driven by their CEO Russel Brunson, who has published many popular marketing books like Expert SecretsDotcom Secrets, and Traffic Secrets.


  • No built-in video hosting – To stream videos on ClickFunnels you’ll have to pay for an external host, which adds to your overall costs.
  • Limited membership options – With a focus on the sales funnel aspect; there are fewer options for getting members or subscribers for your business.


As you might expect for two popular online platforms, there is no shortage of online reviews that you can peruse as you decide which service to opt for. We’ve done some digging of our own, which we’ll break down for you briefly below.


On Software Advice, Kartra sports an impressive 4.53/5 stars from over one hundred reviews.

Users rate Kartra’s value and functionality exceptionally high, while providing slightly lower ratings for ease-of-use and customer support.

Popular positive comments involve Kartra’s integration and other features, the reliability or “solidity” of the platform, and the beauty of having so many features on one platform, saving lots of time.


On Trust Radius, ClickFunnels has a score of 7.9 out of 10 (which works out to about 4 out of 5).

Out of 62 total reviews, 36 gave a 9 or 10 overall rating, and another 19 gave a 7 or 8, meaning there are only 7 out of 62 reviews that showed less than a 7.

Users on Trust Radius appreciate ClickFunnels for its speed of implementation, integration, easy-to-use interface, and highly customizable pages. 

However, they are less pleased with ClickFunnels’ customer service, page loading speed, and analytics (metrics and reporting).


Here are some common questions that people have with Kartra and ClickFunnels.

What platforms or services can Kartra replace?

To name just a few: email marketing, marketing automation, page builders, shopping carts, web form builders, scheduling software, campaign analytics, affiliate management, graphic designers, and video hosting.

What are Kartra’s system requirements?

Kartra is Software-as-a-Service (Saas), which means that you don’t have to download or host anything. All you need is a device with an internet connection.

Does Kartra integrate with other platforms?

Yes, Kartra works with most popular platforms, such as payment gateways and membership and email marketing platform.

How secure is Kartra?

Kartra encrypts all data, and payment information is “tokenized,” which means that they never store or see the payment information at any point. Plus, all data is protected through firewalls and security offered by Cloudflare, a leading digital security service.

What do I need to install to run ClickFunnels?

Nothing, as ClickFunnels was developed to make everything as simple as possible.

How Long is my ClickFunnels Contract?

There is no long-term commitment with ClickFunnels—pay month-to-month and cancel whenever you’d like.

Will I lose my data if I cancel ClickFunnels?

Yes, like most SaaS platforms, you will lose access to your data. You can, however, download it before you cancel or pause your account, which means ClickFunnels will hold onto your data for you until you come back.  

How Secure is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels insists on security, and so there’s no need to worry about having your funnels or member data compromised.

Wrapping up

Ultimately, when deciding between any two products or services, you need to make your choice based on what works best for your budget and your needs.

If you hope to develop a robust e-commerce business that deploys sales funnels, then ClickFunnels would likely make a lot of sense for you.

However, suppose you are offering some informational product as a consultant or coach or another form of educator. 

In that case, Kartra will help you manage the various aspects of your business with ease.

Kartra offers a great deal more in terms of features than ClickFunnels, which may appeal to people looking for an extensive “one-stop-shop”-type platform. 

If you are primarily concerned with quickly setting up a killer sales funnel, then ClickFunnels is hard to beat. 

No matter what you choose, we hope this handy guide will help—well, guide—you to online marketing success!

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